The Clean Indian?

Although i don’t think this is a solution to such a problem but well.. this could be one of the solutions 😛

My World is Dying… Literally!

These days, I have been watching a lot of Discovery channel and most of the programs I watch are related to global warming, water shortage and the works. I am hooked to these programs but the more I watch them, the more I am scared about the future of this planet… trust me the way […]

What an Irony!

On one hand you can see Kajol and Ajay Devgan playing Holi with a water hose and on the other hand there is Delhi’s Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit front lining for the World Water Day.

Delhi Jal Board Uses GPS To Track Tankers

Did you get to read this article on HT today? Interesting read! Delhi Jal Board installed 229 GPS systems on their water tankers to track their movement because they “thought” that the water tankers were selling the water to ICE making companies instead of delivering it to water starved parts of Delhi. Firstly how ever […]

Holi Hai!!!

I would like to wish all the cribbers out there a very happy Holi! Please use natural colours and stay from grease and oil unless you are playing Holi with your car 😉 I know its hard from some people but try and remember that Holi is no excuse for groping neighbourhood girls. Hope you […]