Just How Did Ghajini Get a U/A Rating?

Interesting read by Preeti Singh, published in HT This past weekend, I reluctantly watched that greatly awaited rip-off – Ghajini. My overwhelming memory of the movie is a kaleidoscope of killer metal rods, twisted necks, sweaty terrified women hiding from men sent to slash them into silence, a scary, banshee-type, goblin-eared amnesiac making animal noises […]

Aamir Gives a Free Ghajini Haircut

Makes me wonder, to what lengths can bollywood actors go for their movies publicity. Excerpt taken from HT While many star struck men and boys visited salons to get the perfect Ghajini cut, two lucky fans got their haircut by Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan himself at a market in the Capital. “Quite a lot of […]

Watch a Movie for Less

The Finance Minister Dr. A.K Walia has taken a decision to bring down the entertainment tax on cinema from 30% to 20% (back in 2003 the tax was 60%). This decision was taken following representations received from the National Association of Motion Picture Exhibitors and the Multiplex Association of India. I think someone needs to […]

IPL- We’re Already Missing You…

Finally, curtains are down with present session of IPL with its unprecedented success resounding in all quarters. These 45 days of action packed evenings were all about record settings, fresh statistics, crispy controversies, live drama, flow of emotions and most of all about giving ‘The Ekta Kapoor TV Time’ a run for the money. The […]

Michael Jackson Moves Bhangra Style!

You need to watch this video… Very entertaining! Quoting Amanda (Judge), “That was bloody brilliant!!”