Tracking your expenses automatically

These days we do so many transactions online and offline and it’s getting hard to keep a track of our expenses and at the end of the month, there are several transactions which we are sure we did not do and yet they show up on our bills. If you have an Android phone then […]

Why Rediff shopping is no where in the Indian ecommerce scene

Rediff was one of the first major website portal of India and undoubtedly one of the first to have an ecommerce presence but it has been a bad shape for quite some time. The teltel sign is quite simple in case of rediff.. as you enter the portal you see an advertisement popup. This is […]

Airtel Website Builder and Hosting Service

Airtel has made a foray into the web hosting sector and will face fierce competition the likes it has never seen. The reason is that Airtel will face competition from not big players but thousands of smaller players who are giving personal service at a much lower cost. Airtel’s base plan is Rs.250 / month […]

Vote For Me!

I am very happy to announce that I have been nominated for “Most Popular Entrepreneur Challenge 2009” for my startup Please click the link below to read my interview and I would appreciate if you would vote for me and leave a comment on it. Thanks!

Planting Trees to Heal the Earth

Please visit this website, it is such a inspirational story of Rajanet Yegneswaran, the man with 30 master’s degrees and 3 bachelors together with 14 diplomas and 6 professional memberships and how his wife started a mission to plant trees after his demise. Related Article: 1. My World is Dying… Literally!