BRT Project Seems Like Another Sham

Since the government has still not be able to figure out who is responsible for Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) coming about, I can safely assume that Aliens sent the transport ministry the blue prints and the government merely saw it through. Why Aliens? You may ask… well when no one in the Ministry has the […]

Gurgaon Malls To Take Tuesdays Off

Haryana government has issued notification to all the malls in Gurgaon to close on Tuesdays. The reason is power saving and easing the traffic congestion for residents near the malls. I don’t think this is a good move. Malls are not just a shopping destination but for most of the people visiting them it’s getting […]

Tata Nano – The One Lakh Car

Yesterday Tata Moters unveiled their most talked about project. Yes it was the 1 Laks wonder car called the Tata Nano. Now, i am just waiting for a traffic disaster to happen!

Killer Blue Line Busses

Can any one tell me how many people have to die before the government wakes up? Almost everyday someone is killed or injured by the blue line bus on the Delhi roads and everyone knows how rash these busses are driven. The police is aware that most of the drivers of these busses don’t even […]

Sensors at Traffic Signals

I read this article on HT by Abhishek Bhalla this morning and was NOT at all surprised at lame ideas which our government keeps coming up with. I agree that sensors have been successful in western countries but that does not mean that they would show the same results in India too. For one, most […]