Truth about Union Bank collateral free loans!

You must have seen the ad for Union banks collateral free loans, where a young guy wants to start a business and is looking for money and his dad comes to the rescue with a loan application from Union Bank… if you haven’t… please check the TVC below. I will uncover the truth behind this […]

Nissan Micra Party…

Nissan is celebrating Micra 1st Aniv party as if they have sold a hundred thousand of these and it has been a great success. Personally i liked the car even though it tanked as neither the car itself nor Ranbir Kapoor could save it. But by advertising like the car has done well, the company […]

SRK & Tisca in DishTV Latest Ad.

This Dish TV ad. featuring Shahrukh Khan & Tisca Chopra is too ridiculous for me to even comment on it.

Find Indian Hotties on

Call it modern times or lack of ethics in advertising but has stretched this a little too much. I was on Facebook checking out the daily ramblings when this ad. caught my attention. “Indian Hotties to Date… Register on” This is a complete misrepresentation of the service and I don’t know why […]

Will do anything for Money

Seems like people these days will do anything for money, take for example Hrithik Roshan in this Reliance Ad. Why is he even required there? As if peanuts have been thrown at a monkey and he knows now that he has to perform some tricks. If the product itself is good then why do you […]