A $4 Billion Global Enterprise Called HCL

Yeh… Sure it may be a $4 billion but their advertising sucks big time. Have you seen their latest commercial? A guy asking for a ride in from an investment banker and then getting off a couple min later to board a chopper to leave overseas for a “life sciences” project. What a bunch of crap. $4 billion and the company cannot spend money on a decent ad. agency.

The ad seems to be nothing more than a series of boasting statements… the best part is that a helicopter is waiting for the HCL dude to take him overseas.. and i thought helicopters were for shorter distances…silly me!

Somehow it seems like the ad is nothing but a sleazy effort to hike up it stock price… Similar to what bazee.com did before being acquired by ebay.com, they advertised so much just to increase the number of users… show ebay a different story 😉

5 Responses to “A $4 Billion Global Enterprise Called HCL”

  1. I thought the best moment was when he
    says,with no hint of the irony, “we’re the ones connecting you to the stock market..and the market just crashed”.
    Way to go, HCL. Now let’s see what else you can crash with your services.

  2. I have a different way of viewing this ad:
    It starts with a HCL employee asking for a ride, coz the company never pays enough to afford a cab. The guy carries a small bag, must be with his tiffin inside, as the food in canteen is horrible. The guy then starts impressing the IBanker with views like, we link the stock market to ….etc.etc.(like he cares), looks like an implicit message that we are going to float our IPO, so please subscribe to it. Then he says “Stock market just crashed”…who better to giva bad news than HCL??….He gets off to board a chopper(and then waits for the IBanker to leave so that he could milk the cow and return the laptop to te guy in the chopper)…….of course he walks back, coz only a silly company will park a chopper in the middle of wilderness

  3. mili & abhi : very funny guys!!

  4. Whats the point of this ad. I imagined they would take it off air, in a couple of weeks.
    A chopper for an ovrseas visit is kinda a stretch unless he was going to Bangladesh from Kolkatta.
    “THE STCOK MARKET JUST CRASHED”?? Why would a company want to come across as a deliverer of bad news. Apparently nobody in their 4 BILLION DOLLAR company has the wherewithal to pull the promo.
    Please HCL do ure self a favour and pull the ad.

  5. Today i saw advertising that HCL now is a $4.8 Billion company.. the funny part is that the HCL stock is about 30% down from last year. 🙂