Blast From The Past – Part I

Just a few days to go before the New Year sets in… I wanted to dig up old articles and do a follow up on them. We may just come up with some interesting facts.

1. Tata Nano.

Then (Jan 2008): Tata Moters unveiled their most talked about project, the 1 Laks car.
Now (Dec 2008): Amidst controversies, the Nano project has no set launch date.

2. Give Me Five!

Then (Feb 2008): Defence Minister A.K. Antony’s waving to the crowd showing off India’s military might.
Now (Dec 2008): What good is Military might when it can’t defend a country from terrorism? Where is Mr. A.K Anthony now?

3. Loan Sharks Still Swim Free.

Then (Feb 2008): Supreme Court has directed banks not to resort to bully tactics for loan recovery, this does not seem to have any affect on them. Every now and then we hear about people taking the extreme step to get freedom from bank recovery agents.
Now (Dec 2008): Anti Extortion Cell has been set up for Delhiites. The number is (26184455), If this number is busy… which i assume it will be then people can also call 1090 the centralised help line. Setting up the helpline proved that the Supreme Courts directives were not followed.

4. Do Not Disturb (National Do Not Call Registry)

Then (Feb 2008): Getting unsolicited marketing calls day in day out? If so, below is a list where you can de-register your phone number so that you don’t get any more calls. It takes 45 days to come into affect though.
Now (Dec 2008): Should be renamed as the Pease Do Disturb, The National Do Call Registry. Did not do any good, people still receive unsolicited calls.

5. How Much is Your Life Worth?

Then (Feb 2008): With people dying in road mishaps every single day and the compensation to most of them is nothing more than Rs. 50,000.
Now (Dec 2008): 113 people died in Blue Line bus accidents alone this year. Most of their families have not even been compensated. Even if they were, how long do you think Rs. 50,000 lasts these days?

6. Ban on Smoking.

Then (Feb 2008): Smokers aren’t stupid or ignorant. Clearly they know the risks involved which come along with smoking.
Now (Dec 2008): Even after the ban being imposed, it seems to be little deterrent to keep people from not smoking.

7. What an Idea Sir Ji!

Then (Feb 2008): Hands down this is the worst commercial concept yet for IDEA Cellular. First they hired Abhishek again, and then the stupid concept. The only thing that goes well with the concept is Abhishek though, he actually look like the character.
Now (Dec 2008): The series keeps going on… latest one with “Lets ask the janta Madam ji” Never the less I still find the ads downright stupid.

What out for the Blast From The Past – Part II

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