Life Imprisonment is Not Enough!

Vikas and Vishal Yadav got life imprisonment sentence and a fine of Rs. 1.6 lakhs fine each. I don’t think this is a just sentence for a cold blooded murder of Nitish Katara. The Yadav’s council will surely appeal in the higher courts and try and get them out.

I think the Judge should have taken a strong stance in this case, especially when Vikas Yadav is accused in 3 other murder cases. Why go easy on such professional criminals?

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4 Responses to “Life Imprisonment is Not Enough!”

  1. I think Neelam Katara’s lawyer did mention that they were thinking about making an appeal to the court to enhance the punishment.

    There were comments that the judge had ruled out the possibility of a death sentence because this was not a rarest of rare case, but I think a life imprisonment sentence + 1.6 lakh rupees fine, doesn’t seem just at all.

    But cant you believe it, it took six years for the judiciary to pronounce both the yadavs guilty!? isnt that way too long? why on earth is the judidical system in our country so painfully slow in executing its operations?

  2. 6 years is way too long, this proves that people with money are above the law. This has been proved time and again.. don’t forget the BMW case and the Uphaar case which have not been resolvd till now.

  3. With 3 murders in his pocket I’m sure Vikas Yadav will come out on parole in another 4 years( he spent 6 years already, many use connections to get early parole)and terrorise and kill a few more.

    Death to them to prevent this.

  4. “Justice has nothing to do with what goes on in a courtroom; Justice is what comes out of a courtroom”.
    Delayed though,but Justice Prevails and this case,well proves it.Salutation to the Katara family for their fortitude and perseverence.They have come out as winners!!