Problems With Reliance Data Card?

Cribb sent in by Sachin Surana

I don’t know why it is called Reliance where as it is not at all Reliable. Whatever little experience I have of using Reliance offerings has been frustrating. They seem to try to get into everything and so most of the things they have to offer is unsatisfactory and of poor quality.

My experience has been mostly using their telecommunications services or products and it has been an utterly unpleasant experience. We have reliance phones in our office and they go out of service every now and then, even faster than swinging moods of a Bollywood actress. And then I got Reliance Data card and life has been painful ever after. I had a cable connection with a speed of 44 Kbps which was much better in comparison.

The Reliance card offers a speed of 115 Kbps and it takes 15 seconds to open a google page !!! When I called at their customer care centre, I found out that I was having a super fast speed of 13 Kbps. The guy offered innovative solutions like deleting cookies and files to enhance the speed. When you call their customer centre, you get a message… “There might be intermittent problems while sending and receiving sms. Sorry for the inconvenience” Now when have you heard such a thing about a Vodafone or an Airtel connection.

So, please do a proper research and get feedback before using any reliance products. A suggestion to Reliance…instead of roping in Amitabh for advertisements, please spend the crores you give to him to enhance the quality of your service.

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  1. Sachin, i tried LG phone which had reliance internet on it and the speed was as bad as you describe… i have heard tall claims in the advertising about the data card speed but never heard anyone actually getting it. The problem is that reliance and other companies advertise “You can get up to such and such speed” so they can get away with their false claims.

  2. Soumya Ranjan on June 29th, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    Boss before buying the data card u should get the details of the speed of the CDMA connection.
    115 or 146 or 155kbps is the port speed . that is not the speed of ur internet.
    in CDMA u can only get speed of 12-20 kbps .And in GSM u can only get speed of 5-7kbps.
    you cant expect a broadband speed in a wireless device.
    Instead giving allegations on Reliance u should know the technology first.
    U can never expect a speed of 115 kbps internet in any wireless i.e,CDMA/GSM/EDGE technology.
    And about the cookies and files ..that z advisable for any connection u r using whether u r using a wireless device or a broadband or a dedicated internet u should delete the cookies and temp files Becoz they slow down ur connection.

  3. Soumya i disagree with you… every player these days advertises HIGH SPEED, take for e.g Tata Indicom plug n play USB internet service… Kajol keeps repeating the word high speed (even though she probbly has no idea what it means) and for a layman high speed means something which is NOT 12-20 kpbs. Also you mentioned EDGE not being able to deliver speed… EDGE is a 3G technology and quite capable of giving broadband internet speed over a wireless.

  4. And be extremely watchful of what they bill you for..

  5. I second Prashant and Sachin..

    I have used Relaince Data Card and its performance is certainly below par. Moreover, the techincal staff at any Relaince outlet are not capable enough to deal with the problems that users face.

    The promised speed is never delivered .When I finally gave up and terminated my connection, I made it a point to actually tell these guys the problems with their connection. They admitted that many users have complained about poor speeds.

  6. Soumya Ranjan on June 30th, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    Boss I bet Kajol is only acting on the script that she has been instructed.She is being paid for that.I would suggest u to search for CDMA,GSM & EDGE in google and try to know what is the technology is exactly and what is the speed.
    I will commit u a speed of 256kbps in a data card.and i can manually do that.that will be the port speed between your Laptop/PC and the wireless device.
    And for ur kind information CDMA is a better technology than EDGE.
    For both Data and Voice.

  7. Soumya: This is what i got from GSM world: “EDGE provides up to three times the data capacity of GPRS. Using EDGE, operators can handle three times more subscribers than GPRS; triple their data rate per subscriber, or add extra capacity to their voice communications.”

  8. Soumya Ranjan on June 30th, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    EDGE is the moderate version of GPRS, and u c ur line-add extra capacity to their voice communications.” Voice communication z different and we r talking abt Data communication. EDGE z better than GPRS but not par with CDMA.

  9. Soumya, “EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution), which boasts data rates of up to 384 kbps with real world speeds reported closer to 70-140 kbps.” . What you are talking about is W-CDMA which is CDMA’s answer to high speed internet on wireless.

  10. Hi
    I am using Reliance data card and getting frustation with service and performance of speed and connectivty. i made a complain many time none of them replying perperly…

    so i would like to suggest please dont go for reliance data card….

  11. Hi Prashant,

    I live in Mumbai and use two reliance data cards ( PCMCIA as well as USB).

    So far ( touch wood!) I have had no problems with connectivity which is instantaneous across most of the cities in India and the speeds generally are far better than good old vsln dialup.

    Agreed that it is nowhere close to broadband, but I find the reliance data card is alright for regular net activity emails and search while you are on the move.

    But with regard to reliance mobile phone services. I had a terrible experience and had to discontinue my account.

  12. We purchased a Data Card thru Reliance which till today has not been operative. We have requested the local representative to come and collect the card and refund us the money. He neither answers his mobile nor call back. I have even tried sending him mails which he never reads, I presume. Suresh Babu who seems to be heading the Pune region is useless and does not bother to cater to the requests of the clients. I have been following up with him since last one month and his assistant Farooque, although spoken to us several times, refuses to recognise us. Never answers his mobile. I really wonder what sort of customer care your Company has. May I request someone to call us and attend to our problem. Regards, Vimla, Nihilent Technologies, Pune, Tel.020 39846102

  13. hey every one, what ever speed you are told, these speeds are Kilo Bits per second and not Kilo byte per second which is what we all consider so what ever you are told like 115kbps is actually 115/8= 14.6 sumthing and if it is 256 it will be 32 and 2Mbps will get upto 256 kBps i.e. 2048/8, so its that way , so when ever you are told of speeds,take it with a pinch of salt and decide for yourselves, and you will knw what speed u r getting

  14. hi friends…, EDGE is a 2.75G technology,it is upgraded version of GPRS(2G).Data rate of GPRS is 171 kbps and EDGE is 384 kbps…(but real world speed is less).These 2 r the technology used in GSM..,
    But in CDMA a new technology is coming namely EVDO(Evolution of Data Only) with a data rate of 2.04mbps…

    But in real world all the data rates specified by the company will vary…

  15. I bought a reliance netconnect recently. Cdma-1x zte modem. Magnificent way to waste 2800/- rupees. It keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every 5-7 seconds. The service personnel are the least trained and punctual fellows. They never come at the time that they give you. Firstly they gave me a corrupt installation cd. Next day they came with a pendrive loaded with the new software. Either way it rarely connects and even when it does it is painfully slow. So much for unlimited free usage for 1st 2 months! Just want to get rid of this piece of shit now.

  16. better to use gprs than this useless relaince data card. the speed is much leser than tortoise

  17. i can only suggest you all that please don’t try to make any type of mistake while purchasing reliance data card as reliance only a cheater ,it cheat me,youand everyone who purchase it by heard about its speed of 144.4Kbps which is gives only 5-17Kbps.please don’t buy it.

  18. Hrusikesh Padhy on March 29th, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    I am using RIL Data card since 01 months whenever I m trying to download at night (i.e atfer 21.00) it is getting slow after doenlod of 30mb data. and I have checked it up through net it is connecting @speed of 100.00kb/ s maximum but during downloding it is only 20kb/s data downloding. why it is happening? whenever it is showing 150kb/s.

  19. sumeet saxena on April 18th, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    I am very fadup with the services we received from reliance for my data card.Every time I got falls commitment from reliance. Now I m facing problem of not getting record of my daliy use of internet
    which is required essential for proper management of our monthly plan to avoid excess use,but I am not getting support from reliance.please look in to & revert back .Hope for fast favorable response.

  20. hi all
    i am really annoyed with the speed and sevice of all the products of un-reliable reliance
    had a super data card in mumbai which was postpaid .. billing issues .. disconnected ..
    using a prepaid card in baroda .. the deductions are any time without intimations and ur a/c shows in minus !!
    response is so pathetic as no answers for anything
    DO NOT GO FOR reliance

  21. Dr. Sambit P. Sahoo on April 23rd, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    Relience people are cheat and fools, they don’t know the problem, while i reported the datacard problem in mail in complete detail, they sent several mails asking for more and more details, when everything was complete, they assure me that the problem will for “short” while, which was converted to a short period of “24 hours”, which never happened even after 30 days. Now my net is getting disconnected after 2-3 minutes automatically and the speed is around 80-90 KBPS instead of 3.1 MBPS, i have shown this in their Reliance World computers also.

  22. hi, i m not satisfied with ur netconnect service ,because rarely it’s connected& its 2 big problem for me

  23. Cld Anyone tell me that can we go i consumer forum to lodge a compliant against reliance data card. I extreamly cheated after buying reliance data card.getting speed of 10 kbps in night .Frequently get Error : 1722 RPC server not avialable.

  24. hi
    im with the reply of Soumya Ranjan because no one can accept the speed of broad band in wirless data card

  25. Hey,i am getting problems using reliance data card. While downloading from torrent,if i browse any other site,at times the physical memory of my laapy gets dump.Any1 hav idea about this problem.If any please suggest.

  26. I have purchased the same Reliance Data Card having 153 kbps; it is my fate to deal with this device….it is damn slow and pathetic service. I made the complaint several times to the customer care but no further assistance from their side…really pathetic situation from one of the dominating communication company in India.

    For attaching a file of 4mb its taking 40-45 minutes as well as some errors occurred while attaching.
    Firstly we have trust on Reliance and later we came to know that this is not Reliance as its performance is not reliable.
    Its waist of our valuable time and efforts…I am using this device for my official purpose but its killing my valuable time.
    My advices to all my friends don’t prefer Reliance data card if they have plan to buy it….

  27. yr thats nt only wid reliance ..u all just spent 2100 bucks on reliance but here m d biggest loser among u as i invested 3700 rs fr AIRTEL 3G DATA CARD..they claim a speed 3.8mb/s nd fr all of ur surprise guess what it gives me a thrashing speed of 1kbps ..woowowowow it has totally changed my life even…after buying this piece of crap i hv even stopped using my laptop ..i dnt touch it anymore … if reliance is a loser ..then AIRTEL IS THE BIGGEST LOSER … PLEASE DNT TRY THIS AT HOME …

  28. After purchasing Reliance data card I soon realised there would been many other ways to waste money, not only its painfully slow but also disconnects frequently and most funniest part is that it is dead slow at night when it suppose to have some speed, reliance has learned to make profit from shit service they provide, Please don’t purchase any product of reliance.



  30. this reliance company cheats everyone. within a day i’m fed up with this connection. it even takes hrs to load a single page and for download. cha. these people have to quit from this service else everyone will be affected