Voter ID Cards to be Home Delivered

When you receive your Voter’s Photo Identity Card, please sign on the Delivery Booklet available with the Booth Level Officer/Official delivering the card.

If you already have a Voter’s Photo Identity Card, please keep it ready, at the time of receiving the new Voter’s Photo Identity Card, the old Voter’s Photo Identity Card must be surrendered to the Booth Level Officer.

If your previous Voter’s Photo Identity Card has been lost, you have to give a written undertaking to the Booth Level Officer before receiving the new card. The format of the undertaking will be available with the Booth Level Officer.

Voter ID Card now home delivered.

8 Responses to “Voter ID Cards to be Home Delivered”

  1. is there a way how we can get our names in delhi’s electoral rolls/ We have a transferable job but have no voter identity cards.

  2. @ Mallika, get in touch with your nearest BLO and he/she will tell you the details.

  3. […] few days back I got the much awaited Voters ID card. The BLO did not visit my house, they choose to hire the community center and sit pretty while all the residents walked in. I can […]

  4. I am out of the country right now. Is it possible for my friend to collect it on behalf of me?

  5. @ Rashil: If your friend can take your old card then i think he should be able to get your new one… else it may not be possible

  6. Hi prashant! Thanks for the reply.

    Is it not possible even if he has the acknowledgement slip.

  7. @ Rahil: Could be possible with it… i know for sure that they are giving to family member even if they do not have the old card and even when the family member is not there personally to collect. I think it should not be a problem in your case as well. The BLO themselves do not want to hold on to the cards as it is a liability for them… so you might just get lucky!

  8. Hi,

    I retired from the Indian Army in 1999 and has since then been trying to get registered and receive the voters identityt card. As a family, we have filled forms, submitted proof of residence, submitted whatever was asked for and also received confirmation from Vidahan Sabha 45 Mehraulithat I and family are registered at Ser No 143, 144,145 and 146, atbranch No 37.

    WE were assured that we would receive the cards within a month in July 2008. We still await the delivery on this.

    Can someone help me receive my idntity after having been out of the electoral process for better part of my life.I shall remain ever greatful.

    Col (Retd) Parameswaran