Is Aamir High on Coke?

All over the world people joining the protest against China and boycotting the The Beijing Olympic Torch, while our very own Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is planning to run with the Torch in his hand and a prayer for Tibet in his heart! Why could Aamir not back out of the run? Is it because […]

Faulty Whirlpool Washing Machines

Complaint Sent by Cribber RAJU This is regarding my purchase of fully automatic washing machine H65. In whirlpool records my name is Jay Raju (one of the compliant nos In0507003514). They first took 10 days to send demo person and when he opened its found that they sent me the damaged piece.They took another 10 […]

A $4 Billion Global Enterprise Called HCL

Yeh… Sure it may be a $4 billion but their advertising sucks big time. Have you seen their latest commercial? A guy asking for a ride in from an investment banker and then getting off a couple min later to board a chopper to leave overseas for a “life sciences” project. What a bunch of […]

Whirlpool: Only sweet talks but no work

Through this website I would like to warn my fellow customers who are thinking for buying Whirlpool make Washing Machine or other appliances. My grievances were already published in the Hindustan Times in June, 2006 regarding our Washing Machine model Fs65 (purchased for our Jaipur house on 31.10.2005). The grievances were about the machine not […]

TGIF Charges For Free Sauce

“There is no such thing as a Free Lunch”… I am sure you have heard this over and over again, yeh and i learnt it the ‘TGIF’ way. A couple weeks back, me and some of my friends went to TGI Friday’s Vasant Vihar… ordered something to eat and of course got a “Free Sauce.” […]