Whirlpool: Only sweet talks but no work

Whielpool LogoThrough this website I would like to warn my fellow customers who are thinking for buying Whirlpool make Washing Machine or other appliances.

My grievances were already published in the Hindustan Times in June, 2006 regarding our Washing Machine model Fs65 (purchased for our Jaipur house on 31.10.2005). The grievances were about the machine not selecting the optimum water level automatically based on the wash load.

It may be interesting to note that the above defect has not been set right till date i.e. 28.05.2007.

In this connections we made numerous complain calls to Jaipur Service Centre. The comlain was booked with sweet assurance. The mechanic also turned up and tried to do some jugglery but it appeared that he was more interested in selling the washing machine “Cover” than solving the actual problem. Probably he knew that the washing machine may soon become an antique piece and therefore worth covering.

Our customer ID no. is JP/C/1206/17031. The latest service complain numbers registered on the call center no. 60008558 / 60608558 are JP0507003356 dated 16.05.2007 and JP0507004056 dated 18.05.2007.

The reporting of above complain was also done to the Vice President-Customer Services, Faridabad on 22.05.2007 on their mailing address HomeCareCustomerCell@mail.whirlpool.com but there was no reply till date.

We still request M/s Whirlpool senior personnel to take personal interest in this matter and get the fault rectified to our satisfaction. In case they fail to rectify the fault, they should refund our money and take the machine back.

With this, we warn fellow prospective customers to be careful before opting for Whirlpool machine or similar appliances because they may land in similar situation as being faces.

We also request fellow customers who have faced similar problem to come-up and share their grievances on this web site so that other fellows do not fall into such trap.

Ashok Parikh


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One Response to “Whirlpool: Only sweet talks but no work”

  1. M.K.Gowthaman on August 5th, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    You are quite right about your opinion on Whirlpool India. I have gone through a protracted period of indifference by the service team for my front loading machine on two occasions. Now being the second time, I have decided to move the consumer court and I have filed a case against Whirlpool India. I suggest you also should move the consumer court, prefereably through a lawyer with expereince in consumer law. If many of us come forward to act this way, the service quality will greatly improve.