Truth about Union Bank collateral free loans!

You must have seen the ad for Union banks collateral free loans, where a young guy wants to start a business and is looking for money and his dad comes to the rescue with a loan application from Union Bank… if you haven’t… please check the TVC below. I will uncover the truth behind this […]

What’s going on with Baba Ramdev?

Why was Yoga guru Baba Ramdev dress like a women, jumping and hiding in the crowd to save himself? He is undoubtedly a powerful personality himself with millions of followers so surely he should not be worried about his safety.. and why is Congress after his life? I don’t know if Baba Ramdev has any […]

RBI Launches the New Rs.10 Coin

Reserve Bank of India has launched a new Rs. 10 coin. Seeing the inflation and that the smaller denomination coins are loosing their buying power this was a logical step. Also this takes some pressure of the battered Rs. 10 notes which the most used and abused of the lot. The face of the coin […]

Axis Bank iConnect Phishing Alert!

After HDFC bank phishing email scam, I got an email today allegedly from Axis Bank that there is an “Irregular Account Activity” and that my account has been locked. How do I know this is a fraud? Well… to start with I don’t even have an Axis bank account and secondly the links on the […]

NetBanking Phishing on the Rise.

I got an email today which looked like it came directly from HDFC bank, it was warning me about some account activity error and that my net banking was blocked due to the reason. At first I was taken aback if it really did happen but then when I saw the email closely, I could […]