You’r in a boat… why do you need a life vest?

This was the exact reply i got when on my weekend trip to Nainital, i asked the peddle boat contractor to give me a life vest… and here i was under the impression that life vests were to be used even on every boat… but apparently peddle boats are an exception on the Naini Lake. […]

My Trip to Shimla

It’s been 2 years that I have been visiting Shimla (or is it Simla) every summer. Though I don’t go for more then 2-3 days but even those few days spent in Shimla are like heaven. If you are staying in Delhi, you will know what I mean. We were a group of 4 friends […]

Tough Times Ahead for Tourism Industry

An estimated loss of Rs.50 Crore for the hospitality industry as a result of IPL not happening in India would look like a drop in the ocean when it will be compared to the losses incurred by the Commonwealth Games cancellation. While elections are the biggest thing for India this year, sports events such as […]

Aamer (Amber) Fort on Jaipur Road

Feels good to be back in Delhi 🙂 Though Jaipur is beautiful this time of the year, the weather is very pleasant and the pollution was very less as compared to Delhi. This was not my first trip to Jaipur as i keep going there a few times every year but just like Delhi, Jaipur […]

What’s Incredible About India?

So…what’s so incredible about Incredible !ndia?? Well… NOTHING. If you have seen the beautiful 1/3 page ads about Incredible India, you would know what i am about. Visually the ads are stunning unfortunately that’s where the bus stops. If you want more info after looking at those ads, it’s as good as solving a […]