Honda City gets a Price Cut

While reading the HTBusiness i came across an article on the main page reading “Honda cuts City prices as competition bites…” After a launch of New Hyundai Verna and the upcoming launch of the New Ford Fiesta, Honda decided to cut the prices of their best selling Honda City by Rs.44,000-Rs.66,000. The shocker to me […]

Tata Prima, the Concept Luxury Sedan

Today i got to know bout the TATA Prima, the concept luxury car and honestly i was amazed at the look. Tata which is known for not so good looking and cheap plasticky interiors has truly out done itself with this concept car. Of course this car is not designed by TATA but by a […]

Rat Flees the Sinking Ship

A Satyam employees stamps his palms onto a large poster to express support for the company! This picture is incomplete… what you don’t see is that with the other hand that employee is using his laptop to post his resume on various job sites. I read in the newspaper yesterday that there have been about […]

DSP Ditches Merrill Lynch

When Merrill Lynch investment management business merged with BlackRock back in 2006, why did DSP take this long to change its name from DSP Merrill Lynch to DSP BlackRock? I guess the brand Merrill Lynch is of no good these days!

Hidden Agenda

Excerpt from HT epaper TATA motors ambitious Nano project got a shot in the arm on Wednesday with Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani throwing his weight behind what he described as ‘a unique initiative’ to turn India into a global hub for small cars. In an unusual move, Ambani issued a statement to the media, […]