Drink It Up Delhi!

New Drinking Law in Delhi, Taken from HT 21 year old’s have a reason to raise their glasses today, permissible age for drinking has been lowered to 21 from 25. This will have an immediate dual impact.

1) 21 year old’s will now “legally” drink and be proud of the fact that they can.

2) Cops will not be able to make money saying that you are under age, they will have to come up with a different excuse.

Some other provisions which are made in the Delhi excise law are.

1) Bootlegging will be a non-bailable offence. (Bootlegging is defined as The unauthorized manufacture, distribution or sale of a product. Descriptive of the efforts of organized crime and small-time liquor producers.)

2) The new law allows women bartenders, though the courts had already permitted it last year but a formal bill will be passed now to bring gender equality in the profession.

3) Illegal import of foreign liquor will lead to 6 months in jail and Rupees 1 lakhs in fine.

4) Drinking in public places would lead to 6 months in jail.

One Response to “Drink It Up Delhi!”

  1. Sheila Dikshit has called off the lowering of the drinking age… did it really make any difference??? NO!