Philippine Volcano Oozes Lava

I feel a little scared after watching the movie 2012… this incident seems to be a preview of what’s to come. The Philippines’ most active volcano oozed lava and shot up plumes of ash Tuesday, forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes and face the possibility of a bleak Christmas in a shelter. State […]

Michael Jackson Dies of Cardiac Arrest

This indeed is a very sad news. Article taken from HT Pop icon Michael Jackson has died of cardiac arrest, according to media reports. Jackson, 50, suffered a cardiac arrest at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him, an entertainment website reported. The website reported that the pop star suffered cardiac […]

Another Techie from AP Dies in the US

Can’t seem to figure out why so many techies from Andhra are either committing suicide or being shot in the US. Whatever the cause, this is a very sad incident. Maybe the economy is to blame for these incidents. People who are unable to handle loss of job get depressed and kill themselves or in […]

Bush Says GoodBye!

…it’s about time he did! But the damage is already done.

Hal Turner’s Opinion on the Amero

This video was sent in by Sangeeta. Quite an interesting video on what the value of the Dollar would be when the Amreo steps in. Debatable yet convincing because Bush administration already signed treaty with Canada and Mexico for maybe a borderless community and a single currency.