Almost all politicians are Yoga masters!

Almost all politicians in the world are Yoga masters and i can say this with 100% certainty! How? Well, can’t they all bend over backwards or do a handstand for money? The key to their success is practicing “yoga” multiple times a day 🙂

One Response to “Almost all politicians are Yoga masters!”

  1. Hi
    Crossing of work jurisdiction smartly by all politician and yoga masters is the true fashion called research and achievement and added in C.V. The 1.25 corers people of india claps knowingly or unknowingly in the process but relishes the compulsion which is the beauty brought by politicians in their work equipped with democracy. How media or social media present it’s filtered cribb before readers is enjoyed by us.Money flows down in emotional trades of masters yoga guru or politician without fear of loss of their investment of hard currency. So PH.D in emotional handling should be introduced by Indian University.