What Went Wrong with the Judiciary

Sanjeev Nanda to go FreeIf you are rich enough you can get away with multiple murders, this is exactly what the Delhi High Court said on Monday. It has reduced Sanjeev Nanda’s (BMW Murder)jail time from 5 years to 2 years and after counting the time he already spent in Jail (22 months) has granted him freedom in 2 months.

This case is similar to the Uphaar Cinema case where the Ansal brothers are yet to pay their dues while the victims families keep fighting for justice. Time and time again our courts have proved incapable of doing justices to the masses when it comes to prosecuting the powerful.

What will it take to get insaaf in this country?

5 Responses to “What Went Wrong with the Judiciary”

  1. There is no evidence against him.. the only witness has also gone under.. so the court can only punish him keeping in mind the circumstantial evidence.. and also technically he has served jail sentence for 22 months..

    i know this is sad but there are some of the loopholes of the judicial system. that is why some lawyers get paid so high

  2. The law is BLIND but the LORD is not blind.To term any blunder accident into murder case may hardly be tennable.The punishment of 2 years or 7/5 years how is going to help minimise the hardships of the victims family experiencing from the time/date of the accidents.A big ammount of sum must be got paid to each breived family in addition to other funds if any paid by the govt autorities and needbased lookafter work of the victim’s family could be assigned to the culprit under the supervision of court,besides debarring him from driving of vehicle on road in India,and confesticating the accidental vehicle for ever.A pragmatic approach of awarding punishment would help victim’s family than to lawyers and procedural expenditure.

  3. What i feel is that these kind of judgements are just a result of delay, there should be fast track courts which should give fair judgement before people overpass these kind of incidents. After all fair judgements set examples for others , so that these kind of crimes are not commited or atleast people think twice before taking law in their hands.

  4. One or the other judgments may be questionable, no one is infallible. It could even be plausible if it was a stray incident where bribe had exchanged hands. But the fact is that Judiciary has turned into a temple of corruption where corruption has been institutionalized.


  5. Sanjay I agree with you that judiciary is corrupt.But what about lawyers…they are hand and gloves with judges.Infact we call whole system is corrupt.The maximum punishment for rash and neglient driving under law is 7/10 years.The award of punishment will hardly meet the end of justice or in any way will help the victims or their family who lost their bread earners. Govt will also not going to help them much in this phase of life wher adequate money and physical support is needed ,i.e. why i suggested in my cribb dated 22 july the kind of punishment which could be awarded by the judiciary as an exceptional punishment by exercising the judges supreme powers backed by case senario.To call that examplary punishment would deter the committing blunders by youths, rich or poor in satisfaction of ego but certainly not done delibratly.