Pavers England – Too Close to Nature

This is how Pavers England is inspired by Nature. If they see a snake resting on a tree branch, they skin the poor thing and make a shoe out of it. Is this called being one with nature? πŸ˜‰

Pavers England

2 Responses to “Pavers England – Too Close to Nature”

  1. Hey …you forgot the punchline darlin…..its a fake …that’s why its ‘INSPIRED BY NATURE” that is in simple terms YOU DO NOT KILL THE ANIMAL BUT YOU USE THE COLOURS AND THE EFFECTS TO GIVE YOU THE TOUCH……

    By the way ever wondered where your silk shirt came from? Your pencil?…..your shoes…your goods required to fulfill your lifestyle….please look deep before maligning others.

  2. Dilip, i must have missed that part but where exactly did you read the word “fake” or was is that you inferred it from “inspired by nature”. Just so you know, almost all shoes are made of Leather and leather comes from animals. Now if you dye it or give it effects, it still remains leather… as for the above shoe, while i think they would not be using genuine snake skin for the shoe, i could not find anything on their website which would proves otherwise. As for how pencils are made, i really think you should visit this link. No animals are killed to make a pencil…for sure!