Babri Report Submitted After 17 Years

After the death of 2000 people and 17 years later, the Babri report finally comes out. Like I have always said, justice delayed is justice denied and is no exception here. People like Advani and Uma Bharti accused in this report will challenge its creadibility and as usual go scot-free, what then is the use […]

Anything Else Can I Get For You Sir?

Instead of a speedy trial for Kasab, looks like the government is doing everything in its power to delay it. The beneficiary of this has been Kasab. So far crorers of tax payers money has been spent on Ajmal Amir Kasab’s security and building a special underground tunnel for him to be safely transported from […]

Siyasat Aur Pakistan

A must see! Pakistani media has their own theory behind the Mumbai blasts and a very strong one for that matter. Click the link to see more video on youtube Related Post: 1. News Channels Went on a Field Day 2. Mumbai Rocked Once Again 3. Your Surgery Can Wait…The Prez Cannot! 4. Citizens […]

Mumbai Rocked Once Again

What the hell is going on in India? Taken from Yahoo news. The terrorists who attacked Mumbai came via sea routes from Karachi in Pakistan, according to an intelligence report. Militants armed with automatic weapons and grenades attacked Taj and Oberoi hotels, hospitals and a famous tourist cafe in Mumbai late on Wednesday, killing more […]

Gangster Babloo Srivastava Acquitted

This may sound like a story from any Bollywood movie in which a gangster is acquitted despite solid evidence except it’s not, this is real life and despite more than 40 cases of murder, extortion & terrorism pending on gangster Babloo Srivastava he is let off scott free in the Lalit Suneja murder case. Scanned […]