Is Aamir High on Coke?

All over the world people joining the protest against China and boycotting the The Beijing Olympic Torch, while our very own Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is planning to run with the Torch in his hand and a prayer for Tibet in his heart!

Why could Aamir not back out of the run? Is it because he has a contract with Coke who happens to be the official sponsor of the Beijing Olympics as well?

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One Response to “Is Aamir High on Coke?”

  1. I respect Mrs.Kiran Bedi’s view on the matter, one should run for the glory of sports as it is the ultimate sporting endeavour. The protest had come too late.It should have been there when China was awarded the Games. Also it’s time we started taking people at face value.Aamir Khan is an eesteemed representative of India and has always contributed in social cause.Thus,to doubt his integrity would not be fair.