Important Law you Should Know About

This ruling by Supreme Court of India will help save many lives with ref. to Road Accident etc. (Right to Emergency Care)

What Went Wrong with the Judiciary

If you are rich enough you can get away with multiple murders, this is exactly what the Delhi High Court said on Monday. It has reduced Sanjeev Nanda’s (BMW Murder)jail time from 5 years to 2 years and after counting the time he already spent in Jail (22 months) has granted him freedom in 2 […]

God Sent Judgement

I can’t wait to see what kind of sentence has been awarded by the court to Sanjeev Nanda. I am really happy that he was convicted but most probably the sentence would be appealed in the higher courts. An excerpt from HT epaper He’s sankat Mochan (one who wards off trouble), and letting him slip […]

Life Imprisonment is Not Enough!

Vikas and Vishal Yadav got life imprisonment sentence and a fine of Rs. 1.6 lakhs fine each. I don’t think this is a just sentence for a cold blooded murder of Nitish Katara. The Yadav’s council will surely appeal in the higher courts and try and get them out. I think the Judge should have […]

Drink It Up Delhi!

21 year old’s have a reason to raise their glasses today, permissible age for drinking has been lowered to 21 from 25. This will have an immediate dual impact. 1) 21 year old’s will now “legally” drink and be proud of the fact that they can. 2) Cops will not be able to make money […]