Blast From The Past – Part II

1. Gurgaon Malls Plea to Reopen on Tuesdays.

Then (March 2008): Haryana government has issued notification to all the malls in Gurgaon to close on Tuesdays. The reason is power saving and easing the traffic congestion for residents near the malls.
Now (Dec 2008): Due to the economic slowdown, the malls are pleading with the government to open on Tuesdays again.

2. National Stock Exchange Advertises on Radio.

Then (March 2008): The Indian stock market has been falling so bad in the last couple days that I guess NSE thought they will bring back some faith in the exchange by advertising it on the radio.
Now (Dec 2008): NSE has stopped advertising on the radio… I guess they don’t have the budget for it anymore. The stock market has gone from bad to worse and still no sight of the bottom.

3. Bus Rapid Transport. (BRT)

Then (March 2008): BRT as it’s full form says is a rapid transport system, but if the bus take 31 minutes to travel 5.8 km while a normal personal can cover that distance walking in less than 30 min, where does the word RAPID fit in?
Now (Dec 2008): With Sheila Dikshit being sworn in as the Chief Minister again, there are talks to carry on with the BRT plan. I wonder why can’t these morons accept their fault and take corrective measures.

4. Starting Bed & Breakfast? Think Again.

Then (April 2008): The B&B is geared for foreign tourist looking for a stay at home experience in India. Reason being that the Hotel rooms in India will fall short when the Commonwealth Games takes place.
Now (Dec 2008): If you are still thinking that B&B will be profitable to you, this is the time to think again. Commonwealth Games may not happen at all.

5. Shahrukh Asked to Sponsor More Players.

Then (April 2008): Sports Minister M.S Gill asked Shah Rukh Khan to sponsor a team or a player and inspire Indian sports as he did in his film Chak De India. “He can begin with sponsoring four women athletes of the Indian relay team.
Now (Dec 2008): After the successful release of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Some odd minister will ask SRK to sponsor Makeover contests as well.

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