Come Out and Play!

I saw this full page advertisement in the newspaper today. The XIX Commonwealth Games “Promise for Indians”… Surprised! This is the first time the government has taken “Indians” into account with respect to the Commonwealth Games… wondering why? Simple answer is that in all likelihood the Games won’t happen and then government can easily say […]

DTC Now Equipped With GPS

Article taken from HT epaper Travelling in an air-conditioned Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus now comes with the added comfort of not having to wait endlessly at a bus stop. Real time information, like the expected time of arrival of a bus at a stop near you, is just a click away. Thanks to Global […]

Will You Cast Your Precious Vote?

I will be very upfront on this, I did not cast my vote in the last elections and I don’t plan to do it this time around as well. Many many years ago you had a clear choice, the good guys and the bad guys… then the lines blurred a little… there was the bad […]

Election Commission’s Voters ID Card

A few days back I got the much awaited Voters ID card. The BLO did not visit my house, they choose to hire the community center and sit pretty while all the residents walked in. I can understand that it would be very difficult for the BLO to walk up to every resident considering that […]

Voter ID Cards to be Home Delivered

When you receive your Voter’s Photo Identity Card, please sign on the Delivery Booklet available with the Booth Level Officer/Official delivering the card. If you already have a Voter’s Photo Identity Card, please keep it ready, at the time of receiving the new Voter’s Photo Identity Card, the old Voter’s Photo Identity Card must be […]