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So you wanna know about me Huh!! well i have been cribbing about a lot of stuff for a long time now…my friends are well aware of my habit, but this does not mean that i am a cribber by nature. The thing is that, if i see something which is in a pathetic state, just like our government, our countries infrastructure, state of our public departments…etc etc, it make me say stuff which need to be said so that people take a notice and see the flip side of the coin.

My purpose with this blog is not to offend anyone but to shed some light on some aspects of our day to day life which need to be dealt with more seriously. We as Indians have been molded over the years to accept mediocrity and we desperately need to break away from the shell.

I would like you to take part in the discussion by adding your comments to the articles, the comment box can be found below every article.

If you need send me a personal note or tell me i am doing something wrong, pat my back for showing the truth or send me an article etc, then please feel free to send me an email using the contact form on the “Contact Me” Page.

Please note that all comments on cribb and some of the articles are user sent and I am not liable for their opinions. It’s a free country and people can say whatever they want through this online media, I do moderate comments from time to time but that is just to keep it clean for everyone.

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Prashant: The Opinionated Cribber