Give Me Five!

Defence Minister A.K. Antony’s waving to the crowd… but wait! There was NO crowd, no civilians I mean… there were only soldiers. Maybe this is his way of saluting? Can someone please show him how it’s done?

Defence Minister A.K. Antony Rides a T-90 tank. Taken from HT

4 Responses to “Give Me Five!”

  1. Manjalaruvil Joseph Chandy on November 23rd, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    During 1962-63 period Mr OOMMEN CHANDY, Mr AK ANTONY Were in Children movements. During those period I also was with Mr Oommen Chandy to work in student movements. Mr Antony was using Kadar Dress and was very strict disciplined person. Mr Oommen Chandy and MR AK Antony were very close friends. Even for Mr Antony’s marriage he was not having a new dress but Mr Oommen Chandy offered a dress for him. Mr Antony and Mr. Oommen Chandy are clean in politics and they have not taken any money of public illegially.
    If we put mark for honest Mr AK Antony will be the top person in Indian politics.

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  3. they said he was a coward
    they said he was too innocent
    they said he was unable to handle difficult situations
    they means – Kerala political parties, peoples

    But see where he is standing now!
    the top of the army of the BIG democratic country in the world

  4. I like A K Antony very much… he is the only honest minster currently… latest release of minsters asset says that he only 1.5 lakh of asset…