Smoking is Injurious to Health

Smoking Kills Got an invitation to join a “I don’t smoke. There are cooler ways to die.” by a friend on facebook.

Since i am against smoking, i joined the group as well… saw some gruesome photographs posted on the group… including this one which i have put here.

If you are on face book, i would request you to check out the pics and maybe consider joining the group. Below is an excerpt from the group’s recent news.

Smokers aren’t STUPID or IGNORANT. Clearly they know the risks involved which come along with smoking. The point of this group is not to personally attack anyone. Under the tagline you can clearly see that the group type is “Just for Fun- Totally Random”. It is supposed to be funny. A place for non-smokers. For me, personally, smoking is not something I ever want to do nor be apart of. It leads to many life threatening diseases. If anyone feels the need to criticize anyone’s opinion, first of all, create a group for smokers and let it all out there. Secondly, GROW UP. We would just rather die doing something of worth like fighting for our country or sky diving off of the Sears tower rather than from a cigarette related illness. RESPECT THAT… and we will repect you.

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