Get 100% Back in Kind! Really?

Maybe this should go something like this… Pay your Tax in time, give 100% in kind to Politicians and Beaurocrats Or even better! Why pay Taxes? Give 100% directly to the Politicians.

Paying Income Tax Online

Taken from HT epaper, might help you out. Since i have not paid taxes online, i will not be able to give you an insight on it but i would request people who have so that we can get to know more about the system and how easy or difficult it is to file online. […]

Watch a Movie for Less

The Finance Minister Dr. A.K Walia has taken a decision to bring down the entertainment tax on cinema from 30% to 20% (back in 2003 the tax was 60%). This decision was taken following representations received from the National Association of Motion Picture Exhibitors and the Multiplex Association of India. I think someone needs to […]

Unofficial FAQ’s for MCD Property Tax

Update: Here are the helpline phone numbers for MCD, in case you need clarification. 27051685, 25143373, 23920733, 22501117, 26185460, 29845181 (needless to say that i tried but no one picked up the phone) Due to the overwhelming response on my article How to pay MCD property tax, I have decided to compile all the questions […]

Driving from Delhi to Jaipur?

Then get ready to empty you pockets at the toll booths located on the National Highway 8. I was visiting Jaipur (the pink city) for a day, yesterday and instead of taking a bus from Bikaner House on Pandara road, I decided to drive down myself. It is usually more convenient for me as I […]