Election Commission’s Voters ID Card

A few days back I got the much awaited Voters ID card. The BLO did not visit my house, they choose to hire the community center and sit pretty while all the residents walked in. I can understand that it would be very difficult for the BLO to walk up to every resident considering that there are more than 600 flats in my colony alone but at the same time they were not be able to do any resident verification and were handing out ID cards simply by stating your home address.

I am sure everyone (who have got the voter ID) would agree with me that the ID card looks fake, if it weren’t for the Trimurti Hologram which in my case is so scratched up that even that looks like a knockoff. In true sense, this cannot be called a voter “card”, apart from the size it has not features which resemble a card. A poor quality b/w printout has been cut to size and laminated…thats it!

My b/w photo pretty much makes me look like a fugitive, the signature on the photograph are hardly visible. The only good thing is that they did not messed up with my name or other details, otherwise I would have to go through hell to get it straight!

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