God Sent Judgement

I can’t wait to see what kind of sentence has been awarded by the court to Sanjeev Nanda. I am really happy that he was convicted but most probably the sentence would be appealed in the higher courts.

An excerpt from HT epaper

Sanjeev Nanda sporting the Tilak on his forheadHe’s sankat Mochan (one who wards off trouble), and letting him slip out of your hand in a crisis is neither a good idea nor a good omen. It’s a lesson Sanjeev Nanda will not forget in a hurry. Minutes before he stepped into the court at 12pm, Nanda’s grandmother Gayatri handed him a tiny bronze idol of lord Hanuman. “Apne daye hath ki mutthi mein yeh band rakho aur Hanumanji ko yaad karo beta. Koi khatra nahi hoga,” (hold it tightly in your right fist and pray to Lord Hanuman. No harm will befall you) she told him, hugging him with tears in her eyes.

Sanjeeve without the tilak outside the courtBut Nanda let the idol drop while accepting it. And though he picked it up coolly and strode inside composed, Hanumanji apparently was not amused, judging by the day’s outcome.

— END —

Check out the images, Sanjeev with the tilak on his forehead before stepping in the court and Sanjeev without the tilak as he was stepping out, looks like even the God’s are not on his side.

2 Responses to “God Sent Judgement”

  1. Its a shame his family is using gods name after all their sinful activities.
    10 years is too less .The judge must give him 10 x 6=60 concurrent years. This is because they tried all dirty tricks instead of showing remorse.

  2. […] this is exactly what the Delhi High Court said on Monday. It has reduced Sanjeev Nanda’s (BMW Murder)jail time from 5 years to 2 years and after counting the time he already spent in Jail (22 months) […]