Important Law you Should Know About

This ruling by Supreme Court of India will help save many lives with ref. to Road Accident etc. (Right to Emergency Care)

Right to Emergency Care

One Response to “Important Law you Should Know About”

  1. This is required to be displayed on a Board bearing a full message and need to be hanged at entry gate of all the TRAUMA-CENTRE of delhi and at HOSPITALS EMERGENCY entry and exit gates all over India.Further police need to be made sure that,that they would not hunt the person later on for quistioing him that when, why and how he brought to help the victim or he was a co helper in the process of help on humantarion ground.In fact no gentleman prefers to face police unwated interference and interrogation which are usually fully deceptive/undignified on performing a humantarion act in goodfaith.You can imagin that judgement was made in the year in 2007 but getting dust/dorement , because neither the hospital authority nor the police deptt took active interest in making it public in a big way when both the deptt should appreciate the judgement and give a call on pattern of POLIO,vaccination programme.