Maggi being sold at Rs.102

This article in HT said that shopkeepers are selling Maggi at Rs.100+ (MPR Rs.10), which means over 10 times the price because there is a demand for it.. I fail to understand what kind people knowingly want to put their health at risk for eating Maggi, especially when they are paying over 10 times the […]

Subrata Roy Saga!

Never seen someone who happy indicted in a Rs.24,000 Crore fraud walking as if he is taking a stroll in his lawn surrounded by his personal security officers.. Kmaal hai yeh desh!

P.M Relocations?

We are in urgent need of this service!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We want death penalty for the rape accused

Our law has become so relaxed that even rape has become just an article in the newspaper… this has gone far enough. We need to take stand and give out a very strong message to the people who even think of committing such heinous crime. If a rape is proven then there should not be […]