Unofficial FAQ’s for MCD Property Tax

Update: Here are the helpline phone numbers for MCD, in case you need clarification.
27051685, 25143373, 23920733, 22501117, 26185460, 29845181
(needless to say that i tried but no one picked up the phone)

Due to the overwhelming response on my article How to pay MCD property tax, I have decided to compile all the questions posted by users and the answers posted by Ramandeep (from egoverments which is the organisation who have created the online website) into a frequently asked questions format.

This will help everyone find answers to the common questions very fast.

Below is the list of Q&A for the current financial year 2008-2009

Q. Is it safe to pay the tax via credit card?
A. You would be surprised to know that more than 30% of the people who have registered online have paid through credit card and it is safe as MCD is not handling you CC details rather the payment gateway is responsible for the same, in this case Axis Bank who have a good and secured Payment Gateway.

Q. When I try to fill the same in the Colony name, it gives message “The Colony is not in MCD List”.
A. Just type the name of your colony and you will find a list of colonies in a drop down but if your colony is not in the list then MCD act says that you need to enter the highest neighbouring colony.

Q. Do I get a rebate if I pay the tax in full?
A. If you pay before 30 June then you will get a 15% rebate if you pay the full yrs tax in one go.

Q. Unknowingly I have paid the property tax 2 times in the last financial year, how do I go about a refund or getting it adjusted to the next financial year?
A. Better write a letter to the Assessor and collector and go and meet Mr. Amit Prasad who is Jt. Assessor and Collector in Lajpat Nagar office and discuss with him and ask for refund or contact Mr. Ambasht head of property tax dept and ask for refund. You can contact him on 29845005

Q. Do I need to create a new ID every time I pay tax online?
A. No! Just use the same ID you created last time and if you don’t have any ID online then go ahead and create a new one.

Q. Your request could not be processed due to invalid input. Please try again. This is what I am repeatedly getting, after I log in and click for making payment?
A. Try clearing your cache memory and try again, u should not be getting that error.

Q. I am not able to login, it says I have to wait for another 3 weeks in order to get all the payment uploaded.
A. You are not able to login because your payments have not yet been cleared by AXIS bank, once they are cleared your login will be enabled.

Q. What is the senior citizen age?
A. As per MCD act the senior citizen age is 65 and not 60, earlier they used to give at 60 but that has been corrected now.

Q. We are suppose to get a rebate for property owned by Women &/or Senior Citizen. But the calculation did not show any rebates being deducted?
A. The rebate logics have changed; rebate now is available to properties whose covered area is up to 100 Sqm, earlier it used to be 200 qm and if it was higher than 200 then pro-rata of the 200 used to be given. Now that has changed n only if your property is up to 100 sqm it would get rebate.
If Joint ownership is there and if any one of the joint owner does not come under the rebate category then the whole property does not get the rebate earlier there used to be the share % logic on which pro-rata basis where you used to get the rebate that has been discontinued now.

Q. Is it compulsory that the property return to be filed on line only or this can be filed manually and the tax deposited in bank based on the manually filled in form?
A. Property tax is compulsory to be filled online only, either u do it yourself or u can go to the MCD office to get the same done. They will also do it on the online system only.

Q. I want to pay the house tax of my DDA flat by cheque. Whether i have to submit a form along with my cheque from where will i get the form? Can i use the form of last year?
A. You can fill all the details online for your property tax and then in the last payment option, choose the cheque option. Print out the receipt and take it to AXIS bank to deposit it along with the cheque.

Q. I paid my property tax last year on line. Now i forgot my password. What should i do? Can i get my old password or i have to again register?
A. Please do NOT register again simply contact Mr. Anurag, he will help you out with password.

Q. I made the payment and it is has been cleared but when i login to print the reciept, it does not let me as the link is not active?
A. Please give it 7-10 days before you can print out the reciepts. The link will be activated once the payment is cleared and is entered into our system.

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  1. Please let me know if something needs to be added here or any correction which need to be made. The official FAQ for MCD property tax can be found here

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  3. is it possible to pay previous year taxes by on line method?

  4. I paid the property tax on line giving my Reg. No. and passward throug Credit card of Rak Bank and all the colum were correctly filled and as I log on I got trak ID NO 8889 and after some time a line came on the screen WAIT FOR 15 SECONDS. I waited for more than 3 miniutes but nothing came afterward. Nether I got any receipt No.. Now status of my payment is not clear with me, Please advise me.

  5. Dear Prashant,

    Thank you very much for your reply. Sorry I didn’t look in FAQ’s before sending in my query.

    I’ve since contacted Anurag & he should be sending me my password soon.

    Thanks once again.

  6. Q: Whether the Limt of rebate on covered area is applicable upto 200 sq mtrs or lesser in case of senior citizens and women owner?

  7. Sanjay Manchanda on May 23rd, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    I had paid property tax on-line using my CITIBANK credit card.
    My credit card has been debited on 6th May08.
    However, receipt has not appeared on the website.
    Please advice, How should I proceed.

  8. Ashish Bansal on May 26th, 2008 at 8:05 am

    In response to Ques.9 (regarding rebate) kindly refer to this link dated 16.05.08. Also you can browse epaper edition of TOI. Now WILL you suggest citizens who wish to avail REBATE at last year SLOTS i.e. at 200 sq.mts. for Property owned by Women/Senior Citizen, TO FILE RETURNS MANUALLY at their respective zones?
    Warm Regards.

  9. I have paid property tax for 2008 on line on 21.5.08 by cheque in Axis Bank. Please inform how to know about the Receipt. I was locating it but could not find out till today the 1.6.08. I will be awaiting your response.

  10. MCD has allowed 30% rebate for residential property occupied by woman, for covered area upto 200 sq. mt. as it is earlier. Is it also applicable on pro-rata, if the area is more than 200 sq mt.

  11. Sujata Swain on June 9th, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    I have paid property tax of Rs.1596″On line” for 2008-09 using credit card on 8-6-2008. At the end there was a message “Transaction unsuccessful, please check with your credit card” before paying again. On checking with crdit card on 9-6-2008, they indicated transaction hes been done for Rs.1623.36 and it will be charged to my credit card when merchandiser claims for it. On 9-6-08 , I logged in again and got the Property tax Receipt Printed

    Kindly Confirm if the Transaction is successful , (I have got the receipt Printed)

  12. (Mrs) USHA KAMESHWAR on June 9th, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    I am a general power atorny holder and occupant of a DDA Flat while original allotee was Mr Sudhir Kumar. I want to pay property tax. Can you guide me, whose name should be written as owner of property? Can I get the women rebate?

  13. Vijay Kumar Jain on June 16th, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    I want to revise the data of covered area which was filled wrongly in last year online property tax return 2007-08. The online return for this year is not accepting any changes.Please advise in this matter how to submit the return with the revise data.


  14. Suresh Kumar Wadhwa on June 18th, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    I have already paid on line Property Tax of my Shop located at F-40, Pankaj Central Market, I.P.Extension, Patparganj, Delhi-92 by Credit Card and I have also received the payment receipt and also Registration Number.

    This is the best way to pay your on line Property Tax without going to MCD office. I am very much happy.

  15. I have paid my property tax at the MCD office (not online), but the piece of paper they returned to me says it is not the receipt and the receipt will be available online in a few days. It provides a user ID and password and I have tried to access the receipt via the login for online payments but it does not show up so far. Also, I cannot find a link for the obtaining the receipt from anywhere in the MCD property tax website.

  16. Vijay jain… go to file property tax, the system will display the old return that you filed. there you have the provision to change. Also refer to FAQ on the mcd site

  17. Dear Ramandeep

    A small query, how much time does it take for receipt generation for Credit Card case because I paid online some 15 days back.

    I have read 7-10 days – but need a honest reply from you.


  18. Dear Ramandeep

    1) There are 46 different – Vacant Land Uses – in the manual form while there are only 30 different options to fill in online system.

    2) There is no Vacant Land Use by the name of
    ‘Vacant Land – No use’ in the Online system while there is one provided in the manual forms. This Vacant Land Use provided in the manual forms has has Factor Id =46 and Use Factor = 1.

    Now when we are trying to fill online return for vacant land, we are forced to select atleast one Vacant Land Use out of 30 uses. We are not using this vacant land for any purpose so its use should be ‘Vacant Land – No Use’. So this option should be provided in the online system also.


  19. Hi ,

    I have Paid my Property tax via Axis Bank , it is almost one month i have not received my Receipt on net . My Registration id’s are
    08096330000348411 & 08092110000348449 . Can u check if you have received the Amount .


  20. I have been living in DDA Janta Flats Madangir since 1980. I have get the mutation done in my name in the year 2000 in MCD House Tax Department, Mehruali. Since then I have not paid any Property Tax as it was below Rs. 1000/- and it was waived off. Now I want to know how much I will have to pay Property Tax and I am not getting any intimation from the Property Tax Department. Is it mandatory to pay it every year. Please suggest.

  21. Subodh Kr Sinha on June 24th, 2008 at 11:57 am

    What is the system to pay outstanding. I was alloted my Janata Flat in 1996 and since then I Paid Property tax only on 2004 once. Please confirm whaat is the system to pay Outstanding since 1996 to Till Date.

  22. Hi,
    I am facing problem logging in as I have forgot my password. My Registaration No. is 07081700000025560. Please help me to get my password.

    my email is



  23. Anil… property tax is mandatory to be paid by all even if it is Rs 100. You can go online to and file your tax there and pay onlin as well. Please read the help to understand the process to file the tax. For prev yrs online is not available rite now but will be there soon, so u cn pay from 2004 onwards online also.
    Subodh, from 1996 to 2004 i have no idea hw to pay arrears, talk to MCD about it. From 2004 onwards we r building online module which will be ready next month

    Mala, pls red FAQ section on for ur answers.

  24. dear anurag,
    I have filed last year property tax online and my registeration no is 07084210000034172, i have forgotton the password, could you please mail me the passwored, so that property tax can be paid online and intime also

  25. Dear Ramandeep

    On clicking the link — ‘Click for Payment by Cheque/Demand Draft’, I am getting following error :

    Adobe Reader could not open ‘pa443152.fdf’ because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been corrupted(for example, it was sent as an email attachement and wasn’t correctly decoded).

  26. To add, it seems system is generating .fdf file in place of .pdf file.

  27. Hi Ramandeep,
    I hv been putting comments for the last 10-15 days but know one is replying.
    Can u plz chk that my Grandpa’s PTR is paid or not,cheque is cleared from our account.Its more than 40 days but we have not received the receipt(as link is not up yet on the mcd ptr website)

    I will request you to chk our status(as our profile showing it unpaid) & when can we get the receipt.
    Please reply Ramandeep.I am total puzzled.
    My login Id is 08092170000312435.

  28. We are trying to fill online return for vacant land which is not in any use. Online system doesn’t have any option for ‘Vacant Land – No use’(i.e. Use Factor = 1).

    Manual form available on mcd website has a use named as ‘Vacant Land – No use’ with Factor Id = 46 and Use Factor = 1 .

    Please provide this option in online system so that we can fill return before 30th June.


  29. Ajay, use residnetial use factor that also has value of 1 only. do not worry there will no issue.
    varun, u r not the only one hu hasnt got the receipt there are many more and like i said that this wud be done. pls bear with us and stop putting msgs here for the same. once it is done I will myself send my comments here. pls understand we are also under a lot of stress at this time.
    Ajay, try to install adobe again and try or else try some othr machine.

  30. Poonam, pls send ur email ID also. i dont want to send ur pwd on the blog.
    (Mrs) USHA KAMESHWAR … no idea for power of attorney.. beyond my purview. pls talk to mcd.
    All credit card failures will be reconciled soon.

  31. How I Calculate Intrest @ 1% per month
    I mean how much intrest I pay for the
    year 2006-07 24 % or less ?? some one say 19.5%
    Year 2007-08 12 % or less ?? some one say 7.5%
    If I want to pay the above taxes
    with my current year tax
    Please Help

  32. Dear Ramandeep

    Thanks for clarifying. My wife’s user id/registration number is 07081470000109814 and email id is Pls help me retrieve password. Thanks

  33. Rahil…. Int is calculated at 4.5% of the total years tax for the base yr when the tax was due. and then in the next yr it is 1% per month. eg ur tax is Rs 1000 in 2007-08 and you are paying tax in June 2008 then your int wud be 4.5% of rs 1000 + 3% of Rs 1000. Hope this clears the air

  34. thanks i have received the password and filed the ptr online, but i am unable generate the receipt instantly, i tried for both cheque as well as cash. my login id is 07084210000034172. please advise.
    thanks once again.

  35. Dear Mr. Anurag

    I had paid property tax for my husband S.M. Patnaik flat last year online. Now this year I am unable to open the account as I have forgotten both user id and password. My registration no. is 07087280000170522. Can you help. This year online system is not functional as yet. Thanks


  36. Suchita Bhhatia on June 25th, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    Dear Ramandeep, seems like you are a star here… after my frustration of not been able to pay the property tax online i am writing here.. since morning, sitting in my office in mumbai i am trying to file my mothers tax in delhi.. but to no avail.. after registering and getting a password, the site is not responding anymore.. the credit card button is not working says that i have pressed twice.. i am so frustrated… i have called all the contact numbers provided.. most of them are not working..two who picked up spoke in a delhi haryanvi accent and had no answers.. one said galtee kar de aapka phone utha kar… with people like these sitting on the other end we are bound t head no where.. this is the first time i am trying to pay a property tax … and have realised that the entire system is so faulty.. people in the government offices sit on their asses and eat our taxes..and know nothing as to what they are doing.. this attitude needs to be changed… i am so pissed..

    please guide me as to what should i do regarding the password

  37. Dear Ramandeep

    You have advised to use residnetial use factor for vacant land as it also has use factor=1, But it is an industrial plot which is vacant and is not in any use.

    On the first page itself I select the type of property as Industrial-Plotted. So on the second page, I don’t get the option ‘Residential’. So its not possible to select ‘Residential’.


  38. Lalita Gambhir on June 25th, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    MY plot area is 100 sq yds (15’x60′) but coceverd area on three floor is 238 Sq. Meter> please advice me wwhether 30% rebate for wome will be available, if yes then upto what area

    a. on 200Sq Meter
    b. on 168.06q meter on pro rata basis(200/238×200)., or
    c. Nil
    Your quick response will be highly appreciated

  39. Dear Ramandeep
    Thanks for clarifying Intrest @ 1% per month,
    it means with my current year tax I have to
    pay 19.5% intrest for the year 2006-07
    and 7.5% for the Year 2007-08
    You are doing a great job,
    keep it up, Best of Luck.

  40. Suchita Bhhatia on June 25th, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    I am unable to file the tax… saying my id is invalid and i am unable to register again.. can anyone please help me!!! Ramandeep, Anurag… hello!!!! please respond … the reg number is 0809340000474995

  41. i rajkumar could not submit property tax 2007-2008 but now i want
    submit both year house tax can u assist me how i can pay

  42. Hello again Ramandeep!

    There is still no receipt for the payment that I made out via Axis Bank on May 22. My ID is 08093250000341795 if you could help.
    Thank you!


  43. Dear Ramandep,
    On which site can I see the arrears of property tax?
    Thanks & regards

  44. Dear Ramandeep,

    Firstly, I would like to thank you and your organisation for setting up the system. It was much needed and although some things need to be ironed it will be sorted out soon.

    Maybe I missed this on the website but as far as I could see there is no facility to download and print the property tax return of previous years or the on you have filed for the current year. All you can do is just take a printout of your page on IE. Could this facility be added, if it isnt there already?

    Once again, thanks for the system.

    Best regards,


  45. I would suggest to all who are facing errors to try during night hours after 9pm, there is extremely heavy load on servers at this time due to which u might face problems of speed and errors.

    Arrears are not visible on any site as of now.
    Receipts will now be available after 1st july, the rush is just maddening for the system to handle s pls bear with us

  46. lalita gambhir, fill the form online and the system wil tell you your rebate. do not worry on what basis u will get and on what u wont get. fill the details and system will tell the results.

  47. Sarina Paranjape on June 27th, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    I paid the property tax for registration number 07085030000103975 using my credit card on June 24. My ICICI credit card shows that the transaction has been completed for Rs. 1610.14 but the website still shows “pay”. What should I do? Why have I not got the receipt? thanks, Sarina Paranjape

  48. Sarina, do not pay again. We will reconcile after 1 July after the peak load is over. If our money has been charged to ur card then we will get the info.

  49. The online system of MCD sure is strange.
    1) The change password does not work. I changed password for my dad’s login and only way I can login is by giving the old password.
    2) If you logout after viewing the form for this year (even if you pay or not), your login will be locked up for next three weeks (for reconciliation of payments). Now this might be something important for MCD but it is a real nuisance because in case you logged just to have a feel of form and logged out, you are stuck for 3 weeks before you can login again and actually pay.
    3) Ths only way you can retrieve password is by mailing to one Mr. Anurag. I feel pity for that poor guy, how much mails he must be receiving these days.

    Don’t think I am being rude but the whole online system is a farce. These days even small retail shops have much better online processing. I think if MCD had asked students from a third tier engineering college they would have done a much better job.

    God bless Indian babudom.

  50. Dear sir,
    I have a login ID and password for MCD property tax payment.
    Last year i had filled the property tax online.

    However when I tried to make the payment online this year,
    it shows a message that “Could not be processed due to invalid input”. After that I removed the Cache memory and tried again.
    Still I am not able to process my payment online.
    Please help………
    Vijay, Kalkaji

  51. Pankaj Nagpal on July 1st, 2008 at 9:46 am

    Hi Ramandeep,
    I really appreciate your effort in making e-governance work.
    I tried to pay my tax online through mcd site but after credit card approval it showed me server error and no receipt has been generated.
    I confirmed from bank amount has been debited but my login still doesn’t have any receipt and showing “Pay” option.
    What should I do now ,please look into this.
    My registration number is 08095050000495201.

  52. Pankaj… cn u send me the date of ur txn, we will update the same.

  53. There is no space like Column 17 in the Manual Form to show a list of previous payments along with Receipt Numbers, Date, and Amount paid. We are sea because neither you nor the MCD have made such provisions to help those who have been paying their taxes faithfully every year. It appears that you are concerned only with fresh registrations and payers and to hell with the old ones. Why compel us to keep our previous records when it would be all too easy to list them once and for all in your Computer?

  54. Hello Ramandeep,
    i have still not got my receipt to my tax paid in May, My id is 08091810000351048.
    the payment was debited from my account within just 2 days but its July now and still no receipt.
    Could you help please.
    Thanks in advance

  55. Hello

    I would like to congratulate Ramandeep and the team for making tax payment a hassle free procedure.I am sure they will be evolution to the website to make it error free but for now its an excellent start.

    I am going to make my payment for the first time by cheque and have already printed the online tax challan, can anyone advice in whose favour the cheque has to be be and can it be deposited at cheque drop box with the bank copy of the challan or one need to actually hand it over the bank in person.


    S Aswal

  56. Really informative site, just to add my experience, my receipt was a .do file instead of .pdf, i changed the extension and voila the receipt opened.

  57. Ramandeep,

    Could you pls check why my receipt is not generated yet? I made the payment in the month of may through bank for the following property id(s)


    Pls email me at


  58. Dear Raman and Team

    We were told that our receipts would be generated after 01July08 due to peak loads. It was understandable.

    It is now day end 04July08 and it is really pathetic to say that receipts are still not in place. What kind of system is this? Common dear many of us are from industry backgrounds and understand a excel or text file from a bank is what you need to upload to your database for that link to be in place. Its hardly a days job and trust me you do not need to reconcile as that would be coming from bank.

    Really pity man. Most of us have been hitting MCD site like mad for couple of times daily just to see whether our payments are in place or not. Is this justified in the language of service industry.

    I agree its a effort worth praise but not to a large extent.

    Ratanjeet Chugh

  59. Hi Ramandeep,
    Paid the Property Tax via credit card. got confirmation from bank re that but no receipt till date from MCD.
    Registrtion no…07085050000083718

    Do let us know how shall the receipts be sent to each payee?
    and by when?


  60. I have gone through your faqs. I did found the answer for when are we going to get the receipts for the check payments? Can u tell me which link should I use to to get the receipts and when? I am getting Impateint. It has been 20 days. Its even july. The last date for excessinve rush has also gone.
    please reply at the easliest

  61. The banks are clearing all the receipts, Ratanjeet you have said the correct thing about the uploading of the data and which is exactly what the banks are doing. but due to high volumes of data it is taking time. The compilation of the file is done by the banks and not the system, the system nly processes what the banks give. I would advise not to be impatient and in a few days time all will be cleared.

    Bharati tell me the date on which you did the txn.

  62. Hi Ramandeep,
    Did the transaction on 26th June 08.
    ICICI Visa.


  63. mukesh jairath on July 7th, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    dear raman,

    my mail id is, registration no. is 08091460000549730, and the issue is i have forgot my password, pls. mail me across, would be really indebited

  64. Hi Ramandeep,

    I still have not received the receipt online after paying tax via Axis bank. The money was debited via Axis Bank DD on May 22. Do you think I should follow up with the MCD and have them provide me the reciept in person? Or would you advise against it.

    Is the MCD ever going to be accountable to its customers who are following every possible instruction and rule?

    Grateful if you could respond.



  65. Hi,
    This is manu ,can some one let me know ,if i can filed the property tax online FY 2007-2008 as well ?
    I paid the Property tax online FY 2008-2009 ,but do not see option of filling FY 2007-2008.


  66. Hi Ramandeep

    This is Ratanjeet again, I have posted earlier too and concern being the same that receipts are not in place.

    Its not a matter getting impatient – it is much more than that. Just try to put yourself in our shoes. What a pity man – already paid for something – money has been deducted from our banks but mind of many like me is dwindling between the thoughts that where the money is. People like me have paid much more earlier than June 30 deadline to avail rebate. What if tomorrow MCD pays money back and tells us to refile Property Tax but without any rebate – stating that we do not have receipts. Anything can happen – so under these circumstances asking for our receipts is not much we are asking.

    Please think from a customers perspective. Lets be honest, while transacting online say for eg thru Credit Card – even if our monthly statements have a difference of Rs 100 – we make 100 calls to bank to settle the amount. Boss here (MCD Property Tax) its a matter of many thousands without accountability. A mere slippage would infact mean a lot.

    This is what common man has to say – can you answer

    “Pehle chahe lines mein lagke property tax deposit karwaate they – per ek slip to mil jaati thee – jiska kaafi bada sahara hota tha aur man mein shanti kee chal kuch proof to hai. ”


  67. Hi Ramandeep

    Was going thru this blog again – and can you see many people are thanking you and your team for bringing such a system in place and personally I feel that too – minus that receipts part has been mishandled.

    People would have really been exhilarated and would have accredited your team work as a Benchmark – if receipt part was handled with due care.

    This is my feedback and my personal thinking and I hope you would agree too. 🙂


  68. I second Ratanjeet in the receipt hassle. i have paid via cheque in early May and ???no receipt!

    To think India is considered the IT Head of the world in coming times….those times still seem full of hassles and pretty far away.

  69. Suresh Chandra on July 11th, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    I have paid property tax for 2007-08 for registration no. 07089980000048642 on line and got the receipt. For yr.2008-09 I have paid on line for the same property but with a new property record no. 00352810 and submitted a cheque along with the challan generated on online. please tell me how I can get the receipt for 2008-09.

  70. Dear Sir,
    I have filled the property tax online through credit card and also i got receipt also but one problem has been done while filling the house no has been typed can i ractify that please advice or please open modify option for my userid

    My details are as follows———

    ID -08091770000498048
    Vijay Gupta
    Ministry of finance
    north block, delhi

  71. Dear Ramndeep,

    My user ID is 07089260000119675 i make a payment through CC dated 16-06-08 but recepit not come and your website say that payment not recive.Dated 17-06-08 i make a again payment in this case recepit had generated.Now seeing a MY CC statment it show payment had made in a both day for a same id.

    Kindly suggest for a refund.

    Accoding to MY CC bank they relase a payment to MCd.


  72. Suresh … u have used the new system for which we have no info, pls check with MCD officials on the Same.

    Ratanjeet.. receipts have started to get cleared now, all issues have been resolved. The rcpts part wasnt mishandled, it was just the timing of many things happening together and that priorities of the othrs was higher than this due to which this took a beating. Now the process is smooth and hopefully u shudnt face such issues.

    Manu … Arrears module is not available online.

    All, poeple whose CC txns have failed do not worry, recon is under way.

    Sangeeta… Pls ask ur bank for a refund which will send the request to MCD. if they dont agree then talk to MCD officials in the Lajpat Nagar office. Contact Mr. Prasad JT AnC who will help you out.

  73. Pankaj Nagpal on July 16th, 2008 at 8:49 am

    Hi Ramandeep,
    Sorry for the delay in response.
    I made the transaction on 29/06/2008.
    Credit card payment reference number given by bank is
    29/06/2008 74056638182818100019686 MUNCIPAL CORP. OF DELHI Rs. 4,886.35(DR)



    Hi Ramandeep,
    I really appreciate your effort in making e-governance work.
    I tried to pay my tax online through mcd site but after credit card approval it showed me server error and no receipt has been generated.
    I confirmed from bank amount has been debited but my login still doesn’t have any receipt and showing “Pay” option.
    What should I do now ,please look into this.
    My registration number is 08095050000495201.
    ramandeep on July 1st, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    Pankaj… cn u send me the date of ur txn, we will update the same.

  74. i have paid property tex online last year 2007-2008.
    for current year i want to pay same so how can i use any reference
    any no. is there to put so that will automaticly my information will be reflect in the form or if there is any other instruction please let me know


  75. Dear Ramandeep,

    Thanks for u reply.Can you give any mail id or phone no of Mr.Prasad JT Anc.


  76. i paid my bill thourgh cc reg no. 08096580000525489, 1 month ago but recepit still not generated

  77. Hi Ramandeeep

    Sorry – but cannot resist to remark that something has been written on the MCD property tax website boldly. I am just pasting it.

    “If you have not received receipt against payment by credit card,send mail to with subject “Credit card-no receipt”.All such receipts will be uploaded by 20th of july. Give the date of payment and the payment gateway used i.e Axis or HDFC”

    Today is day end 19th July 2008. Tomorrow is 20th july 2008. Still no receipts in place. I am sure that I will not see my receipt tomorrow even. MCD (off course you guys too) is taking we people at a toss.

    On the lighter side – year is not mentioned along with 20th June. Hope it is not year 2009. 🙂

    I still believe it cannot take long from banks side as they only have to give to you a list with registration ids which their systems automatically generate on daily basis. Anyways its your system and you are a flag bearer who knows more than we know.


  78. Hi Ramandeep

    Hope you reply to this post.

    See my last comment, I was pretty sure that I would not be able to get my receipt in spite of sending mail to MCD and bla bla. I know I am not a lone spectator, there would be many like me – yes I may be little less occupied as compared to them and therefore am actively behind my receipt.

    What a pity man ? Money gone from bank to MCD but MCD is not giving any proof to many of us.

    I want to request all the people – who have paid thru Credit Cards and have not got receipts to actively start sending messages. Though it is a much advanced process (MCD web site) but people behind the process are still not that advanced. Friends if you will not give these babus their daily doses – I am sure you will never see your receipts. Who knows what may happen tomorrow – so guys just awake and fight against this.


  79. Ratanjeet, i am sure Ramandeep is doing the best he can, he has done nothing but help everyone here. I know everyone is waiting for the reciepts including me and i am sure they will be put up very soon.

  80. Dear Prashant

    Boss – just tell me did I tell MCD to give 20th July as cut off date. But if they do – they should adhere it too.

    Prashant – dont take me wrong. I am not against Ramandeep at all – I use his name because he is the one representing them. I am against the system which was brought into place and since it is our money that help build the system – we have a right to question the authorities on any negligence that is done.

    If same happened to you while using ICICI – would you have not reciprocated.


  81. Ratanjeet, i agree with you but the reason why i am siding Ramandeep is because he is not one of the BABUS. Quote taken from a previous comment by Ramandeep “I am just trying to help the citizens from the clutches of these govt babus who take us for a ride. Because the knowledge I am sharing with you has been had to collect over the last 2-3 yrs after numerous sittings with the babus. None the less we all shud try and help the society in wat ever ways we can.”

  82. Prashant

    The reason why I am taking his name is because I believe he is the one who can pull their ears too.


  83. Hi Ramandeep,
    I am sure with your efforts, MCD property Tax would be streamlined in due course.
    Another messy area is DELHI JAL BOARD. I dont think, they know what is coming and going. Their accounting is in a mess. Never correctly show the amount paid and VERY VERY casual in resolving the issue. How about putting your team’s hand on that too! There is an urgent need to take the advantage of technology, which we are miles behind. Propbably, intentions are to continue like this. All the best.

  84. HI Ratanjeet and all
    sorry for the delay and the hassles u r facing, very frankly I cannot pull anyones ears. Just for ur info all the receipts have been cleared for chq n cash. CC failures are also under process, we are tryin to streamlline the failure part so that not many failures take [place.

    all said and done i am not going to comment on the many comments that are there. All I Can say that we are workin at the fullest to resolve everything, there is no perfect system and this is just the 2nd year and hopefully by next yr there shudnt be any more issues.

  85. Dear Ramandeep

    I am exhilarated the way you have commented. You are truly a sport. I can only say that ‘All the Very Best’.

    Only one concern that please display somewhere that CC failures are under process and do notify on your website when completely done so that we may can know and check status of our receipts.

    I am with you and your efforts are commendable.


  86. Dear Ramandeep,
    Thanks for giving the email address of the mcd property tax, but will any one over there actually care to reply? I wonder!
    We would like to hear from any one who has actually received any response.
    -Chris Mike

  87. Bharati on July 6th, 2008 at 11:05 am
    Hi Ramandeep,
    Did the transaction on 26th June 08.
    ICICI Visa.



  88. Hey I just watch many questions and their answers now i am also in a trouble. I filed my house tax online 2 weeks earlier. But when i searched through their website they displayed there that they will upload receipt by 20th of july.
    Now it is 22nd july when i go to there website, i just no able to see any link from where to download the receipt.
    They didn’t update there website. So please help me what to do.
    How long i need to wait from now. Thanks in advance for help.

  89. Mrs. M. Vidyavathi on July 23rd, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    Dear Mr. Ramandeep

    I have Paid my Property tax via Axis Bank , it is almost two month i have not received my Receipt on net . My Registration id’s is
    08093450000351688. I have sent 6 reminders to for help but no acknowladgment & reply till date. Can u help me as I am awidow and not living in Delhi now. Hope I dont have to go to your office as old times for meeting one officer who will pass on my enquire to another officer.

    Pls check if you have received the Amount and issue me the receipt.


  90. Hi Ramandeep
    Sir i am only to Know About the Intrest

    Becaus Last Year 07-08 Intrest Only 4.5%.But I Know The Written The PTR FORM I% Permonth.

  91. Dear Ramandeep, I have received the Receipt (#832300) for the tax paid on 12-05-2008 for which much thanks. I have noticed that there is a UPIC Number on the Receipt. What is this UPIC No? What is its full form and is it in liu of Ledgre Folio? Will it remain constant or keep changing every year?
    -Chris Mike

  92. That Email Address was provided by Ratanjeet on July 19th, 2008.
    Sorry for the goof up! Thanks Ratanjeet. However, my loud thinking, in the form of a querry, stands as before.
    -Chris Mike

  93. Chris

    You gotta good luck – I am still the unlucky one like many others I am sure – no receipts in place as of now.

    Anyways – Can’t do much except increasing the MCD PTIS site hits 😉


  94. MCD PTIS website owners should at least change the dates – or is it too a hefty task to accomplish

  95. ratanjeet… did u pay by cheque/cahs or cc. what date did you pay. if paid by cheque send me the cheque number and date of the cheque and the date payment was made. Similarly if CC then tell me the gateway used and the date of payment and also ur ID number. I will get ur txn cleared

  96. Dear Ramandeep

    I paid thru CC on 09/06/2008 (9 july 08) using AXIS gateway. My registration Id is 08096540000382444. I did transaction for my father. I was shown the following information after transaction.

    Result of your transaction:

    Your payment has been approved.
    Your receipt number is: 816123013520

    Nothing happened after wards.


  97. mukesh jairath on July 26th, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    Dear Ramandeep,

    i paid through CC using axis gateway my registration id is 08096580000525489,08093690000530826, 08091460000549730, but still not received for anyone

  98. RAMADEEP !!!
    But I rcd notification at that time via sms abt the txn.
    Now what? Have to logi again and pay again???
    Please do reply

    Bharati on July 21st, 2008 at 9:06 pm
    Bharati on July 6th, 2008 at 11:05 am
    Hi Ramandeep,
    Did the transaction on 26th June 08.
    ICICI Visa.



  99. Dear Ramandeep

    The date is 09June08 not 09July08. I have put wrong date in my last post.


  100. Pankaj Nagpal on July 27th, 2008 at 9:36 am

    Hi Ramandeep,
    I am still not able to see able to see acknowledgment on the site , it has been around a month now and I am tired of seeing the site daily.
    I feel like as if I have a terrible mistake by paying it online , I should done it in conventional way. Standing in Q for few hours is better than harrasement for months.
    I once again repeat this info , I made the transaction on 29/06/2008. My registration number is 08095050000495201.
    Credit card payment reference number given by bank is
    29/06/2008 74056638182818100019686 MUNCIPAL CORP. OF DELHI Rs. 4,886.35(DR)
    One thing more information : I done the txn using AXIS gateway.

  101. Bharati

    I would check with your bank on why the txn did not take place when u actually got the sms on ur fone. We also had checked all the records last friday and cudnt find ur txn, sorry wasnt able to update u on that. If u hv the sms then u shud contact the bank and find out what happened bfr u pay again.

    Ratanjeet and Pankaj, ur txn will definitely be done today.

  102. Ratanjeet and Pankaj.. both ur txns have been cleared

  103. Pankaj Nagpal on July 28th, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Hi Ramandeep , I could see the reciept now , thanks a lot for the quick response.

  104. PANKAJ MEHROTRA on July 28th, 2008 at 11:53 am

    I had deposited the MCD Propert Tax for one of my friends property on 13-06-2008 at 9:17 pm. The amount was Rs.1,149 and paid by credit card thru HDFC Gateway. I have not yet received the receipts. The particulars are as given:
    ID: 07082840000154347
    Owner’s name: Neena Gusain
    Pls help me to get the receipt.


    Pankaj Mehrotra

  105. Dear Ramandeep

    What a sigh of relief!! Had been monitoring MCD PTIS for more than a month with mind dwindling amidst confusion.

    Thanks buddy.

    Keep up the good show man and expect a much more mature system when I pay next year. Hope that feedback/complaints/praise/arguments would be of great help to you.

    In our organization (which is a service oriented) we rely on customers feedback/complaints for any new development or enhancements that we undertake for our retail IT product.


  106. Pankaj Mehrotra on July 28th, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    I had deposited the MCD Propert Tax for one of my friends property on 13-06-2008 at 9:17 pm. The amount was Rs.1,141 (and not Rs.1,149) and ,paid by credit card thru HDFC Gateway. I have not yet received the receipts. The particulars are as given:
    ID: 07082840000154347
    Owner’s name: Neena Gusain
    Pls help me to get the receipt.


    Pankaj Mehrotra

  107. Dear Sir,
    My father had deposited the MCD Property Tax on 17-05-2008. The amount was Rs.260.00. The cheque was cleared from my account.
    I have not yet received the receipts. I have login several times but receipt icon is not active. The particulars are as given:
    ID: 08091530000342878
    Owner’s name: Hargun Bhatia
    Pls help me to get the receipt.


    Ritu Bhatia

  108. I had tried to pay the property tax on behalf of my mother (Smt Raj Kumari) through my CITIBANK CREDIT card but the payment gate has decline the transaction and therefore i tried once again but the same thing happen again. When i received the credit card statement i found that an amount of Rs 1,492.15 has been debited twice into my account. My Registration Id is 08092940000550647. I had contacted citibank and they have advised me to contact MCD and request them to verify and reverse the transaction. Please advise to whom and where i should get in touch with to do the needful.

  109. Dear Sir
    While paying MCD property tax online through credit card first shot (ICICI Bank)it declined, got error without showing the receipt. On second shot while trying with other bank (ABN Amro)card it accepted and found the receipt (Regn.No.08098500000409908). When I got statement noticed that same amount (Rs.1147)has been paid twice from both the banks. would you pls.suggest me how the amount could be refund or may be adjust with next year tax.

  110. Virender Kumar Bhatia on August 4th, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Dear sirs,

    What is the reason that when we try to make the transaction through credit card it declined and shown the error but we came to know subsequently when we receive the credit card statement that amount has actually been claimed and paid to MCD. What is the method to get the refund as the credit card issuing bank is not willing to take their responsibility in this case. Registration Id is 08092940000550647 and payment has been made twice to citibank and twice to ICICI bank for an amount of Rs 1,492.15. inspite of all that i have not received online receipt therefore i had to deposit the money in cash to AXIS bank taking a printed receipt online. Please advise to whom i should approach for refund of Rs 5,968.60. My email id is or

    I will appreciate your prompt reply in this matter. Regards, Virender Bhatia

  111. what is formula of calculating the Tower Tax?

  112. Sandeep Chakrawarty on August 6th, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    I want to deposit property tax for the year 2007-08 but unable to find the site available for the same. Everywhere i sought for the site but no where i got that. Please help me.

  113. mukesh jairath on August 6th, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    Dear Ramandeep,

    pls. help this is my third post

    paid through CC using axis gateway my registration id is 08096580000525489,08093690000530826, 08091460000549730, but still not received for anyone

  114. Please let me know where can i check my arrears of property tax.

  115. DEAR SIR,





  116. Hello

    I havn’t received the Receipts after filing Property Tax online via Credit Card till now. On the site its mentioned that the same would be uploaded by 20th July but till no its not been uploaded.

    User ID: 07082900000006840

    Date of payment: 27th-JUNE-2008
    Payment gateway used: Axis
    Reference no: 934040/0047

    User ID: 07086850000006846

    Date of payment: 27th-JUNE-2008
    Payment gateway used: Axis
    Reference no: 934040/0048

    Ajit Singh

  117. how can we get the refund of excess money paid to house tax department???

  118. Harvinder Singh on August 25th, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    i have not any privios reciept number. how i pay the property tax.

  119. Prashant Kumar on August 25th, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    I have not paid property tax for last 2 years for a flat in Sector 1, Dwarka. Does the online system has a provision to pay past arrears. If no how do I get to know the arrears due till date?

  120. property ref id 11-053-0386-0084610
    property owner : Indira Rampal
    property tax Rs. 1176.00 paid by cheque on 30.06.2008

    how can we get receipt.

  121. sir,

    if i have not submitted the property Tax in time. tell me what is the % interest on mcd tax i will pay after due date.

  122. sir, i had paid 2 propertytax online as follows,

    1)Registration ID: 08097370000550795 09/07/2008 13:0:04
    Rs. 639.78 Dabit SBI Cr. Card

    2)Registration ID: 08099180000550811 09/07/2008 13:03:14
    Rs. 1,083.00 Dabit ITZ Cash Card.

    till date i havnt recieved any reciept, also i had sent many mail to

    But hvnt got any Reply Or information.

  123. Dear Ramandeep

    People need your help, you are not responding. Many have been complaining about receipts.

    Would appreciate if you can pitch in exactly the way you helped many of us.

    Makhhan nahi laga raha per jab MCD ka naam aata hai dimaag mein to Ramandeep apne aap aa jata hai – cause as I always say – you almost took much burden of these Babus.

    On behalf of ones still waiting for receipts

  124. Int is calculated at 4.5% of the total years tax for the base yr when the tax was due. and then in the next yr it is 1% per month. eg ur tax is Rs 1000 in 2007-08 and you are paying tax in June 2008 then your int wud be 4.5% of rs 1000 + 3% of Rs 1000.& Hope this clears the air.

  125. Hi,

    I have paid house tax on 15th June 2008 which in the receipt shows for 2008-2009, but when I logged in now it shows pending amount with interest as well.

    Any clue how many times you have to pay tax.


  126. Dear sir,
    I own a DDA shop in Ashok Vihar. I have yet to pay property tax for the period 22-9-01 to 31-3-04.The cost of the shop was Rs.687000/-.The area of the shop is 9.12 sq. metres and shop is lying vacant since its allotment.I would like to know how much tax including interest if any, is payable by me now. Whether this can be paid on internet.
    With best wishes and thanks,Madanlal Nagi.

  127. When will be the amount of arrears of MCD Property Tax can be seen
    on the internet?

  128. Please suggest when will be the column of arrear amount of MCD property tax can be seen on the online service as I have to pay the arrear for the year 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09,

  129. I did not pay the tax of my DDA Flat since allotment in 1996. Can anybody guide me what was the taxation system before unit system was launched in 2004. I talked to MCD and they could not give me exact formula. They had rough estimates on overall arrears for 5 years. Even this estimate varied from one person to another.

  130. Bimlesh Duhan on March 30th, 2009 at 7:22 am

    My property record is 11-054-1390-0033959 (07087540000183406)
    After clicking on it i get my property tax detail but no option to pay. Then how can i pay it on line. already i pay on line since last two years but this time i am facing problem. suggest me at earliest

  131. Can anyone please tell me how to pay the online property tax for the financial year 2008 – 09 as the date is expired.


  132. I had no problem in logging-in and completing my property tax return for 2009-10 online. But,my problems started when I clicked onto pay by credit card mode. When the payment gateway page opened, my computer hung up.

    Now the problem is that I can no longer log-in, as get the message your file not found in the system and am thus unable to log-in to generate challan for making property tax payment.

    I tried calling MCD given numbers but nobody picks up the phone. Can anyone please help me.


    will appreciate it very much.

  133. @ S.K. Aggarwal
    Open a new a/c. & filling the all details make the payments.

  134. when i opened my last yr id it is not asking for any password.
    is password is not necessary.

  135. Please advise how do i subscribe

  136. @ Promod
    Please check the print out you may have as a record from last year when you filled the property tax, your password maybe printed there.

  137. How can I get property ID for my flat in CGHS Dwarka? I have paid the arrears of property tax at MCD Office, Dwarka, from 2004 to 2009 on 28th March 2009. But I was made to fill up a form and given a receipt which does not have property ID. Later on I realized that I had already paid the tax for 2004-05 and 2005-06 at MCD Office, R.K. Puram. I have misplaced the receipt for the tax paid earlier (2004-06). How can I get the record of my earlier payment and how this excess payment can be adjusted? Dont they show up all the previous payments made for a particular property on the MCD online site?

    Will greatly appreciate your help.

    Satbir Singh

  138. when i paid my property tax online last yr i have to enter my id
    and password also
    but now when i opened the site of i hv to enter
    only registered id. there is no place for asking password

    is it correct

  139. in decenber 2008 I was purchased a CGHS flat from first member of the socity and made court REGESTRY for the same. and also done my NAME in all records of please I want to know the HOUSE TAX is to be paid in MY name or previous owner’s name..???

  140. Sir,
    I am staying in MIG DDA Flats, Mayur Vihar Phase-3. Last year I filed the property tax through an agent. In the receipt the colony mentioned is Kondli Gharoli Phase-2. But this time when I tried to fill it online myself,I could not find this name in the colony list. Could you please help me with the colony type? The tax I paid was Rs.1830/-.


  141. Manish Garg on May 5th, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    I Paid my last year (2008-2009) property tax online ,I have reciept
    for the same .When i try to pay this year (2009-2010) property tax ,I see Arrears of Amount 5252 appearing .I always paid my tax ontime and had all reciept with me it seems 2007-2008 record not updated as i paid manualy going to MCD Lajpat Nager office. Please let me know whom shall i contact.


  142. My ground floor is 20% commercial and rest is residencial
    can i show it separately online.
    should i have to entered GROUND FL two times e.g. first entered commercial place on GF and then again enter on down box (FLOOR)residencial place on GF.

  143. Varun Chopra on May 8th, 2009 at 11:33 am

    Dear Raman,
    My Grand Father hold a LIG Flat in Janakpuri.He is a ssenior citizen & property is in his name & total built up is 121 Sq meter.He wants to Know what type of rebate he is entitled for?
    He is confused that rebate of less than 100 Sq meter of built up is still effective & in our case are we entitled for it or not?

    It will be very helpful for us if u let us konow the type of rebates

    Thanks & Regards
    Varun Chopra

  144. I had paid my last year’s tax online for the first time on 30th March, 2009 and received an ID Code. When I trying to fill the online property tax for new year i.e. 2009-10 by entering the same code, it appears the arrear amount (the last year’s tax amount). I am also unable to generate the mcd tax receipt for the year 2008-09. Please help me for the same.

  145. @Manish: You had Paid my last year (2008-2009) property tax online but while paying 2009-10 property tax you see arear amount. This is because the receipt for the year 2008-09 is not generated yet. Please wait till the receipt generates.

    @PKG: You have to entered GROUND FL two times e.g. first entered commercial place on GF and then again enter on down box (FLOOR)residencial place on GF.

    @Varun: Your Grand Father will get the full 30% Senior Citizen rebate.

  146. Hi Raman,
    Previously my Temp Id was 08092170000312435 but due to some eror i am not able to edit my information & pay tax from that id so can i use a new id & wil it change but my Property Record No. i.e. 022264706980
    Please suggest what shud i do?

  147. I paid 2007-08 property tax online and got a starting with first 4 digits as 0708 and a UPIC no. as well. Due to some software issues last year, which were also highlighted in my message of 14th May’08 and 19th May’08, I paid the 2008-09 property tax using paper form and also got a pink/red paper receipt issued by the MCD. The payment thru cheque has also been encashed by MCD for 2008-09.

    I now want to try online PTR (property tax return) for 2009-10. But the present link/software does not handle my aforesaid situation properly and shows arrears for PTR 2008-09 as well. It also provided me with a new Property Ref.ID no. starting with 004.

    Please advise how to proceed in this case. Should I continue using the paper form for 2009-10 PTR ?

    Regards and hoping for a quick reply.

    PKS/Naraina Vihar

  148. I have paid 10years tax in lumpsum and the property was exempted from payment of house tax till the introduction of Unit Area Method. Sometimes back, I read in newspapers that MCD has exempted such properties. I wish to know that
    What is the correct position about exemption of house tax in cases where the owner has paid one time 10 years tax? If the exemption is allowed what are the rules therefor? Where from can I get a copy of these rules?

  149. Hello again!

    Perhaps only you can help solve the problem I faced with MCD website this year. Last year I filed the tax online in my mother’s name. This year after we got the property mutated and I filed it in my name and the site generated a new ID. I followed through with the filling and paying up through Axis Bank. Now I am not sure where they will send the receipt. There was no password for the new ID. I do still have the older one in my mother’s name. Would you have any idea about this? Your inputs will be most helpful. Thank you!

  150. Is this comments page on MCD Property Tax active ?

    No response seen from Ramandeep and associates of late.

  151. @ Everyone: Ramandeep no longer works with the company who was doing the website project for MCD and that is the reason why he is not answering any questions. I would apprecite people who have gone though the same problem and know the answers to please reply to the questions posted here.

  152. Bharat Bhushan on June 9th, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    I have generated my challan for payment against property Record No. 068440710250 but unable to find the branches of banks, where I can deposit my cheque alongwith the challan.

  153. I had paid Property Tax for 2008-09 online in June last year. I was allotted a Registration Number starting with 0809 and a password was also provided. However, this year I am not able to fetch the records of my property by entering the registration number starting with 0809. I have also tried to enter the UPIC number as property ID but to no avail. How do I pay my property tax?

  154. @ Rakesh, I think they have changed their online system and thats the reason why your old password is not working, please contact MCD on how to go about getting a new password etc.

  155. MCD’s Helping Hand

    MCD notified under subhead “Helping Hand” (vide Times of India, Delhi of May 23, 2004) that: Any increase in incidence of tax in the case of residential premises would be capped at 2.5 times the tax assessed and paid in the previous year (2003-04), to avoid any hardship to Sr. citizens and other economically weaker sections.

    In the case of Munirka DDA Flats of 1974(self occupied, first floor with area of 87 sq m): Annual Tax assessed and paid upto 2003-04 = Rs. 400 Under Unit Area Method Tax Payable = 40x87x0.7×0.9 =Rs. 2192.4 Rebate (Sr. citizen) 30% of Rs.2192.4 = 657.7
    Net Tax payable Rs. 1534.7
    Capped at Rs.400x(1 + 2.5) = Rs.1400 Tax due for 2009-10: Rs.1400 – 210 (15% rebate for early payment) = Rs.1190 and not Rs.1534.7 x 0.85 = Rs.1304 as being shown on computer generated challan for payment. Software used does not seem to take cognizance of MCD’s helping hand. MCD’s web site managers should take immediate action to generate challans with correct tax amount.

  156. DEAR SIR,


    NEW DELHI-110008

  157. Dear Sir,
    I have filed property tax online on 28th June 2009(using credit card) I have also got the reciept printed with the reciept number. I want to know that whether i have to take a hard copy of reciept and form and submit a hard copy in MCD office also?

  158. Sir,

    After I generated the challan online, i had to pull away due to an emergency. This happened again. The third time i generated the challan, the challan number read 3.

    My question is, does the challan number matter?

  159. I am trying to put registration number in the site but it is showin object error/syntex error. All of the other sites are working fine. The moment put in the registration number, the screen goes blank, nothing appears on the screen, even if I wait for an hour, nothing will happen. I have tried opening site with different browsers like mozzilla, opera, and IE but still the result is same. Is there problem with the registration number. Also under help in MCD site, when i click on link “Process to File Property Tax for Existing/Old Users” a same page open again. Kindly help and tell, if I am using wrong registration number or way of inputting the registration number has changed.

    Also please help me in retreving the password for reg number 07089200000106013
    and reg number 07088720000116465

    Thanks in advance

  160. Sachin Wadhwa on June 30th, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    I am also facing the same issue since yesterday as mentioned by Sumit Seth “Object Error/Syntax Error”. Can someone help?

  161. Have been trying this since yesterday nigh… cant see anything apart from a blank page…

    guess… will lose the rebate… paying the cost on relying on government technology and its robust IT system 🙁

  162. Lalit Manchanda on August 1st, 2009 at 10:03 am

    While paying the property tax through my credit card, I received an Internal Explorer error. Later when I checked, the amount was deducted from my credit card but the receipt did not generate on the website. I have tried contacting “Customer Care” setup at MCD Lajpat – Nagar office submitting my bank statement but till now the issue has not been resolved. Please guide what can I do now. Thanks in advance.

  163. Hi Ramandeep and everyone,

    I need some desperate help. My father expired and we have a flat in Dwarka, 2nd floor, DDA, 72 Sq. m

    I have online tax receipts from 2004 onwards…the flat was allocated in 2000.

    I checked with the MCD office, they have given me a figure of INR 1,56,000.00 that needs to be paid from 2000-2004…

    How does one calculate the actual amount and how does one get an authenticated figure?

  164. Could you please help me in telling how do we pay last 5 yrs tax if not paid earlier. It is not available on the website. the website contains provision for 2009-10 only. My colleague wants to pay for last 5 yrs, i.e. 2004 onwards.
    Please help in finding a way of there is any.

    Regards… Satinder

  165. Mr.Satinder:Take advantage of amnesty scheme announced (see Sunday Times of India dated Aug 30, 2009 – scheme open upto Oct 31, 2009. Visit concerned zonal office / HQ for filing self assessment property tax returns alongwith payment of property tax.

  166. Hi

    I want to use the Amnesty Scheme 2009-2010 to pay Property Tax from 2004 – 2010. But am not getting much help regarding the Interest Calculation Part.

    Would be of a great help to many like me – who want to use this Scheme – if anyone who has already paid can clarify on this.

    Any help would be appreciated as not getting much help from MCD counters. They have handed over the form to me and am being told to get it filled.


  167. Hi

    Is there a guide or a formulae available to calculate the Interest on the Amnesty Scheme.

    As I was going through the various posts – I could read that one needs to pay 4.5 % flat and then 1% thereafter for the months that have passed the April.

    I have to pay from 2004 to 2010 and my yearly tax comes out to be say Rs 480. So what do I need to play finally starting 2004 till 2010.


  168. Dear Ritesh,

    No interest is payable for arrears of House Tax (i.e. payments relating to 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08 & 2008-09). However, for the current year dues, you will have to pay interest @ 1% per month i.e. for payments made in September, 2009 you have to pay 6% interest on the House Tax payable for 2009-10.

    I have paid the House Tax for 2004-10 under the scheme and had filled up the form with the help of an Inspector of the Property Tax Department.



  169. Dear Rakesh

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. Your reply would indeed be helpful for many like me.


  170. Hello,
    I had paid tax online for 2007-08 and had a 0708… number. I had not paid for 2008-09. I filed online for 2009-2010 with that 0708 number. I get a challan with no arrears, but a current payment amount is specified. Now I have a new reference number. Does the system automatically generate arrears or do I have to now disregard the challan and fill up self assessment for 2009-2010 with arrears for prior year?
    What should I do? How do I make my account current? Appreciate your help.

  171. I have deposited property tax on May-09 still i cant dwnload the receipt….Is the receipt generating process will take more time?Plz let me know.

    Thanks & Regards

    Varun Chopra

  172. Mrs.Hema:Take advantage of amnesty scheme announced (see Sunday Times of India dated Aug 30, 2009 – scheme open upto Oct 31, 2009. Visit concerned zonal office / HQ for filing self assessment property tax returns alongwith payment of property tax without penalty/interest. Once your account is upto date, you may think of paying on line next year.

  173. Dear Dr. Rao,

    Thank you for your reply. I will take your advise.

    However, is there a way to find out how much we actually owe including arrears, before filing the self assessment? I haven’t received any notices in the past few years. I was hoping the current challan generated gave the total amount owed.


  174. i want to know the category for paying house tax of area DDA LIG Flats,Mayur Vihar Ph.III,Delhi-110096 which is officially known as kondli gharoli.

  175. ASHOK KUMAR MULLICK on October 9th, 2009 at 5:48 pm


  176. Dear Sir
    I have vacant plot at Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II. I wanted to pay MCD Tax as I had applied for Approval of Layout plan for construction of building. MCD wanted me to pay house tax. In case I try to pay online it donot accept as its vacant plot. So what is the procedure and how much I have to pay for Vacant industrial plot.
    Birender Govil

  177. I’ve filed taxes on behalf of my mother online since 2007. As I’m filing the form this year, the system reports negative arrears from last year which essentially more than negates my due taxes from this year. I would imagine I overpaid last year. Is that a correct assumption? The system doesn’t give me an option to make a payment and, as a result, does not generate a receipt. Normally I’d be fine with this but the general skepticism about govt. systems/projects makes me apprehensive. Can someone confirm? Thanks

  178. (i) Better write a letter to the Assessor and collector and go and meet Mr. Amit Prasad who is Jt. Assessor and Collector in Lajpat Nagar office and discuss with him and ask for refund or contact Mr. Ambasht head of property tax dept and ask for refund. You can contact him on 29845005(no one usually attends to the calls).
    (ii) Payment on line is not recommended – software and server are inadequate – selected on the basis of lowest tender! Further, no proper maintenance or response to on-line complaints. Best way is: file a written complaint and keep an ackt and if they do not respond(it will be MCD’s fault) , approach Mayor or local MLA or your RWA for redressal.

  179. is ram nagar gali tail mill,luxnam puri,pahar ganj area cover in illegal areas according to mcd list….?????

    i need the rply as soon as possible…
    is buying any propertyin these areas are correct or nt..???
    is there any plan to break these areas in next 100 years..

  180. I would like to know as to how to asses the Net Asset Value of a property as now a days tax is calculated area wise. Can You help me please?


  181. I need to know where in Vikas Puri Delhi 18 my house tax can be paid for 2009-2010 and how I can pay it in cash or cheque after downloading the challan which I have filled here in Bangalore with a new Registration no.

    I am unable to find how my sister was paying the tax as she expired in August this year and all I can find is the cheque stubb in the SBI book saying MCD House Tax dated 23/5/2007 which I presume is for 2008-2009.Since I shall be in Delhi for just a week and living in Vikas Puri near PVR I would like to walk to the nearest office and complete the formalities which I guess would include the fine for late payment.Does the amount given on the challan include this?

    Awaiting a reply on my email id supplied above
    Thank you

  182. Respected Mr. Rao,
    I could not file my property tax return from Aug 2002 ( date of purchase) onwards as I am staying abroad and my flat remained locked during this period. I am still out of country and I want to settle the tax dues . Can you please guide me as to how I should procced?

  183. This is regarding Vasant Kunj , D-6 flat. The conveyance deed was made by DDA on 08/07/2002. I have not paid the property tax so far. Can you please advise me from which date & how much and I will have to pay tax till 2009 .Is amnesty scheme still in force. If so upto what time.I will appreciate your reply on this score.

  184. What is the method of property tax calculation before that Unit Area Method.

  185. What is applicablity of MCD demand to pay tax evenb from the owners who had availed the 10 years payment scheme for life time exemption.

    Legally Govt is bind by trhe principl;es of Estoplle .

    Pl advice.