Put Me On The Radio

It is one of my aspirations to host my own show on the Radio and I have wanted to do this for a long time now. Years back when there was only one FM channel the AIR FM Radio, I had given an audition for the English programs. Unfortunately I was not selected. Then after a couple years I again applied for the Radio presenter position at the AIR FM… after waiting for 6 months I was finally called for the audition, when I reached their office they gave me a few pages to read which were in Hindi 😛 . I can speak Hindi very well but when it comes to reading, i am a bit slow. So before being publicly humiliated for my inability to read Hindi at the studio, I left.

Now that I look back, I realize that it was a good thing that I did not get through. Honestly, I do not seeing myself talking non-stop and that to mostly nonsense. I don’ want to address myself with silly nick names… and i really don’t want to quiz people on mindless questions like…

Who starred in the block buster hit Sholay? Was it

a) George Bush
b) Bat Man
c) Amitabh Bachchan
d) Santa Clause

Don’t get me wrong, such shows are good, they keeps people entertained and reach out to a vast range of audience but i would like to do more of a meaningful show. Talk to people and hear their stories… ones that aspire us (something like Chicken Soup for the Soul). Hear what people have to say about general social issues. Discuss sensitive topics in a light hearted manner… talk about gadgets, gizmos and even silly advertisements.

As for skill sets for the above job, I think I am well equipped. I keep my self update with news. I do socialize and have decent communications skills. My high school teacher once told me that I have a good voice, I think after all these years it is still decent 😉 (thought this makes me sound old… i am not)

Lastly, if you are still reading this then I want to thank you for your time… if you know anyone in the radio business, do forward my article to them so that hopefully I get to fulfill my dream.


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