2010 Commonwealth Games in Jeopardy

Austin Sealy, chairman of the Commonwealth Call me a pessimist but I am just stating the truth here. There are two likely scenarios to the Commonwealth Games which will possibly have a similar outcome no matter what happens.

1. Despite the odds, India does get to host the Commonwealth Games in Delhi but they are so poorly organized and the facilities are so far below standard that this is the last time people look at India for any kind of International sports event. Of course Cricket is an exception here as first the Indian people are crazy about Cricket and second… BCCI has more than enough money to throw around.

2. A more likely scenario: In spite of all efforts, India is not able to solve the problems of the Games Village on time and hence the games are moved to another country or worst… cancelled. I see this as a big possibility as India has never been able to complete anything on time. As a result India looses face and never gets to bid for any International sports event in the future.

Excerpt from HT epaper, article by Sahil Sharma.

The 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, slated to showcase the new India to the world, could be in jeopardy.

On Tuesday, Austin Sealy, chairman of the Commonwealth Games Federation’s coordination committee, warned that problems with the completion of the Games village next to the Akshardham Temple could threaten the Games. “The matter is in judicial review, so I would not like to comment much on it, but if the work is not completed in time, India and New Delhi would be jeopardising their chances of hosting the Games,” said Sealy.

The Commonwealth Games Village site on the Yamuna riverbed is embroiled in a legal tangle in the Delhi High Court after a Public Interest Litigation said the construction would deplete groundwater More recently, the Delhi High Court said construction on the floodplain would be at the builders’ risk. But authorities insist they have the approvals.

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3 Responses to “2010 Commonwealth Games in Jeopardy”

  1. Post Mumbai’s “9/11”, CW games are best cancelled/moved from India. I have lost all faith in our powers that be, whether politicos or “babus” or intelligence/security agencies. And disaster management is a disaster in itself. Why risk lives of international atheletes and guests?

  2. @ Naveen: I fully agree with you.

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