NSE Advertises on Radio, What for?

I was driving to the airport today (IGI Delhi) and i usually listen to some music in the car, helps me keep sane in the madding Delhi traffic jams. Though I usually skip through a radio channel as soon as there is some advertising or even if I hear a RJ blabbering ( I can’t […]

MoneyControl Says Sensex Down by 7000 points WTF?

When i opened moneycontrol in the morning to check on the sensex, you should have seen my face.. moneycontrol was showing market down by 7000 points.. of course i knew that something was wrong.. just imagine if it was not… Indian economy as we know would seize to exist. A couple refreshes later, the counter […]

Faayda.com : Multiply Your Investment

We at www.faayda.com are on our way to create a interactive meeting place for investors, where people eager to make money will get smart advice from not only their peer but also from market professionals (fund managers, investment bankers.) We are in the beta stage of launch and at this time we would like to […]

Bottoms Up!

HT reads “Sensex crashes 432 points on global cues” If Holi wasn’t enough reason to drink than i am sure the stock market crash definitely is. 2 groups of people who you are most likely to run into bars tonight! Don’t worry you easily be able to identify them, if you are not one of […]