Vehicle pollution booths are an eye wash

I came across this article in HT by Soumya Pillai which stated that 95% of the pollution check booths across Delhi are unable to conduct actual test and just hand out certificates. This does not come as any surprise as we have been getting these test for the last 10 years but see many vehicles […]

Mann ke baat!

Modi Ji… What is the point of hosting mann ke baat, jab mann ke baat he nahi hoti. I remember you saying that you have removed corruption from the top level… then why are so many of your ministers are involved in corruption?

Service tax now 14%, anyone feeling the pinch?

Service tax was recently increased by 1.64% (from 12.36% to 14%), this extra 1.64% is not the reason for my cribbing. What i failed to understand that the amount being charged extra on the service tax (cess) for education / Swachh Bharat campaign and Clean Ganga, how are the funds being utilised and that are […]

Corruption breeders

We all are aware that every body is talking of corruption in government sector. Congress, BJP, AAM Admi crusader Arvind Kejariwal all are advocating curative therapy like police does i.e.after happening of incidence .The out come of that is Jan Lok Pal Bill or other such new bills in the pipe line. Prevention measure is […]

Call for Debate 2014

Arvind Kejriwal has already accept the debate challenge, why are Modi and Rahul shying away? Please caste your votes here!