Abusing Criminals Leads to Traffic Offence

Just like the above title did not make much sense, same is the case with a statement made by the Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) S.N Shrivastava. In lieu of the recent incident of a traffic cop being hit by a husband of a municipal councillor and a rape of a minor committed by a […]

Go Air told to Pay Rs. 15,000 to Passengers

Most of the people would not bother to register any formal complaints for a delayed flight, they would just make noises in the airport at the airline staff, which usually results in nothing more than a high BP. When Go Air flight for cancelled and no reasons were given Mr. Yogesh Kumar filed a petition […]

License To Kill

Believe it or not, here in India some ordinary citizens with extraordinary wealth have been granted the license to kill. This was once again proved by Delhi court after they sentenced Ansal brothers 2 years rigorous imprisonment for the Uphaar tragedy only to let them go scott free on bail as there for a provision […]

Finally! The Ansals are Convicted

Finally justice has been served but it has taken 10 long years. Even though the local court found 12 people including Sushil and Gopal Ansal guilty in the Uphaar Cinema case, they have been given a maximum sentence of 2 years. To me this is still unclear… kill 59 and get only 2 years in […]

Uphaar Case Verdict, Likely on September 5!

What i want to as is… september 5 of which year? 2007..2015 or 2020? If it weren’t for the efforts of the Association of Victims of Uphaar Tragedy, this case would have been long shut. Again and again out government, police & law have proved how incompetent they are when it comes do doing their […]