TGIF Charges For Free Sauce

“There is no such thing as a Free Lunch”… I am sure you have heard this over and over again, yeh and i learnt it the ‘TGIF’ way. A couple weeks back, me and some of my friends went to TGI Friday’s Vasant Vihar… ordered something to eat and of course got a “Free Sauce.” Later when i checked the bill, as you can see below that the “Free Sauce” was actually charged for. I am sure there are people reading this saying…oh! does 0.01 make any difference? … Hell yes! it does, it’s not a question of money.. the point is, if TGIF is mentioning it as FREE then it should be FREE and if i am paying (however small amount it is) for the Sauce then it should NOT be labled FREE.

TGIF Charges for Free Sauce

2 Responses to “TGIF Charges For Free Sauce”

  1. What’s next, ‘free’ napkins?

    That’s my crib of the day – all this ‘kunjoosi’ with napkins. You get exactly 1 per person. Of course, its better now, you can ask for more, and not get dirty looks like you asked for their tip jar.

    Props to your site – up with cribbery.


  2. They do that because they need to have an inventory control, and the register will not list items with a .00 value. IF indeed that actually charged you the 1 penny, i would say to you that you got it very heavily subsidised and way below cost. Be thankful you can be a whiny American (or Canadian, or whatever) as in the REST of the world, there is no “free” sauce, you have to pay for it.

    Be thankful your system so heavily susbsidises your sauce. In large parts of the the world, people are starving to death and would gladly pay a penny to suck down a sachet of TGIF sauce.