Best biotin tablets in India

There are a plethora of brands from whom you can buy biotin in India, however not all brands are cut from the same cloth and not all biotin supplements are made equal.

There are a lot of brands which mislead customers into believing that they are selling pure biotin and the dosage is what is mentioned on the bottle. I personally have seen some Indian vitamin brands selling 10,000 mcg biotin only to find out that they do not contain anywhere close to 10,000 mcg.

Biotin does not come cheap, if you see a brand selling it below Rs.500 then you should be careful of what they are selling, pure biotin comes expensive and to pack it in veg capsules adds to the cost. One of the best biotin brands in India is Satthwa and the reason why we can say it with confidence is because we have created it.

Best Biotin Brand India

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