Almost all politicians are Yoga masters!

Almost all politicians in the world are Yoga masters and i can say this with 100% certainty! How? Well, can’t they all bend over backwards or do a handstand for money? The key to their success is practicing “yoga” multiple times a day 🙂

The Clean Indian?

Although i don’t think this is a solution to such a problem but well.. this could be one of the solutions 😛

Headless Horsemen!!

This is funny, i was driving behind this police van and saw this.. the way the guy was sleeping, his head was completely invisible.. made for a great pic!

Apple SEO?

Saw this poster in one of the under construction flyovers in Ludhiana (Punjab). Don’t think that everyone will get the pun behind this but surely people in offering internet services especially search engine optimisation (SEO) will find humour 🙂 Related Article 1. Only in India – 3 2. Only in India – 2

Only in India!

Talk about putting your name plate on the car!! Related Article: 1. Zipping in public!