Lights… Camera… Sound… Internet!

Wow! for a full 6 days, i can get internet free!! πŸ˜‰ (My excitement was very short lived when as read the fine print “BSNL Net One dial-up internet connection on your landline is now free till December 2008.”) You think Deepika would look happy surfing the net on a dial-up connection? I really doubt […]

Tissot T-Touch Print Ad. Feat. Deepika

At a first glimpse it looks like a normal advertisement featuring Deepika Padukone who is the brand ambassador for Tissot and is wearing the T-Touch, the touch screen watch. But if you look very closely at the watch on her wrist you will realize that it is a cut paste job. I have been working […]

Surf Excel Gentle Wash Print Ad.

Two benefits you get after using the Surf Excel gentle wash. 1. Removes stains from woollens and not colours. 2. Makes your woollens stretch enough to fit 2 at a time. Double the savings. πŸ˜‰

Hindustan Times Loosership Summit

Yes, you read it right…. it’s Loosership and not Leadership I have been seeing this advertising about the leadership summit on HT since a couple weeks now and I really don’t understand if it is of any good. My confusion starts with the name itself. Aditya Birla Group Presents in partnership with CNN IBN, the […]

Do You Eat Your Drinks?

You know, i do get the advertisement… i know what they are trying to say, just that how they are saying it is a bit off… Although you can but you really don’t want to gulp a laddu or else you will choke long before you will hear any fire cracker go up. Just to […]