The Clean Indian?

Although i don’t think this is a solution to such a problem but well.. this could be one of the solutions đŸ˜›

Sansani on Indian Television… Fake or Real?

Now who would believe this is real? Come on reporters, leave this for mindless hindi movies… we want to see real journalism. Do leave your comment below.

Swami Agnivesh sets Barkha Right!

Well said Swami Ji!

India the Land of Scams

Barkha Dutt of NDTV was exposed by OPEN Magazine lobbying for political party, while in conversation with Nira Radia. View this video and also check the related videos on youtube.. just horrifies me to know that media / politics / lobbyist have f***** this country.

Where There is a Will, there is a Way!

No wonder we Indians are geniuses in our own right. We can make our way out of any situation… in this case, a way in! Related Video: 1. Shatabdi Express or a AirPlane Flying Low