Mann ke baat!

Modi Ji… What is the point of hosting mann ke baat, jab mann ke baat he nahi hoti. I remember you saying that you have removed corruption from the top level… then why are so many of your ministers are involved in corruption?

2 Responses to “Mann ke baat!”

  1. Hi
    P.M. Modi is doing grate work for India. He is also sharing his Mann Ki Baat with 1.25 corer public on pre schedule time and date.Your question of putting mann ki baat (on corruption issue) in his mouth is wrong. There are multiple agency working day and night to take care of corruption at any level if happening any where in India viz Anti corruption,CVC, police etc.Law will take its own course as per norms.If P.M. is also dragged to catch such corrupt people than who will do the National Development Work,and what will happen to the existence of these agency whose sole work is to catch corrupt people in india. These agency have all facilities of transport & are highly paid govt departments. So think over issue before bracketing blame on Honble P.M.

  2. Rony: I am not saying that he should be the one to go out and catch the corrupt people and leave his job as a PM but won’t you agree with me that if he can say that he has removed corruption from the top level and then there are several verifiable cases which his ministers are involved in then he should at least say something?