So What’s New in This?

Who needs socks?

Just Like in the Movies!

The gun is not where it should be, secured in a holster. This could have easily turned into a disaster if the guy in the white would have grabbed the gun. Is this how responsible the cops are?

Mumbai Police Enters the Guinness Book

What is the record, you may ask? Creating the thickest charge sheet against a single person, spanning more than 11,000 pages which no one is going to ever read! 😉 Excerpt from the article in HT “The police filed a 11,280-page charge-sheet against Kasab, the lone survivor among the 10 terrorists, two Indians — Fahim […]

A Terror Called MNS

Raj Thackeray’s MNS openly targets and assaults North Indians on the streets and the Director General of Police Maharashtra Mr. A.N Roy says that “As far as arresting Thackeray goes… unless a direct link is established between him and the vandals how can he be arrested. Shiv Sena activist also indulge in violence, do we […]

Is This Even Legal?

Rickshaws are banned in Chandni Chowk but this does not mean that the Traffic Police have to puncture the tyre to discourage them from breaking the ban. I am pretty sure the High Court did not direct the cops to enforce the ban this way. Instead of encouraging green vehicles like cycle rickshaws the MCD […]