How to Start Blogging

I am sure you have wondered about starting your own blog sometime or the other but never got around doing it, maybe because you thought you do not have the skills to setup a blog or don’t even know where to start from. Well… if this has been keeping you back then fear no more, I will show you how you can set up and get blogging in the next 5 min.

A blog is not much different from a normal website except that it is much more user friendly to add and update content on it, no wonder you see so many blog these days as it does not take much to get a blog going. India will soon become the blogging capital of the world with millions of bloggers expressing themselves online, no wonder there are so many blog meets happening these days in all part of the country… Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai and many more!

Ok… Let’s start. First, you need to think of a place to host your blog. There are two ways to do this.

1) Get a free blog from Blogger, Typepad or WordPress.
2) Host your own blog (Premium WordPress Hosting by

For the purpose of this article, I will suggest you to start off with a free blog first and then when you get comfortable you can move over to a hosted blog (more features, more freadom). Though all 3 of the above mentioned blog websites are really good, I am a bit partial towards wordpress as I have been using that for quite sometime now.

Click here to signup with wordpress. It is not going to take you more than a minute for this. Make sure you choose a good username as that would be the link to your blog itself. Something like, where cribb would be the username.

That’s it, now you have setup your blog and your are ready for bogging. If you can send an email, that’s pretty much all the expertise needed to write a blog as well.

Happy Blogging!

4 Responses to “How to Start Blogging”

  1. um, wordpress aint no good 🙂 xanga rocks!!
    do you really get the time to read up all those blogs you added up on your network?

  2. I have never tried xanga, maybe i will experiment with it someday but i usualy work with hosted blogs. As for the blogs i have added in my network, yes i hope to read them one by one.

  3. I think and are the best place to start blogging. I still have a blogger blog. There are lot of people who will agree to this.

  4. Blogger allows adsense, WordPress does not. WordPress helps generate a lot more internal traffic to a new blog which blogger does not. WordPress has inbuilt stats so you can check who came and when to read what article which is a good thing for people who do not know how to work with Google Analytics. To start with either of the 2 are excellent.