Will You Cast Your Precious Vote?

I will be very upfront on this, I did not cast my vote in the last elections and I don’t plan to do it this time around as well. Many many years ago you had a clear choice, the good guys and the bad guys… then the lines blurred a little… there was the bad guys and the worst guys. Now it’s become too hard to decided which of the 2 choices are the worst, its like giving them equal chance every elections to prove us wrong but that never happens.

All the promises made before the elections some how vanish after the poll and the politicians are never heard of until they are highlighted in a scandal or are involved in a scam… year after year, this is the same story and I don’t want to be a part of it.

I am planning to set up a poll on this blog to see what percentage of people will be casting their precious vote this year… so please look on the right side and cast your vote 🙂

For those who want to “bring some change” in India, you can get all the voting related information from this number (011) 47617500. The Delhi electoral office has set up this call centre to provide voters with information related to their assembly constituency, polling station etc.

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