Paying MCD Property Tax Online?

Update: I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for online MCD property tax, please read it before you post questions here.

Are you planning on paying your property tax before March 31 2008? Well you can do it online also. Every year I used to pick up their forms and do all the manual calculation on it. It was a tedious job but then this time I decided to do it online. Must say that it was quite easy but knowing MCD or for that matter any government website something has to be out of place somewhere. Have a look at the image below, MCD website has not changed the year for the tax on their online form. It still reads “Online Property Tax Form 2007-2008” where as it should be 2008-2009. The same is printed when you finally fill the form and get a print out.

MCD Property Tax Online Form

Apart from this flaw, everything else was a breeze. You just need to fill in the basic details like you Name, Address, Phone etc. Rest of the information is gathered from the drop down boxes. You don’t need to run around trying to find your ward number or other weird things; they are automatically filled in after you choose your colony location.

The best part is that the tax is automatically calculated by the website after you put in you property area details. After all that is done, you are presented with 3 choices to pay your tax.

1. Check / Draft deposit with UTI back or UTI drop box
2. Cash payment is tax is less than Rs. 2000
3. Pay online using credit card with nominal surcharge.

I opted for the check deposit as an UTI bank branch is close to where I stay and secondly I don’t think I can trust MCD’s online payment as yet. When Vodafone cannot be trusted with online credit card payment, MCD is a far cry.

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  2. Ramandeep Singh on March 10th, 2008 at 11:16 am


    We are the organisation who have created the MCD online website. I am thankful for your appreciation of the effort that we have put into making of this website.

    The mistake that you pointed out is not a mistake, it is refering to the Financial Year and not a calendar year as you are thinking. MCD Property tax is based on a financial year and you pay tax for the financial year and not calendar year.

    You would be surprised to know that more than 30% of the people who have registered online have paid through credit card and it is safe as MCD is not handling you CC details rather the payment gateway is responsible for the same, in this case Axis Bank who have a good and secured Payment Gateway.

  3. Thanks for the explanation Ramandeep, I really appreciate it. I may have gone ahead with credit card payment if it I had known that the payment gateway was of Axis bank but since I thought it was citi bank and my experience with them has not been good till now. I hope the readers can review the payment gateway and put in the feedback here.

  4. Sir,
    I live in Ashok Vihar. But when I try to fill the same in the Colony name, it gives message “The Colony is not in MCD List”.
    Please guide me for the same.
    Thanking you

  5. Ashwani, Here is something i found on MCD website which will help you.

    “If your Colony Name is not in the Colony List below, then please enter the Highest Neighboring Colony and also enter the Name of your Colony in “Other Colony Name” column”

  6. Ramandeep Singh on March 23rd, 2008 at 11:31 am

    Ashok Vihar is there in the list of colony. just type Ashok and you will find a list of colonies in a drop down and there you can find Ashok Vihar also. if your colony is not in the list then MCD act says that you need to enter the highest neighbouring colony. But in your case that is not true as Ashok Vihar is there. try it again.

  7. Ramandeep, please guide us how to pay for next financial year i.e. 2008-2009 through this website, as the last date is 31st March, 2008 to avail the extra rebate benefit.

  8. I do not agree with Ramandeep that the year mentioned on the form is correct. How come it was the same financial year last year and same again this year? Moreover, when you fill the form, you are told that rebates would be applicable if you pay till June 2007. In fact you are being charged “interest” for the year 2007 even when you are submitting the online form well before the stipulated date till 31st March 2008. I think Mr Ramandeep has to do the rectifications on the site urgently.

  9. Ramandeep Singh on March 25th, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    i think you all are confused. House Tax is always paid for a financial year and not calendar year as mentioned earlier. the financial year in india starts from 1 april till 31 mar of the followin year this is applocable to govt n pvt.

    So Rajiv the financial year will change to 2008-09 on 1 April 2008 as that is the date when the new fin yr comes into effect. now why the fin yr is same, it is because fin yr 2007-08 starts on 1 april 2007 and ends on 31 mar 2008. I hope that answers ur query.

    Pradeep if you have already paid for the current fin yr then you are fine. you need not pay anything till 31 mar. You are liable to pay tax only after 1 april 2008 now. if you pay bfr 30 June then u will get a 15% rebate if you pay the full yrs tax in one go.

    there are 2 ways of payment, lumpsum or quarterly. lumpsum means the whole tax in one go in which case if u dont pay bfr 30 june u become liable to pay interest. if you pay bfr 30 june u get lumpsum rebate of 15%.

    if you choose to quarterly then laso u r supposed to pay 1/4 the amoutn by 30 june, 30 sep, 31 dec and 31 mar. these r the last dates for all 4 qtrs. if u fail to them in time then u r charged interest.

    I hope there is some clarity

  10. Ramandeep, let me first thank you for patiently answering all the questions posted by the visitors, your help goes a long way and is highly appreciated by me as well as all the readers.

    I wanted to ask you a question too. I paid the house tax last year in April and without realizing the financial year thing, I paid the tax again in March. In essence I paid twice this financial year. Will the payment be automatically put towards next year payment or will I have to call MCD and sort out this issue?

  11. Ramandeep Singh on March 25th, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    Well done cribber, now u better start running behind MCD to get ur refund. Yes u r correct u have paid twice inthe same year. if i correctly understand do you have 2 regn id’s for the system with you. if that is the case nothing can be done automatically, because you have created 2 ids in the system. Better write a letter to the Assessor and collector and go and meet Mr. Amit Prasad who is Jt Assessor and Collector in Lajpat Nagar office and discuss with him and ask for refund. I hear they are refunding for people who have paid access.

    Well if you educated people are doing such a mistake I cannot understand what the others might be doing

  12. Well… let the fun begin 🙂 I did not use the online system last time so there would be only 1 id on the system. Is it not possible to push the payment to the next year without the hassle of dancing around the MCD office? True, educated people do make mistakes, i hate to point fingers but if someone has already paid tax in the same financial year then the online system should show a warning to the payeee. If all the previous payments are online in the database then such a problem would not happen in the first place.

  13. I wish to thank Ramandeep for clearing all the doubts. On checking my records, I find that I have already paid paid my tax online for the Fin. Year 2007-2008 a little before 30th June 2007 and got a rebate also. In fact, if I had submitted the form again in an attempt to pay before 31st march this year, I would have landed up paying the tax twice for same financial year(and with interest too)!! From what Ramandeep has said, I understand that I have to pay next tax only after 1st April 2008 – is that right? Well, I also agree with cribber that there should be some warning on the website if a person inadvertently tries to make payment more than once for the same property.
    Anyway, Ramandeep deserves special thanks from us. Wish we could have more people like him around.

  14. Ramandeep Singh on March 26th, 2008 at 8:45 am

    Cribber, so it means u have one manual rcpt and one system generated. is that the case. if that is the case nothing can be done, you need to go and get the refund manually.

    Rajiv, dont thank me I am just trying to help the citizens from the clutches of these govt babus who take us for a ride. Because the knowledge I am sharing with you has been had to collect over the last 2-3 yrs after numerous sittings with the babus. None the less we all shud try and help the society in wat ever ways we can.
    My personal intention is to improve at least this one dept so that we have one less hassle in life.

    Yes you are right, now you are to pay tax after 1 april and the same will continue for the coming yrs.

    I agree with cribber that the system shud have thrown a warning but if you go and create 2 ID’s what is the system supposed to do. Also pls try to understand that it has taken us 3 yrs to reach whr we are after a lot of effort and there was a huge resistance from the internal dept. people who dint want this to succeed, the system will gradually mature. we expect it to stabilise in 2 yrs time. by that time all minor issues shud have gone.

  15. Ramandeep, I agree with you that if the 2ids are created then the system can’t do anything. In my case, this is the first time i had done online tax payment so there should only be one id. Also can’t you make the “Ledger Folio Number” as the primary key for your database so that there is never a duplicasy issue?
    Anyways… i think the system is already doing pretty good and am sure it will be running perfect in an years time. I can imagine you guys sitting with the babus beating your head on the dusty table, thinking why us god..why! 🙂

  16. Ramandeep, thanks a million for the great work you’ve done by making the system online (and saving my soul from MCD babus).

  17. I also gave it a try, but unfortunately, when I fill in details of the payments made by me in previous years, It doesn’t accept my form with error “the data doesn’t match the records”.

    But, I have filled in this data using the details of the receipt I have for previous years. This gives me a jitter that probably, the old details are still not in place as far as old payments made to MCD is concerned. This is important, as I have made some high payments earlier, which might lead to some pay back by MCD. But this will never happen, If the data is not in place.

  18. Ramandeep,

    Thank you very much for the million dollar worth system developed for filing house tax returns. I was not filing my house return for the past four years for my property in Delhi, since am based in London and it was next to impossible to file the same from here. In the past, I used to clear the dues everytime I was in Delhi and it used to be a nightmare, one full day project with MCD a shear nonsense. But for the past two years it has been so easy and now am upto date with all my taxes payable to MCD.
    You and your team should be awared with a gallantry award for this.

    Thanks once again

  19. Ramandeep, I was going through this Q&A on Property Tax but I still have one question?
    I already have a Login id and password from previous payment (payment made in June 2007 for Fin Yr. 2007 – 08). Now when I log in with these details my homepade shows only 3 links – Generate Receipt; View Property and View Payment History.
    I need to pay tax for FY 2009 – 08. How do I do this online? Will i be able to pay only after 31March 2008 or something? Please throw some light on this as well. Thanks!

  20. Ramandeep Singh on March 27th, 2008 at 10:20 am

    Yaar it is not a million dollar worth system, only thing is that it takes a mammoth task in implementing in govt specially mcd.

    the system is undergoing further development, from 1 april there will be many more features. you cannot pay tax in advance for a fin yr. So for 08-09 u cn only pay after 1st april and this will true for future also as there is and will be no provision to pay advance tax.

    Cribber, if you have paid in advance go to the head office in lajpat nagar and give in writing what has happened and if possible meet the Assessor and Collector Mr. Ambasht. But do thi after 1st april as you wont get him at this time of the yr. The ledger folio number is not unique, we have done a lot of due diligence on this and eventually the regn number that you get is unique.

    sanjeev, can you send me the details that you are entering, because we have tested the system very thoroughly and it shudnt throw an error.

  21. Ramandeep, i will take your advice and visit the MCD Assessor after April 1st. Thanks for the help.

  22. Lokesh Malhotra on March 27th, 2008 at 11:38 am

    I always worry to pay tax on time. I have read in news paper & on FM to pay tax before 31st March 2008 for the current year i think it means 2007-2008. The next year finanacial starts on 1 april 2008 to start of 2008-2009 year a head. I have checked my documents i already paid the property tax for 2007-2008. when should i pay the tax for 2008-2009. Kindly update the form on net.
    Kindly let me know we have id & password for last pid tax by net the same same will be applicable for 2008-2009 tax or we have to fill the form again for 2008-2009. kindly clarify.

  23. Lokesh, You can pay tax for 08-09 from April onwards. You ID and password should work for the next financal year also.

  24. Ramandeep Singh on March 27th, 2008 at 11:51 am

    on 1st april refer to the help and it will let you knw everything. dont need to create a new id, just use the same one.

  25. Subhash Wadhawan on March 27th, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    When the Property Tax for FY 2008-08 is payable after 31st March 2008, why you see big advertisment appearing in the Newspapers saying pay your Property Tax by 31st March 2008. MCD should clarify that this last date is for the current FY ie’2007. Those who have already paid the Property Tax for the FY 2007-08 need not bother till 30th June 2008 for the FY 2008-09 ( Offcourse with 15%rebate ).

    I had already paid my dues for the FY 2007-08 and when I filled up on line form for the Property Tax on 26-3-2008 and gave details of my last three payments for the FY 2004-05,2005-06 and 2006-07 the amount shown indicates Interest. I had paid my last three FY payments in time. Where does this interest comes from.

  26. I fully endorse views expressed by Subhash Wadhawan. The ads in print media as well as omn AIR should clearly specify the applicable financial year.

  27. Kundan Singh Brijlal on March 29th, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Dear Sir/Madam, please tell me a procedure of paying tax on line. waiting your prompt response.thanking you.

  28. Kundan, its very easy, please read the above article and they visit MCD website to do the needful.

  29. Check out the advertisement in the newspaper…last date for payment is for year 2007-08 not 2008-09…so I think u have paid ur tax twice for year 2007-08.

  30. Hi Ramandeep

    i ventured and somehow mustered the courage to use the online tax facility “after reading this blog and YOUR replies.

    HWEVER unfortunately i am here to write in this blog that the system could not successfully generate a receipt AFTER THE PAYMENT WAS MADE through the HDFC gateway. AFTER ONLINE PAYMENT THROUGH CREDIT CARD It flashed a message REDIRECTING back to vendor in fiteen seconds …….” BUT AM STILL TO BE REDIRECTED. and I AM WRITING HERE as i have already written to


    I am a netizen since 1996 and have been an online user on various website. i was happy that india is changing and convenience is finally HAPPENIN. but today was a sad day .

    I do not know i would be helped here ….

  31. Hi
    Can anyone guide me how to pay the tax for year 2006-07
    I have already paid for 2007-08 in june 2007.
    what all interests and rebates will be calculated on 2006-07 tax .
    and how can i proceed to pay that online .
    waiting for your prompt response.

  32. Hi Ramandeep,

    thanks for ur replies in the blog, as we are already deposit the property tax of 2007-08 on 27-06-2007.

    But now these days in TV, Newspapers I found that the last date for property tax is 31-03-2008, so I again visited to website but i am surprised that ur website is still filing the returns of 2007-08.

    Now I am in confusion that what should i do now, whether I am deposit the tax again for 2007-08 or not to deposit tax.

    Please help me, thanks

  33. Dear Friend ( the Developer of On Line Property Tax for MCD)

    I have been filling my Property Tax manually till now. My Property Ground Floor and 1st Floor has different year of Construction . Till last year I could not find different age factors for each floor

    0 320 113.25 1979 0.7 1.0 1 1 1 NA 25367.50 – – 10% 2536.75
    1 320 113.25 2000 1.0 1.0 1 1 1 NA 36239.30 – – 10% 3623.93
    Has The situation being corrected this year or I was not able to find out the different Age factors correctly

  34. Ramandeep Singh on April 2nd, 2008 at 12:54 am

    All those who have paid in 07-08 don’t pay again, pay after 1 April 2008. I know this is late to say as i was busy and couldn’t reply. If any one has credit card issued don’t worry those will be resolved soon provision to pay arrears is not there rite now, will be coming soon. Interest will be computed by the system. It is 12% per annum in the online system the year of construction or the age factor has been there from day one of the system. You will find these details there.

  35. Where is the format for 2008-2009 tax payment and how does one access it . Your help site does not open.

  36. Hi Every1
    I read and heard alot abt the online tax payment, as i am into IT field so i decided to play with it a bit 🙂

    I tried 5-6 times but can’t get hold of the home page 🙂 …… don’t know whether the site has gone down or wat …

  37. Hi Ramandeep,
    There is reference of DMC act 1957 at various places on site but yoiu cannot find DMC act 1957 on site & there is no link provided as such. pls. guide.

  38. another question Ramandeep, why the site is not working?

  39. Hi All

    There are some changed going on in the website as some laws have changed at the last moment due to which the site is down for some time. Tentatively around 10 april the site will be up so you can pay after that.

    there is no soft copy of the DMC act due to which we could not put it on the website. You can buy the copies of the act for the law book shops.

    Whatever we had we put it there.

  40. Thanks for great effort, however it would be nice to show a message on a web site that the site will be online after April 10th’08. I am keep checking this site to fill up my property tax details.

  41. What is the position of exempting those who have already paid lumpsum property tax for 10 years.

  42. Hi Raman,

    A good job done. Wanted to log on to pay my 2008-2009 Tax but the site is still under construction.

    How long do you think it will take to get updated.

  43. Hi Ramandeep, I can now open your website “” but cannot find any link wherein I can fill-up online form and pay property tax by credit card. Only the info is given as to the rules & regulations. How can I actually go to the site for filling-up and pay my tax? Awaiting your reply
    Sudhir, Kuwait

  44. Sudhir, i think currently they have the online filing button disabled, am sure they will reactivate that in a few days time. Maybe they are making some final changes for the current financial year.

  45. Sudhir, prashant has rightly pointed out. We have disbaled the option to file tax for now till the time the final amendments are made. the plan is to launch it tonight for some colonies not all due to the new zone/ward bifurcation.

    Will keep u all posted

  46. I do not know what is holding up the MCD from activating their site for payment of property taxes online. If they are making some changes ( as I have been given to understand), they should have started the process in Feb,2008. Will the commissioner take up the Officer responsible for the delay to task?

  47. System is up now, you can start using it

  48. Sudhir Handa, Kuwait on April 16th, 2008 at 9:05 am

    No, Ramandeep. Though the site is visible now, there is no provision
    to pay the tax online. I could not locate any active link/icon for making payment. I am using Internet Explorer Ver 6.00. Thanks.Sudhir

  49. Ashok Dhingra on April 16th, 2008 at 9:32 am

    Your request could not be processed due to invlaid input. Please try again.
    This is what I am repeatedly getting, after I log in and click for making payment???

    16 Apr, 1000 h

  50. Dear Raman:

    Please provide the address of the MCD site where I can pay my property tax ONLINE.

  51. I am not able to login, it says I have to wait for another 3 weeks in order to get all the payment uploaded. I sent two emails at mcd gmail address with proper payment receipt & till now there is no response.

    Any idea when it will be up???????????????????

  52. Well, it was a good idea to start the site but it seems to have been made by college students. Its not user friendly and one needs to struggle to find the right information.

    Suggestions for improvement
    1. There should be something like ‘Forgot your password’. I had paid tax last year but could not remember the password. When I try to login, it gives me ten different reasons. How the hell do I know what has gone wrong ?
    2. How does one know that tax calculated was actually right ?
    3. How does one pay tax manually … no information provided on site.

  53. Ashok Dhingra on April 19th, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    I was finally able to pay my Property Tax by Credit Card on 17 Apr 2008 in the morning. Cheers!

  54. Online website adress

    Ashok try clearing your cache memory and try again, u shud not be getting that error.

    sharad – u r not able to login because your payments have not yet been cleared by AXIS bank, once they are cleared your login will be enabled.

    Sachin – nice suggestions, will work on them
    1. forgot pwd cannot be implemented in this site because not everyone in delhi is a educared person, pls understand that this site has been made for delhi’s masses both educated and uneducated. uneducated dont have emails, how would the system cmmunicate the pwd to such people.
    2. well if you dont trust the system on the tax calculation, suggest you do it on your own. on the 3rd pg the system displays the whole maths of it. you can check it out.
    3. What do u mean by manual payments, all relevent info rgds to payments are mentioned very clearly

  55. Ramandeep,

    I logged in last year to check whether my payment is cleared or not & I was able to view receipt.

    Thanks for your response appreciated
    Sharad Goyal

  56. i have no credit card. i want to pay the house tax of my dda flat by cheque. wheather i have to submit a form along with my cheque from where i will get the form. can i use the form of last year. i have no change in the information filed by me during the last year.

  57. Dear Raman:

    Inspite of my repeated efforts to file my property tax return ON-LINE, I have not been able to do so. I have not been able to find any active Link or Icon where I can click and fill in the particulars. On 15th april, you wrote that the site was up and active and one could file the return and pay the tax, but I have not been able to link up. Please advise.

    R. K. MALIK

  58. pls go to the HELP link on the left side, we have updated the help. refer to point 7 if you are a new user

  59. COL B S ANAND on April 26th, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Pl let me know which Branch of AXIS or HDFC Bank branches in South Delhi nearer R K Puram collect the Tax.thanks.

  60. i have paid the tax in due time, but i havent seen the reciept in your site. how can i see my reciept.please help

  61. Why senior citizen age is changed from 60 to 65 years?

  62. Ajay Kumar has written to say that senior citizen age is changed from 60 to 65. Any notification on this? May be most of the sr.citizens between the age of 60-65 are, probably, not aware of this !!!!

  63. In the application form for making online payment by registered property owners, (who already made payment on line for last year ) the rebates applicable (timely payment/society flat/sr.citizen) is not taken into account and hence the net amount payable is shown in full without allowing rebate. In this situation how one can make online payment foregoing applicable rebate?

  64. PKS, i am not aware of the senior citizen age change but i sure Ramandeep would be able to answer it.

  65. As per mcd act the snr citizen age is 65 and not 60, earlier they used to give at 60 but that has been corrected now.

    Pls read the help for the new rules on snr citizen rebate and under wat circumstances will u get the same.

    At the time of filing the return u will only see the total tax due, timely rebate will be displayed at the time of making the payment as that is derived on when you wnat to make the payment.

    Rakesh u mentioned u have made the payment, which financial yr r u refering to. also how did u make the payment, online of thru chq/cash. online receipt is generated real time whras for chq/cash the same takes around 7 days to clear.

  66. Hi Randeep

    We paid Rs 2,706 for last year (i.e. 2007-08) which was made before 30th June 2007 in UTI. They issued registration number and password thereon.

    Now, for this year we logged in today and the system says that we have to pay Rs 4,540.

    We are suppose to get a rebate for property owned by Women &/or Senior Citizen. But the calculation did not show any rebates being deducted.

    Why this is happening? Who should we contact for sorting this out?

    All help is appreciated. Great Work Done.



  67. guys pls read help bfr u post ur questions here. Anyways Manpreet the rebate logics have changed, rebate now is available to properties whose covered area is upto 100 sqm, earlier it used to be 200 sqm and if it was higher than 200 then prorata of the 200 used to be given. now that has changed n only if ur prop is upto 100 sqm wud u get rebate.

    also if joint ownership is thr and if any one of the joint owner doesnt come under the rebate category then the whle property doesnt get the rebate. earlier there used to be the share % logic on which pro rata basis u used to get the rebate. that has been discontinued now.

    i hope that answers ur questions

  68. This is the link to frequently asked questions on MCD property tax ( I would suggest you to first go thru them and if you don’t find the answer there, then come back and post here.

  69. Is it compulsory that the property return to be filed on line only?
    Or this can be filed manually and the tax deposited in bank based on the manually filled in form?

  70. Kindly help me. Last year (2007-08) I have filed the property tax return online and made payment also with my ICICI credit (VISA) card. However today I tried to make the payment online, only HDFC/AXIS bank is displayed. ICICI Visa card option is not available.

    Shall be grateful if you please guide me for making payment thro ICICI credit card

  71. I have registered my property online and the tax for the year 2008-09 is being paid through cash for which the print out of the challan being kept with me for making payment.

    For the last year i.e., for 2007-08 I did not make payment as I was out of station. I could not find any provision in the form for 2008-09 for making arrears payment and could not make the payment

    Since I want to make payment towards property tax for the year 2007-08 alongwith interest now, I shall be grateful if you could kindly guide me properly. Whether I can make the same through online or otherwise

    Thanks for an early response

  72. ramdeep, how can I make payment online towards property tax for the year 2007-08 now . I have got my property registered and payment for the year 2008-09 being made through cash in AXIS

  73. guys my name is ramandeep and not randeep. seems like i m a consultant for mcd… 🙂

    anyways here r the answers
    1. payment gateway is a mechanism to pay via credit cards, on the 2 gateways mentioned thr ie AXIS and HDFC you can use any banks credit card as long as they are VISA and MASTER. AMEX is yet not supported.

    2. An online arrears module is currently under development and will hopefully be released in a couple of weeks time. using that u can pay for any year after 2004-05. Currently there is no provision for the same. the interest will also be computed by the system only.

    3. property tax is compulsory to be filled online only, either u do it urself or u cn go to the mcd office to get the same done. they will also do it on the online system only, it is like a help centre but u will waste time thr as queues are thr.

  74. Ramandeep, you have been a great help here. I hope you are not regretting the day when you first commented on the article and the flood of questions poured in. Anyways, let me know when you have had enough of answering questions and i will freeze comments on this article, as it is i am sure we have had pretty much every question answered already.

  75. no that is ok, I can understand the hassles every citizen of india feels with the govt dept. But i request all to reqd help bfr putting questions thru. We r updating help time and again but the flood, so pls keep reading. we r not govt babus we r a pvt firm ourselves and we understand the pain of the people, that is why we r trying to have a full online system where human intercation is minimized

  76. sir,
    this year i hv pd the tax by cheque, by getting the form online. the reciept got from axis bank is sufficient or i would have to get it online, but i am unable to login as the link does not open. i have a regn no and user password. i want to get earlier reciepts which were manually paid thru cheques. how do i get those reciepts as i have lost one of them.

  77. i have learnt through Times Now news paper that subhash arya bjp party leader has stated that age of senior citizen has been reduced to 60 from 65 and the covered area has been increased ti 200 sq. mts instead of 100 sq. mts now .when these changes will be put into action in the online property tax return for 2008-09.

  78. lakshminarayanan on May 5th, 2008 at 10:31 am

    Is it not possible to pay arrears by going to MCD office? They are refusing to accept payment saying it has to be done online. But the facility is not available online. Is there any solution? Thanks for your help

  79. pramod gupta on May 5th, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    i paid my propety tax online through credit card on 30aprl08 for the fy08-09.when i submmited the payment option i could not get the recipt and it was not showing the any payment confirmation. i login
    agin with the same id and paid it and got receipt. when i contact
    the credit card department it was debited twice in my account. pl
    tell me how can i got back the payment

  80. i paid my propety tax online through credit card on 4th May 2008 for the fy08-09.when i submmited the payment option i could not get the reciept and it was showing the message “Please wait… while the browser redirects in 15 seconds”.But nothing happened.

    i login with the Reg id and saw my account. There it again showed the Pay link as active, but no reciept link…

    I have cross checked my credit card usage ant it is in USE for that particular transaction… Does it take some time to realization of payment online? or there is some other problem?

    Please Help!!1

  81. Today I paid my property tax for year 2008-09 thru credit card. Everything went well initially. Confirmation from credit card bank came that payment made and it redirected me to mcd site. Then nothing happened.. No reciept got generated and when I checked at main page also it was showing option to view and pay property tax. This mean somewhere in between my payment got lost. What should I do now, Is there a way to get reciept or report this matter.

  82. There is some tech glitch and we in the process of ensuring that these things do not happen.

    those of you have paid once and did not get your receipt, DO NOT PAY AGAIN. we will get your receipt corrected in a weeks time.

    Those who have paid twice, suggest you do nothing for the time being because once we correct yours then the system will show 2 receipt and you can file for a refund. this will be manual though.

    Sorry for the trouble caused to all

  83. pramod gupta on May 6th, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    pl let me know what i have to do in mcd office to get refund and to whom i have to meet as u know it is very difficult to get refund from mcd. is it possible if mcd found twice payment they adjust it for next year. my credit card department send a request to mcd for refund. they informed the payment may be refund in 60 days. is it possible.There are many cases more who are not getting receipt or confirmation of payment while paying online.

  84. Ravinder Kumar on May 8th, 2008 at 9:43 am

    your online property tax software is not calculating rebat on women share in case of property held by joint owners, where one owner is woman, it should calculate rebate on woman share (half share) as applicable, I am trying hard to file the return online. we are joint owner(wife and husband) of our flat in dwarka in a co operative group housing society, having covered area 99.9 sqm. when i am using woman as a single owner then property tax calculation is ok.

  85. in this case rebate is not valid, pls refer to the help on this matter, you will find your answer there.

  86. Suansh Singhal on May 8th, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Hi Ramandeep,

    First of all, Cheers!!! for your kind efforts…

    I have the problem that after paying online, no receipt was generated. You told that its an error in the syatem and it will take weeks time.

    I would like to know how many more days will it take…
    Please respond asap.

    Cheers for your efforts once again…
    Good Luck!!!

  87. Well we are working on clearing all such cases and hopeful that it would be done in 4-5 days. Sorry for the trouble.

  88. Ravinder Kumar on May 8th, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    thanks for your prompt reply, i have got the answere regarding rebate, i have one another querry, last year, I have paid my tax online and a 12 digit no was generated by the system as a login id, this is time when i click on log in button, system does not respond stays stand still, can i view my previous years filled in return this year also.
    kindly advise.

  89. Razia Sultana on May 9th, 2008 at 10:41 am

    Whether online property tax for the year 2008-09 is available.If so how ?

  90. I paid my propert tax last year on line. now i forgot my password. What should i do . Can i get my old password or i have to again register.

  91. Brijmohan Singh Negi on May 10th, 2008 at 10:57 am

    I paid my propert tax last year on line. now i forgot my password. What should i do . Can i get my old password or i have to again register.

    plz help me.

  92. Today is a Second Saturday (Holiday in some Govt Offices). I am an existing tax payer but I was unable to LOG IN because it did not respond. Therefore I was compelled to register under a new ID as a New User and it has generated a new Form for payment with a new ID. Now please tell me how to get my old ID cancelled or may be if I am able to log on with my previous ID (on Monday) then how to get the present one cancelled.

  93. contact anurag on, he will help you out with password.

    ALL OF YOU, PL DO NOT CREATE A NEW ID IF U ALREADY HAVE A NEW ONE. if for some reason you were nt able tologin then you can try after sometime.

    Chris, if you havent paid using your new ID then i suggest that you stick with the old one so that your property history is built. Pay using the old one. if you are still facing problems send me ur ID i will chek it out

  94. I have paid my property tax vide my Reg. No 0785100000007040 amounting to Rs 1031.38 track ID 8889 for the year 2008-2009. I have not been informed about the status of payment.

  95. Ravinder Kumar on May 12th, 2008 at 10:32 am

    last i paid property tax online and generated login id as a 07083090000007078, this time when i press login, login button is not responding, when i press login button, login window does appear on the screen, uptil last month this was fine, i dont know what has happend now, please advice

  96. Congrats for this good job. I am happy that one does not have to go to any office facing crowd & crowd. I need one clarification- I am born on 14.12.1945. Last year, I got rebate of 30% as Senior Citizen. This year calculation does not allow this discount.
    Come back to basic question- what is the definition of senior citizen- Income tax- 65 years – Railways- 60 years. Appreciate your advice on MCD’s definition thro’ e-mail.

  97. Ravinder Kumar on May 12th, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    dear ramandeep,
    the property tax form web page is not displayed properly in our system, the right hand window for existing / old users and new user registrations is not displayed on the web page, please advise what to do.

  98. C.P.Joshi: Senior citizen age for MCD property tax prupose is 65

    Ravinder: Please provide info about the browser you are using as well the browser version so that Ramandeep can look into the problem better.

  99. Ravinder Kumar on May 12th, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    this refers to you querry regarding the web browser because i am not able to open the web page fully on my screen as such mentioned in your guideline, I am using internet explorer, file version is 6.0.2900.2180, this page is created on 06/01/2006 and internal name is iexpoore, its about 91.0kb.

  100. Dear Ravinder. Just do these adjustments on your PC. Right-click on your desktop and click ‘properties’. Then go to ‘settings’. Adjust the Screen Resolution to ‘1024 X 768’ pixels and Color Quality to
    ‘Highest (32 bits)’ and press ‘OK’ Your screen resolution will change. Then open your Internet Explorer and then log on to MCD Property Tax Payment web page and then you should be able to view the links which you are looking for.

  101. Ravinder Kumar on May 12th, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    thanks, the system is working perfectly with high resolution, i can see my property records and previous year receipt by using my previous generated use id. there is a request to kindly make provisions to add records of property tax paid before 2007 years
    thanks for solving my all problems.

  102. hi,

    please help while registering in form it is showing the following comment

    “Your request could not be processed due to invlaid input. Please try again”

  103. Some problem with the site. After clicking- pat tax, the page is not opening and not able to open the file.
    Thanks for your advice.

  104. Brijmohan Singh on May 12th, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    Brijmohan Singh Negi on May 10th, 2008 at 10:57 am
    I paid my propert tax last year on line. now i forgot my password. What should i do . Can i get my old password or i have to again register.

    MY LOGIN ID IS 07084220000175922

  105. I have paid the property tax online using the virtual credit card.The transanction was successful as the amount has been debited to my card, but the website of MCD did not enable me to print the receipt. Even after relog I am not able to print the receipt. The website instead shows that the payment is still due to be paid.

    I have written to the MCD , but have not got any reply yet.
    I would appreciate if any one can help me on this issue.

    Others may also be more careful while opting online payment.

  106. Senior citizen age = 65

    Browser = IE ver 6

    contact anurag on for any help on passwords.

    Anyone whose receipt for online payment is not coming, do not worry you will have the same shortly.

  107. I have aready paid. Now what? Is’nt there a way for them to transfer the amount to the old account and cancel the new one?

  108. I have just checked and even today the LOG ON button is not responding.

  109. The Zone/Ward/Colony numbers for Naraina Vihar furnished by the online property tax payment/filing system during 2007-08 were:-
    Zone Number : 4 ; Ward Number : 128 ; Colony Number : 1137.

    However, for 2008-09, the above numbers are now being shown as changed to:-
    Zone Number : 5 ; Ward Number : 141 ; Colony Number : 1252.

    I will be grateful if someone can kindly inform & confirm the following :-
    a) Has there been changes in the Zone/Ward/Colony numbers from 2007-08 to 2008-09 ?
    b) Are the new Zone/Ward/Colony numbers mentioned above for Naraina Vihar correct & valid for financial year 2008-09 ?
    c) Has MCD published changes in the zone/ward/colony numbers in any newspaper or posted on their Website ? If yes, when & where ? If no, whether the above observation is an error/anomaly in the system AND, how can the MCD provide comfort to the citizens that the online property tax submission will be properly accounted for?

  110. The online taxation system is not computing the rebate for senior citizens this year (2008-09) while last year it had done so. Ramandeep, pls clarify/rectify.

  111. Hi Ramandeep,

    Really appreciate your efforts towards helping out others paying their property taxes online.
    Just one question – by when will the receipt generation bug get fixed ? Everything is clear from my side, just waiting to make the payment since last 10 days.

  112. Ramandeep. I have a question for you, this is an extension of the question i had asked you before about making 2 payments in the same financial year. I spoke with someone in the MCD office and they told me that if i had made 2 payments in the same year then i can go online and fill the form for this year and the form will have a provision which would say that i had made a payment in advance last year. After doing this, i would need to take the print out and submit it to MCD office together with my duplicate payment reciept of last year. I went online and logged in but could not find anything about advance payment or any option like that… can this be done online?

  113. Hi Ramandeep,
    First, please accept my congratulations for making such a mammoth task possible. Filing a tax return has never been easier.
    Now I have a query. I paid property tax online for 2007-2008 in Sep 07. I had paid through cheque dipositted at Axis bank., The check has been cleared and my login is active. However, till now the link for printing my receipt has not been activated (its nearly 8 months now). Please advice how can I gaet a receipt for 2007-2008.
    Thanks and regards

  114. guys, ur queries are faster thn i cn help. pls read help or faq bfr coming here. else i will stop replying.

    online adjustment is not thr rite now, suggest u ask for refund from MCD. go to anc office in lajpat nagar. meet mtr ambasht head of property tax dept and ask for refund. see what he says. or contyact him on 2984 5005

    system has old zone/ward colony data, new one not yet available. no one in mcd seems to have that data. but thr is no impact on the calculation of tax.

    chris now that you have paid with new id all i cn say is tht keep both the records for future ref, we will see hw merge cn be done.

    dont use to login to the property tax site, go directly to, this way u wont face login issues

  115. anshuman send me ur reg id, i will chek it out

  116. Hi Ramandeep,
    I have paid the property tax on behalf of my father using the online gateway for the registration no.07085780000111503 on 6th may 2008. The payment was successful but I cannot see the receipt till date. It still shows the option of pay in My tax returns for the year 2008-09.
    I have written 2 mails to, but there is no reply from their side of my single email. I think i have done a mistake by relying on the online payment gateway. Despite the fact you are charging us some 2% extra for using the online payment method, I have opted for thst option and have got nothing.
    It would be much better if i have deposite the checque instead of doing this. Please help me in this regard.hope to see you reply soon

  117. Vikas sorry for the problem, on 6th there was a major tech glitch in the s/w due to which you faced this issue. dont pay again, also read the FAQ for details n this issue. dont worry we r working on getting everyones receipt thru. just bear with us

  118. Dear Ramandeep, I sent three e-mails to regarding my querries on property tax but did not get even a single reply. I feel , courtesy demands that reply Must be sent to tax payers in reasonable time to help them /answer their querries.

  119. I have tried to make Ramandeep’s work a little easy by compiling a list of FAQ from the questions and answers posted here. Everyone please read the FAQ’s first before posting any more questions. Visit

  120. Hi Ramandeep,
    I paid tax last year on-line. My user ID is 07088790000003760. Unawre of the facility, I by mistake created another ID for paying tax this year- 08094050000323192.
    i am unable to print the payment voucher for this year-The message coming is- Abode reader could not open ‘pa 038761 fdf’ because it is either not supported file type or because the file has been corrupted (for example,it was sent as an email and wasn’t correctly decoded). Shall appreciate your help & advice in the matter.

  121. Jaspreet Singh Rekhi on May 17th, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    Hi Ramandeep,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your team for enabling online payment system for MCD.

    Now, I will move to the point. Every Web site has some opportunity areas, so does this site. The biggest challenge I think is the receipt issue. Your Web site will become fool proof if people start getting online receipts immediately after making Credit card payments. I know that you are working on it as I have read many of your messages above.

    Even if the receipt takes some time to be linked with the Web site, it is absolutely all right. However, the person who is making payment, should be made aware of it upfront. The people must not suffer and they should not be in a fix after making the payment. I am sure that this issue would be resolved very soon. I will appreciate if you will provide us with some correct time line when this issue would be fixed.

    Waiting for your reply and thanks for the consideration. FYI: I made the online payment through Credit card on May 14, 2008. When should I expect to get the receipt?? Take care..

  122. Anand.. MCD is not my domain, we r just a pvt company doing the s/w part. if they dont reply to the email then best I can say is contact Mr Ambasht the head of the Property tax dept and ask him to depute someone on the job.

    Jaspreet… thanx for ur best wishes… receipt is generated online only after ur payment gets cleared from the payment gateway, there are tech glitches which we have fixed and now u shudnt have tht problem. For the ones that have failed we are reconciling them. There is a humongous task on us so pls bear with us, your receipt shud be out soon.

    Nikhil… the payment bug has been fixed… pls try it out. i hv just paid my property tax today and it went like smooth cake… 🙂

    c.p.Joshi… if you havent paid using ur new ID then suggest u dump that one and use the old one only. i dont knw why u r facing that problem, try some othr computer and see if you face the same problem.

  123. Prashant.. thnx mate for ur help

  124. Ramandeep,
    Thanks a ton, for all your help. I was able to pay my tax online and got the receipt also. People like you are very few, who, without any selfish motive, strive to help out others.
    Thanks once again.

  125. hi Ramandeep and Nikhil

    I just want your confirmation on receipt generation for the fresh payment to be made now onwards?

    I have to pay for my property so please reply as soon as possible.

  126. Hi Suansh,
    YES, you can go ahead and make the online payment. Receipt is being generated properly without any glitch.
    Moreover, as also confirmed by Ramandeep above, you may use any bank’s credit card (as long as it is VISA or Mastercard) with any of the 2 payment gateways displayed there (AXIS and HDFC).

  127. Thanks for your comments. I have tried other computers and the result is same. Pl help.

  128. Hi Ramandeep,
    Just wanted to bring to your notice one more glitch in the website – the ward number and colony number is displayed incorrect, when we use the VIEW option to see our returns. However, if we used MODIFY (obviously before making the payment) link to see the details of our property return, the ward no. and colony number was displaying the correct values.
    Also, just wanted to know is this bug critical or we can ignore it, since I have already made the payment now.

  129. Nikhil we will chek out the bug, but do not worry it is not a major one. ur tax calculation doesnt depend upon that.

    c.p.joshi… i hv tried ur id and it works, i also saw tht u have not made the payment against ur new id. I request you to not use ur new ID and just stick to ur old one. I am unable to understand y u r facing problems, r u using IE version 6.. pls dont use mozilla firebox as ur browser and also dont use IE 7. ensure that you have adobe reader downloaded.

  130. Dear Ramandeep ji,

    I faced the same bug/error as informed by Nikhil Jain on 19.5.08 (refer my comment/observation dated May 14th, 2008) regarding wrong display of all 3 numbers of zone/ward/colony during “VIEW” operation while comparing 2007-08 and 2008-09 entries. However, did not get a satisfactory answer/reply. As such, to a user, the error/bug is a major issue. If the payment is not properly accounted for, MCD may make us run around in circles to their offices for clarifications by simply issuing a letter that property tax has not been paid + imposing a penalty. Moreover, I doubt the IT-savvyness of MCD officials at the back-office who are actual incharge/custodians of ledgers/registers.
    Kindly HELP as system does not allow one to “MODIFY” after clicking to “Make Payment”.
    Suggestion : MCD & the software firm should open a Call centre to answer user queries.

  131. There used to be a helpline phone number for MCD till last year, god knows what happend to it this year… i had tried the same number but i got “this number does not exist”

  132. Ranjit Batra on May 20th, 2008 at 1:27 am

    Hi Ramandeep,

    Thank you very much for your very enlighting clarifications above. I have just now, very successfully, completed all steps for my mother’s Property Tax Return and we will be paying her Tax in the morning.

    However for MY property, though I can remember my login ID, I cannot remember my password as I cannot find last year’s papers. Is there a way by which your department can retrieve my old Password or generate a new one ?

  133. Ranjit, your question is answered in our MCD Faq’s article. Please have a look at the last question there.

  134. Jaspreet Singh Rekhi on May 20th, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    Hi Raman,

    My ID is 08097730000329991 and I made payment on 14 May, 2008. Please let me know when I will get the receipt on my account. Also, let me know if you require the password as well..

  135. Ramandeep: anshuman send me ur reg id, i will chek it out

    Anshuman: Thansk Ramandeep for your offer of help. My reg no is 07081480000227060

  136. Dear Ramandeep,
    I have been duly paying my Property Tax,after mutation of my
    property in my name. But I did not fill in Ledger Folio Number
    in the Property Tax Forms because I do not have it and also it
    was not compulsary to fill in. Please let me know from where
    and how can I get the Ledger Folio Number? It is not written
    in the mutation letter. My property is in Hemkunt Colony
    (under Greater Kailash- 1 ). Thanks

  137. Dear Ramandeep,
    First of all I would like to thank you for helping out all of us. I have a suggestion regarding some improvement on the on line property tax site ie please try to make it flexible whereby the payers are allowed to delete their extra accounts which they have created by mistake and amalgamate them into one account. Otherwise there should be a table which we can fill in showing all the payments to date along with their receipt numbers.
    Once all the Receipts have been listed in the same account we may be allowed to delete the superfluous accounts. Then there should also be a “REMARKS” column/blank space (or box) where we can explain any incongruities eg previous registration number, change of Address, transfer or sale of present property, name of new owners, etc., etc.

    We must be allowed to delete the old Registration No. along with the “ “REMARKS” stating why we are deleting the old Registration No. (after listing the payments under the new Registration Record.)

    -Chris Mike

  138. Thanks regarding the login procedure. I believe I was trying to login from I will send you the New Receipt No as soon as it appears on the site with the New Registration No. I will also send you the old Registration No. where you can check my old record. Please see what you can do to help me. I am residing in Tughlakabad Extension, South Delhi 110019.

  139. Ramandeep,

    I paid & filed my house tax without having any problem. thanks for your wonderful support in this forum. One suggestion though might be not in your hand, while filling up last year I provided my payment history & i.e. is not visible in the documents, otherwise everything looks fine, but still would like to suggest some more items if possible

    1: Provide help links to particular items e.g. Ward Name The user can click & then it will display all the ward name(s) in popup.
    2. Pin Code validation

    Thanks once again

  140. Prashant can you pls remove anurags phone num and put his email instead. he has benn getting to mnay calls.

    thanks for ur ideas sharad, we are trying out level best to stabilise the system but our good’ol politician ensure that nothin shud be a success in our cntry. for their vote bank they can make any system fail.

    chris, as this stage we wont be able to merge ur records. all i cn say is that keep ur receipts for future references. we will see hw merge cn be done. Ur sugestions are good but we cannot allow deletions/amalgamation because u might be an intelligent user but property tax is a very sensitive subject and if give such powers to citizens not everyone has good intentions. such powers are very risky to give. we are goin gto provide arears, refunds, mutations, transfers etc.

  141. Hi Ramandeep,

    Still not able to sse the reciept for the tax payments this year. Its been already more than 15 days as i paid on 6th may. Please have a look at this and update me how much more time it will take.

  142. Ramandeep, i have removed Anurag’s phone number and replaced it with his email address, i can only imagine how many calls he would have got in the last few days 🙂

  143. Dear Ramandeep,
    On 21 May, I had requested you to let me know how and from
    where can I get the Ledger Folio Number of my property. It is
    not mentioned in the mutation letter issued by MCD. I think
    you did not see my request. Please help me.

  144. Hi Ramandeep,
    Kudos to you for the great service you provide!

    I have a query which has not been put up and I wonder if anyone, or you can answer it.
    1) I am the single owner of a property which was initially held jointly with my ex spouse.Now the property is in my name but i have not yet mutated the property to my name. Pls advise me how much money and time this would require.This is because i am pressed for time as i have relocated in another country.Is it better to continue to pay the tax jointly even if i dont get the woman’s rebate? Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
    2) I have inadvertently created not 1 but 2 new IDs and password as the challan page would not open as I was operating a mac OS.
    However, upon research I discovered that my ex spouse had paid the last year online as well which he did not tell me. So there is another old password as well.Now i am in a dilemma which one to use to make the payment.
    Please help me as i am in a real hurry to leave as well and to make the payment etc.
    Thanks in advance.

  145. Legally speaking u need to get ur property mutated, I dont knw how long it takes but nothing in govt is fast believe me. Best would be to find out from the nearest zonal office of mcd. if you are near lajpat nagar then best go thr r meet any jt Assessor and collector or meet the Assessro collector himself. I am not aware of the fee structure of that as yet as we havent reached thr as yet. that will also be done online one day. Then i cn answer ur query for the same.

    if your partner has paid using an old ID and you have created 2 more new IDs then I would request to dump the new ones and pay using the old one only. many people do pay bfr and get the mutation done later but as long as u get it done.

    Mr. didyala, if you used to file your property tax prior to 2004 then he shud be having a ledger folio number with u … everyone had it bfr the new systemcame in to place. Chek out ur old papers and receipts of mcd for the ledger folio number. if u dont have it dont worry continue to pay ur tax for the time being.

    We have cleared many credit card receipts today, check out if urs was thr or not. More will be done in the next 2-3 days.

    Credit card now is very very smooth, no more issues … sorry for all those who had trouble.

  146. Ramandeep,

    I thought I will make my life easy by registering and paying the Property tax for 2008-09 online, on behalf of my mother, but after I had filled in all the details, I found that the receipt generated did not calculate the 30% rebate for women property owners.

    And then I read in Times of India that MCD has accepted that there is a bug in the system and those wishing to avail rebates under various heads, will have to do so manually.

    My query is this : will the fact that my registration in MCD records now shows a hgher tax to be paid (due to the bug in the system) in any way effect my future records as I will now make the tax payment through the downloaded form manually and which will obviously be lower as it takes into account the rebates under ‘woman owner’ and ‘lump sum payment’ ?

    Thanks in advance and do keep up this social service.


  147. Hi Ramandeep,

    Thanks for the help you are providing to the person like me. I got my reciept today. thanks a lot for your help

  148. Dear Ramandeep,
    Thanks for your responce Beta. I had purchased my property in
    May 2005. After its mutation in my name, I started paying tax
    from June 2005 onwards without writing Ledger Folio Number as the
    Tax Receipt of 2004 given to me by the previous Owner, did not have
    any such number. I have not yet started the’on-line system’. I have
    already payed 2008 property tax by’manual-system’ because I had to
    claim Senior Citizen Rebate which is not allowed in on-line system.
    So,kindly let me know from where and how can I get the Ledger Folio
    Number of my property(which is in Hemkunt Colony). Thanks.

  149. Suchita Meena on May 26th, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    Dear Ramandeep
    First of all my sincere thanks to you, Anurag & this blog for retrieval of my lost password promptly & great service provided by all of you. My query now is how to correct my address on property address details where I found error in my last year form. I cannot find any edit button to make necessary change although it says You can make change here before you proceed further. Second i cannot view my last year property form details including calculations except the final receipt. So kindly let me know how to carry out editing and view previous years details if possible.Thanks

  150. Hi Ramandeep!!!

    I got my receipt today…
    Lots of Thanx to you!!!!

    Cheers!!!Best Of Luck!!!

  151. All.

    All credit card txn which had failed have been cleared, u shud now get ur receipts.

    Mr. Didyala… the only way u cn get ur Ledger folio number is either from the prev owner or from MCD’s old records.

    Guys there is no bug in the system for rebates, and the newspaper never mentioned it as a bug… the issue has been very plain and simple… the rules for rebates were been wrongly used in the past which have been corrected this yr. As correct rules were implemented people staretd making hue cry that they used to get rebate and now they dont … so the political parties just to keep their vote banks happy said go and do it manually and dont do online because the change will tk time. they nvr mentioned that it is a bug. we have official notification of the rebates that are to be implemented. personally i wudnt truct these politicians… for theeir vites they will mk u happy now and later they will only come bak to u….

    now if u want to do it manually to get that rebate or do it online and not get the rebate is upto u… the system is correct as far as legality is concerned.

  152. For correction of address pls send a mail to anurag and he will get the needful done.

    We havent given the power to chnage the address because the basis of Property tax is the address. at the begining we do mention that utmost care needs to be taken while entering the form, but if u still do it then we cant do much.

  153. 27-May-08
    Dear Ramandeep, Please note my old and new Registration Numbers which are in the name of my spouse:
    0708172 000 000 8181 and 0809490 000 032 2583
    I have not yet received the Receipt for the payment which was sent by cheque through UTI Bank, S-266 GK-II, ND-110048, on 12 May 2008
    -Chris Mike

  154. dear ramandeep,
    i have filed my property tax online today by using credit card payment mode, i cannot see my receipt online, although it is generated, as said in FAQ, this is second year i have paid my property tax online, my online id is 07083090000007078, when i click on receipt, system becomes silent, please advice. thax

  155. Ravinder, i think it will take a few days for your receipt to be generated even though you have paid via credit card.

  156. Dear Ramandeep,

    Firstly congratulations on the service that you are providing to us property tax payers. My query is of a somewhat different nature to the above and I checked the FAQ on the mcd property tax website as well as sent a query to them on Monday.

    The situation is as follows – my mother and I both have properties for which we were given the women’s rebate till last year. I understood from the rules that this rebate was no longer available if the said property was over 100 sq ft. So I went ahead and submitted the returns online for both properties only to find out today that there is going to be a rollback. As a result, both returns should have the rebate and calculated accordingly. I am in possession of the two challans for the payment without rebate.

    My query is , what do I do now? It appears that MCD is going to hold a camp near us on June 1 but this is for manual returns only. I would not like to have to pay the amount currently calculated and then run from pillar to post to get a refund! The bank is unable to assist in this matter. Please advise as it is quite upsetting having always paid the taxes way before the june 30 deadline.

  157. Hi,
    My Grandfather who is a senoir citizen had submiited property tax in the first week of May-2008 via cheque in UTI bank,Payment is cleared.We have got the unique id of mcd online property tax format.After taking out the print out of challan he had submitted the challan with the cheque in UTI Bank.Cheque is debited from our account.
    But when we login with our unique id on the mcd property tax website,its still showing that payment is still due.Receipt link is not activated yet.
    What to do.My Grandpa is deppressed.He is going again n again to mcd office & bank but all in vain.
    Please help.

  158. Varun, it may take a few days before the Reciept link is active. There is no need for your Grandpa to get depressed. I would suggest to check online after a week or ten days and i am sure he will be able to print out the reciept.

  159. Varun Chopra on May 29th, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    Thanx Prashant,
    I will tell the same to my Grandpa.Hope he will get the receipt in next 10 days.

  160. Hi Ramandeep,

    It seems Vatsala has the same problem as me. She filed her return electronically only to find that the system did not calculate the rebate for ‘women owners’.

    You had said that there is no bug in the system and yet one of my colleagues was able to register and pay online and he got a rebate as his wife is the owner and also a rebate for paying lumpsum and via credit card.

    I filed the PTR on 16th May although I have not paid the tax as due to the system not allowing any rebates, I will file and pay the tax manually. However, I’m not able to log in using the registration ID and password generated by the system.

    Every time I try it says “The time allowed for the login process has been exceeded. If you wish to continue you must either click back twice and re-click the link you requested or close and re-open your browser”.

    It is very frustrating !

    Please help.


  161. Aditi

    Try accessing it through and you will get through. This error is being thrown up on the mcdgov website. Though I doubt it will do you any good other than to be able to download the information you had filed online to ‘assist’ in manually preparing the return!

    Best of luck when you do meet up with MCD, they have still not responded to my email or offered any explanation and I have two returns to redo and then hope that I shall not be given more grief than I am already experiencing for being ‘efficient’!

  162. Dear Ramandeep,
    I had submitted the tax last year online and got regn no. 07081240000030266 and a password but now i am not able to login with that password. Please help ASAP

  163. Nipun, please read the FAQ’s… the answer is right there.

  164. Sorry to say. but nobody is able to tell what to do in case we forgot the password . there are nearly 20 posts regarding the same. but I think MCD did a terrible mistake by not giving a forgot password thing in their website. My registration number is 07087260000054365 for the refrence.

    thanks in advance if any one can help

  165. All

    Those who have paid thru chq or cash, the receipt related data hasnt been uploaded as yet as the banks are compiling them. Do not worry within june sometime u wil get the receipt. The banks and we are working over time to resolve all problems.

    Also those who dint get woman/snr citizen rebate, request you to read the HELP on the website, there we have explained the new rules for rebate. If you dont fall in that category the system wont give rebate.

    the lumpsum rebate is given at the time of payment ie whn you proceed to make payment via the payment links.

    varun tell ur grandpa to relax, we have the made the system and we dont want any to run behind MCD. so just relax.

    Well if u dont want the MCD hassle then i suggest use the online system and pay via Credit card that way u will get ur rcpt immediately. if u want the rebate that the politicians have tld to tk by paying manually then u wud have to go to mcd.

    ALL PLEASE READ HELP, FAQ… many answers are there.

  166. Ravinder

    do you have adobe reader installed on ur machine, if not then suggest you do so. I have checkd with ur id and i m able to generate the receipts perfectly well. PLs download adobe, it is free. we have given a link there on the payment page else u can find thru google. try and lemme knw.

    Chris, pl hold onto ur regid’s i cannot start taking everyones id’s here. pls understand that i hv limitations also. do nt worry ur receipt will be out soon. just relax.

  167. Gaurav, did you read the FAQ section here? It has answer to your question.

  168. Ramandeep

    What you are saying about the ‘help’ area is correct, but unfortunately, the site has not been updated for the politicians rollback and those of us, who were naive enough to actually use the online system in good faith are now in a quandry for which advice was sought to ensure equitable restitution. Simple question. Perhaps the site area can be updated to provide a solution to this predicament that some of us are facing.

    The rebate is a pittance, but here the matter is one of principle and anyway,if one lets it go on grounds of immaterial amount, then one stands the danger of being subjected to the same torture in future years.

    Anyway, it appears that manual returns will also need to be submitted with the hassle of getting it accepted at the MCD camp including ensuring that information is uploaded properly after the event, and I am afraid that the question that I had posed has not been answered satisfactorily.

  169. dear ramandeep,
    the manual returns with rollback in rebates are now being submitted and being accepted by mcd delhi are also will u update the same in your system.your software should keep these factors in mind as such changes specialy increase in rates and rebates are rolled back by mcd delhi due to pressure of citizens.i donot think it will take much time to bringin such changes.thanks for replying to all citizens who pose their difficulties to you.

  170. Varun Chopra on May 30th, 2008 at 9:26 am

    Hi Ramandeep,
    Every one is saying that online payment system of PTR is not up to the mark in terms of giving rebate to senior citizen or women owned house.

    But if i am not wrong ,if the total covered area of your property is more than 100 sq meter we will not get senior citizen or women owned rebate.Ramandeep m i correct.
    Ya if u are filing PTR manually than you are calculating tax by your own so there is a chance of miscalculation of rebate.But i will suggest to file return online .
    Ramandeep what do you suggest.IS this 100 Sq meter concept is correct. i m updated or not.

  171. Hi Ramandeep,

    I now have no problem with 2008-09 as I’m sure the receipt for my chq would appear in June. And thanks once again for helping me with my password.

    I have misplaced my PTR & UTI Bank acknowledgement for 2007-08 which were filed & cheque depositted in AXIS (then UTI) Bank before June 2007, we even got the 15% lumpsum rebate.

    When I login to I find that though there is a mention of 2007-08 there is no link to click to “see” last year’s PTR or “Receipt”.

    Kindly advise.

    With thanks & best regards,

  172. I sympathize with u all, the problem that you all facing is created by the politicians for the benefit of politicians but to hassle the public. this they do everywhr in our nation. So pls do not be surprsied here also.

    As a s/w dev company we have not yet received any formal request from the dept to change the system. Once we get that we will surely change the logics.

    For all your concerns pls talk to MCD and not to us, we are not in a posn to help out on what is legal and what is not, what system shud do and what it shudnt.

    Varun, u r correct in ur understanding of the rebate. Unofficially i can say tht the rebate change might become legal soon, so those of you who havent paid online or manual may consider waiting.

    Ranjit, pls send me ur id i wud like to chek. 2007-08 PTR’s are not viewable due to tech reasons. They woudl be somewhr in the months of Aug

  173. Hi,

    I lost my password generated last year and recreated an ID for this year. However, it doesn’t give the women benefit. Please help.

    Also, when is last day May 31 or June 30 for rebate?


  174. Hi Ramandeep,
    First of all I must congratulate you for the great work you are doing for the MCD. You should enlighten us how you achieved this online project.
    There are a few points i want to discuss with you.
    1. We are not able to get receipts of the payments given by cheque.
    2. One of my friends has got a wrong colony name on his receipt but he is doing rounds in MCD but no one has rectified. I think you can be of kind help to him as a last resort
    3. Even this year he cannot change his colony after logging in.

  175. Do we have to file manually for getting rebate. Why so? It is ridiculous?

  176. Dear Ramandeep,
    From the queries and your responses it is evident you are doing a great job.We should be happy that despite being blessed with the ‘politicians’, whose contribution in serving the ‘people’ has been time and again highlighted by you above, the country is progressing becuase of dedicated professionals and people like you. However, we are also responsible for the mess created by them as it is ‘we the people’ who have wilfully elected them and surrendered our ‘powers’ to them!
    Anyway, I just logged in to say that after your clarification that the payments mde in cash at the bank during last months is yet to be recoinciled and receipts issued I am feeling releived as we paid in cash on 23 April for which the receipt is yet to be generated and it shows ‘pay’. I hope now it will be generated very soon.
    Thanks once again.
    Dr. Goswamy

  177. Ramandeep

    Just a short message to let other readers caught up in the female or senior citizen rebate dilema post online filing of the return that the MCD camps are indeed accepting manual returns.

    I went to the camp today and was told that the manual return would supercede any online filing and corrections would be effected later. For those of us who went ahead and made the payment at the bank, the official whom I spoke to assured me that the adjustments for credit would be made later against next year’s tax.

    Just thought I would post the same for the benefit of others who got caught in this situation.

    Thanks again for all your help.

  178. Rollback tax relief not online: MCD
    In Damage Control Mode, Civic Body Wants All Those Affected To File Manually


    New Delhi: After making sustained efforts to promote the online system of paying property tax, the MCD said on Thursday that online payment would not be possible for certain sections of people who wanted to avail rebates — such as senior citizens, women, ex-servicemen and the physically challenged who own properties upto 200 sq metres; and those having joint ownership of a property where the co-owner is a woman, ex-serviceman or physically challenged.

    After having passed a resolution recommending changes in the schedule of taxes ‘by mistake’, the civic agency is now in damage control mode. Since it will take time to make changes in the online property tax software, people will again have to stand in queues to make payments if they want to avail the rebate due to them like last year.

    Said mayor Arti Mehra: ”MCD will maintain status quo on the property tax rates which were prevalent during the year 2007-08 during this financial year too starting from April 1, 2008. The age of senior citizens eligible to avail rebate of 30% will remain 60 years. A rebate of 30% of the tax due on the covered area of a building, upto 200 sq metres of covered area, will be allowed in the case of any selfoccupied residential building owned by senior citizens, women, physically challenged persons and ex-servicemen.”

    Moreover, 30% rebate to senior citizens, women and physically challenged persons will be allowed on a pro-rata sharing basis if the co-owner belongs to other than these categories, which was the earlier practice too.

    Said standing committee chairman Vijender Gupta: ”Properties belonging to exservicemen upto a maximum of 100 sq metres of covered space will be exempted from tax. With regard to exemption for village abadi areas, the exemption to residential property under self-use will be allowed to the extent of 200 sq metres.” According to Mehra, MCD will introduce a general amnesty scheme to bring about these changes later. However, presidential assent would be required for a new clause to be implemented.

    ”Those taxpayers willing to avail the rebates and concessions announced should file the property tax return manually,” said the mayor. ”These returns can be filed in the property tax office of the respective zone and special camps have also been set up to deal with the rush.” Most people falling in these categories have not been able to pay property tax till date. According to the changes in the schedule of taxes, the age for availing the senior citizens rebate was 65 years. Moreover, in case a property was more than 200 sq metres, it would not hae been able to avail the rebate.


    15% rebate on lumpsum payment of property tax for the year 2008-09

    Additional 20% rebate for co-operative group housing societies

    Additional 40% rebate for government-aided schools (The three rebates mentioned above can be availed online)

    Senior citizens, women, physically challenged and ex-servicemen who own a house with a covered area of 200 sq metres will have to make payments manually to avail rebate along with those having joint ownership of properties where the coowners are women, physically challenged or ex-servicemen

    The MCD is also planning to tie up with a company which has around 800 cyber cafes under them to assist people in making online payments

  179. Dear Ramandeep ,
    Please make these changes online tooo.

  180. Varun Chopra on June 2nd, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Dear Ramandeep,
    My grandpa has already submitted the property tax online,and senior citizen rebate was not gvn to him as the covered area of our house is 124 what?Amount of rebate not given will be refunded.The above mentioned article is confusing…

  181. Varun, i don’t think Ramandeep would be able to help you with that. You will probably need to go talk to MCD people directly in their office.

  182. Vatsala, thanks for the info – it is really useful. I will definitely submit my PTR manually.

    Prashant, thanks for putting up the ToI news item on the site.

    As I’m not able to get a clear response from MCD, could someone please clarify for me the following :

    If a property has two floors – one on rent and the other self-occupied, can a senior citizen or woman owner get the 30% discount on the self occupied portion if it is under 100 sq.m ?

    A big thanks in advance to the good samaritan who can shed some light on my problem. I can then submit my tax in peace !


  183. Hi Ramandeep,

    You seem to be doing a wonderful job tackling all the queries that we have. Could I add mine to that bulk of questions? We used the online method this year for my mother and then paid though Axis bank. The DD was sent out on May 22.

    Is it possible for you tell me when the receipt will be generated? Each time I log on I hope to see it but there are not updates at all.

    Thank you in advance for looking into this.

    Best wishes

  184. Ramandeep,
    Thanks fr your advice.
    You are rendering a service that I am sure someone up there will certainly reward you for.

    I have created a new log in id to pay my single owner(woman owner) prpty tax.Despite the Times of India article etc that woman owners would not be able to avail the rebate online, I believe i did manage to pay online availing the rebate of 30%. I am quite sure of this as it did show the rebate.

    I have also got filed the mutation as you advised and i have to say that despite the documentation fellows scaring me that it would be impossible for me to do so, etc and that I would have to pay huge bribes, which I will never, I collected all the papers myself and submitted them at the MCD Office paying the right fee of Rs 150 in place of the Rs. 15000 demanded by the touts!!

    However, I have paid the tax by cheque to Axis Bank and my bank statement shows that the chq has been cleared. The receipt is yet to show up online. Why the delay?
    Since you are part of the software team, i hope you will help remove these glitches. Thanks anyways for your help.

  185. Dear Ramandeep,
    While you are doing wonderful work, the situation was messed up due to changes made in the rules. Now they are rolling back to create MORE problems. I was not granted rebate of Senior citizen being 62 years. I hope the programme will be modified in such a manner so that the excess payment made this year would be adjusted automatically next year, as assured by MCD.
    Best Wishes.

  186. Dear Shri Ramandeep,

    The property tax for the year 2008-09 has been paid on line. However, the tax for the year 2007-08 has not been paid since there was no provision in the system and the same remains to be unpaid.Kindly advise how can one make the arrears payment alongwith interest thereon, now. I was given to understand that the provision is being incorporated in the existing system for making arrears payment also. Kindly advise.

  187. Hi Ramandeep,
    When we would be able to download the receipt of PTR.My Grandpa had deposited the PTR in 1st week of May,its almost 1 month.Why the delay?Please see to it.

  188. ramandeep on May 30th, 2008 at 11:49 am

    “Ranjit, pls send me ur id i wud like to chek. 2007-08 PTR’s are not viewable due to tech reasons. They would be somewhr in the months of Aug”

    Hi Ramandeep, further to your 11:49 am entry on the 30th, I have 2 properties in Def Col.

    The 3 storie one we stay in (let’s call it “Building”) is co-owned with my Mother & 2 sisters, i.e. 3 Ladies & 1 Man, with covered area above 200 SqM & Registration No. 07085100000003401. Only the top floor has been rented while the rest is self occupied.

    The other which is rented is a flat (let’s call it “Flat”) is jointly owned by me & my wife, i.e. 1 Lady & 1 Man with a covered area of 175 SqM & registration No. 07088220000002832.

    I have 2 issues :

    1.1 For “Building” we’ve filed our 2008-09 return online but haven’t yet paid the Tax (the challan was valid till 31.05.08) since we propose doing it manually to avail of the Rollback rebates & then pay the Tax. Will we get a 75 % prorata rebate for the 3 ladies & will we get it for 200 SqM out of the total ?

    1.2 For “Flat” we’ve filed our 2008-09 return online and have paid the tax 22.05.08. Now we propose re-filing our Return manually to avail of the Rollback rebates. Will the MCD adjust the excess paid with next year’s dues ?

    2.0 Regarding 2007-08, as mentioned earlier, we cannot view our 2007-08 PTR’s for “Flat”. As I’ve misplaced my 2007-08 return & the UTI Bank’s acknowledgement I need a copy of both the PTR as well as the official receipt which I never got.

    Kindly advise.

    Thanking you in advance,

    With best regards,

    Ranjit Batra

  189. Suansh Singhal on June 5th, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    hi Ramandeep

    After selecting the gateway, i am getting the following error…
    “CreditCard transaction was not successful. 4”

    Please tell me why this error is coming and how to resolve it.


  190. All,

    I suggest to all members to be patient with the receipt, I think if you have copy of payment & bank statement i.e. more than enough for the proof of receipt. This forum can be used for more productive reply & actual web site issues. Last year I got my receipt after 6-8 months & even after that it was not availaible during month of april’2008 & unfortunately no one is replying from their official email id.

    However I suggest to Ramandeep that if the receipt generating is in your hand then all of us appreciate if it can be processed asap if possible.

  191. Rajender Kumar Verma on June 6th, 2008 at 8:22 am

    On 5th June 2008 I tried to fill prperty tax online. But the link “Pay Online using your Credit Card” is not enabled hence I am not able to pay my tax.
    Some one please guide.

    Warm Regards,

    Rajender Kumar Verma

  192. All

    Receipt generation will start next week, the reason for the delay was that the banks didnt agree to our new process and there by we are redevising a new process wich will be implemented next week. So sorry to all for the trouble.

    Sharad send ur ID, I would like to check y u r not getting ur receipt when u got it last yr. I would suggest that you login and go to my ptr and check thr.

  193. My ids are 07089890000030131,07084520000030130,07084320000030129 & payments was cleared last month.

  194. JUNE 7,2008

    We can get a rebate for the DDA residential flat less than 100 Sq.Mt.area. If some portion of this flat is used as morning store than can we avail this rebat.
    please reply urgently.

  195. Pankaj Mishra on June 8th, 2008 at 12:27 pm


    Today I paid my property tax online. While making the payment, the Colony Number and Ward Number were entered as 1025 and 69 respectively. But after making the payment, when I am viewing my receipt, the Colony Number and Ward Number are showing as 1146 and 82 respectively. Interestingly the Colony Name and Ward Name are correct.
    There seems to be a big bug with the online payment system. Is there anyone out there facing this same problem?

  196. Ramandeep,

    Please help
    The property tax for the year 2008-09 is being paid on line. However we have not yet paid the tax for the year 2007-08 and there is no provision in the system for arrear and interest charged. Kindly advise how can we make payment for the year 2007-08. As only few days are left for availing 15% rebate.

  197. Hi Kusum

    You can pay the arrears as also current year charges manully at MCD office

  198. All

    Ability to pay arrears will be there after 1 July. Pls go ahead and pay ur current financial years tax and get the 15% rebate. On arrears you are not entitled to any sort of rebate. Rebate is only for current yr tax.

    We will chek the bug for Zone and Ward no, tanx for the info.

    Good news for you all, all the rebates and exemptions that you got last year are bak into picture. We have got official intimation to revert the system bak to as it wss last year. But this will tk time, will be done by 20 June. So i wud suggest that if u hv the patience to wait then pls wait for some more time to get the rebates u wont online.

    I would like to inform you that MCD is just creating mess and mess and nothing else. We will see how the extra money paid by people can be refunded by the system. There are a whole lof of logics and combinations that the system needs to handle. We are seeing how we cn handle all the mess created 🙂

    i would again request all to read help and FAQ.

    Payments made by cash/cheque, for them the receipt would start clearing after thursday. This off course the bank has to do.

    Kumud, u will get the rebate even if u use ur prop for business purposes.

  199. Pankaj Mishra on June 10th, 2008 at 10:20 am

    Hi Ramandeep,

    I paid my property tax online. While making the payment, the Colony Number and Ward Number were entered as 1025 and 69 respectively. But after making the payment, when I am viewing my receipt, the Colony Number and Ward Number are showing as 1146 and 82 respectively. Interestingly the Colony Name and Ward Name are correct.
    There seems to be a big bug with the online payment system. Is there anyone out there facing this same problem?


  200. Hi Ramandeep,

    I tried to contact Neeraj by phone and sent him sms/email to retrieve my pass word. However I have remained unsuccessful in getting any response from him so far.

    Can you suggest a sure method of getting him and the info from him.

    Best regards

    You are doing wonderful work for Delhites.Otherwise people will get mad if they visit the madnouse called MCD

  201. Hi Ramandeep,

    Before I start I’d like to thanks you for all your efforts..

    I need to know that if someone did not pay tax for fiscal year 2007-2008, then while filing in the arrears in the month of June’08 for last year’s property tax will he pay interest for 14 months or 15 months (i.e. including june)?

    By the way, I am eagerly waiting for online arrears payment.

    Thanks again for this brilliant job.

  202. Pankaj

    Do not worry about the zone and ward, these are just info for refernce and have no impact on ur calculations. Main is ur colony wich shud be rite.

    Roongta, i am sorry if u cannot find him then I cannot help much. send him a mail mentiond in the unofficial FAQ.

    lalit, you will pay for 15 months because the law states 1% of month or part month also. in which case from 1-30 june you will charged 1% extra.

  203. I can understand when i will get the receipt of PTR..Its almost more then 1 month….

  204. Pankaj Mishra on June 10th, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    Hi Ramandeep,

    Thanks for the reply. The Colony Name mentioned in the receipt is correct but the Colony Number is wrong.
    Shall I ignore the wrong Colony Number mentioned in the receipt?


  205. Dinesh Jindal on June 11th, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Hi Ramandeep
    Thanks for the wonderful help you are providing!
    When can we expect for the system to provide all the rebates & exemptions as was prevelant last year & how will it be communicated to the delhites that the system has been changed now.


  206. Dear Ramandeep,

    I am not able to log-in to the system though i am entering the Registration No. & Password as provided by MCD. I there any technical problem with the site or what?

    Please help.


  207. Dear Ramandeep,

    One more thing I would like to bring to your kind notice that last year I made the assessment online but payment was not made online, it was made to the bank.

    That could be the reason or what??


  208. Hi,
    Many thanks for your earlier reply.
    Please again help.
    If the owner of the property and the occupier of the property are different and the occupier has been paying the tax for last many years and had receipts in his name (the property is not yet transferred). In prevailing online form there is no provision for name of the occupier. Please help me where can we put the name of occupier or how can we treat this?

  209. Dear Mr RamanDeep,

    Please help I submitted my online property tax on 13/06/08 ,22:30 hrs .
    Mcd login ID :07083890000107266 ,used Citibank credit card ,a master card using HDFC gateway ,confirmed from citibank about transaction ,authorisation id:041270 .
    I have not got any receipt for same ,the site shows no payment made.

  210. Hi Raman,
    I have checked Tax Receipt link in new website of mcd PTR,but i am not able to get my receipt.And now you people are saying that senior citizen rebate will be given upto 200 Sqm.But my Grandpa was not given this rebate,what is going on.
    Please reply.It seems you people are not replying these days.Raman i am quite confused.

  211. hi
    I filled up the details but Pay through credit card option is not coming. please help

  212. SHRIGOPAL SHRIVASTAVA on June 15th, 2008 at 12:43 pm





    BC 35 WEST
    DELHI 110088

  213. Hi all

    yes you heard it rite the old system of calculations are coming back into force very soon. Do not worry those who have piad will be refunded back into their ledgers which will be adjusted automatically next year. this will happen sometime next month. As for receipts the clearance of the same has been initiated by the banks. I am hopeful that next week they would have cleared a whle lot and you shud get the same.

  214. Punit Vohra.. Ur rcpt is done .. chek it out.

    mr shrivastava, Axis bank and HDFC banks are just payment gateways and not credit cards, on these gateways u cn use any banks credit card that you feel like doing so. so pls go ahead and make the payment. On receipts we do not mention password, passwords are confidential thing so there fore we dont print it any where. when you filed your return that time system would have displayed your ID and password, we have very clearly mentioned that you need to take a note of this.

    Payments by cheque and cash are currently under clearance. I would request that do some reading on the MCD FAQ and help before putting ur queries here.

  215. Dear Ramandeep,

    I am not able to log-in to the system though i am entering the Registration No. & Password as provided by MCD. I there any technical problem with the site or what?

    One more thing I would like to bring to your kind notice that last year I made the assessment online but payment was not made online, it was made to the bank.

    That could be the reason or what??

    Please help.


  216. Dear Ramandeep,

    i am really distressed. If you remember, I paid the tax for this year last month via cheque at Axis Bank. The money has been debited from my account.Now, I am out of the country and will be away for quite a while. I just logged in to check for the receipt and there is a new updated website in place and I am able to log in with the ppt ref id but it says “you have NOT paid the ppt tax for this year”

    I am amazed and at wits end. Pls help!!!!!!


  217. N Mehta: It take time for the reciept to be generated and then posted on the system. Since you have paid by cheque it would take longer. If its a question of only reciept then i don’t think you should worry as it would be there in sometime.

  218. Thanks Prashant however if you read my post you will see that the new updated website just does not let me log in either with the ppt reg id or the address,and if i try and log on as a new user ,it says i have not paid the tax. i am stressing as I have already paid and the cheque has been debited from my account.

  219. Dinesh Jindal on June 16th, 2008 at 9:43 am

    Hi Ramandeep

    I have trying to submit property tax online after claiming the Senior Citizen rebate but could not find any link on the site to do so.
    Please advice can the rebated property tax be filled online or it could be done through cheque or DD`s only.
    Anticipating an early response.

  220. I am facing the same problem as Monika when entering ID and password, I too had paid by cheque at Axis Bank.

    Any solutions?

    Thanks for creating this forum.

  221. Hi Ramandeep,
    My Grandpa had paid PTR On 13 May,2008 by cheque in Axis Bank,payment is debited from our account.But its not showing on the mcd PTRwebsite.When we will get the receipt.
    Login id is :08092170000312435
    Can u please check when i wil get the receipt.Please.

  222. Rajender Kr Verma on June 16th, 2008 at 10:41 am

    Hi Raman Deep,
    You have solved many queries pls help me too.
    During the course of payment of ppt tax through credit card i accidently clicked on the HDFC bank option thoght I did’t have this credit card.So i closed the page
    Last year i paid through SBI card therefor I was trying to pay through credit card but this year they have given option s for only AXIS and HDFC payment gateway.

    Now mcd website says that my id has been deactivated pls guide me how can i proceed with ppt tax payment.
    Rajender Kumar Verma

  223. Hi Ramandeep,

    I am not able to see the link for paying property tax on website.

    Pls help in this regard

    Satbir Singh

  224. Ravindra Kumar Narang on June 16th, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    Dear Ramandeep,
    Grateful for your help in informing thro’ e mail the password for registration no.0708050000018701 so that the property tax can be paid on-line as done last year.
    Thanks and regards.

  225. Dear Mr RamanDeep,

    Thanks a TON ,you are doing a great Job .I have been able to download my receipt .

    RamanDeep you are a real asset to the country ,people like you are a light of HOPE in the darkness of despair and corruption.



  227. Ramandeep,

    This must be as overwhelming it is for you as it is for us. I think a large number of queries have to do with receipt. I paid the property tax for my mother online on May 22 via DD from Axis Bank. Although I can log in to the new site, there is still no receipt. The registration ID is 08093250000341795. Would you be able to check for me? Really appreciate you doing this!



  228. Hi,
    I filed the Property tax online last year for my Mom’s DDA flat using my credit card. She has misplaced the receipt. How may I file online without that and what is the method to obtain a duplicate for last year’s payment.

  229. Hi Ramandeep,
    Bye the way I had paid via Stanchart Credit Card and I do not have an account with them neither do I keep then statements for the payments cleared.

  230. SANJEEV GUPTA on June 17th, 2008 at 8:25 am

    Hi Ramandeep,

    How is “one time tax” cases handled in the online version of property tax. I had availed MCD’s one time property tax scheme. During manual form filling, last year there was a provision wherein i could reduce my rateable value of the property under unit area method by the rateable value on which i had paid one time tax. Please advise.


    Sanjeev Gupta

  231. Hi Ramandeep

    I must say that it is really a effort worth praising. And good job by the Team.

    My only concern is that I did a Credit Card Payment on 09 June 08 and still have not got the receipt. Why is there a delay in receipt generation – when a Credit Card user expects to see it instantly and that is the reason we use Credit Card.

  232. After the ‘rollback’ concerning the 100/200 mt for rebate, I was wondering if we- womem owners- can again avail of a proportionate rebate for the self occupied portion of a property where only a portion of the property is rented out.

  233. I have gone to the website and filled up the online form..under ownership details it seeks %age of ownership of each joint holder. I hole the property jointly with my wife. Now once it is joint ownership, I assume that she has half the share and hence I have put 50% against each of us. Consequently I find there is addl rebate and now I am required to pay a little less tax..whereas for the previous years I haven’t had that good luck.. Will this be an anomaly or is it alright.
    Also, which HDFC Bank branches take the tax..I live in Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi 110096

  234. And another thing..I just checked the site after logging seems the intention to provide a link to modify the return details was not acted upon..we have a chance to either view or pay but not to modify ..

  235. Hi Ramandeep,
    Can you please check when i will get the receipt.I have deposited PTR on 13 May,2008 at Axis Bank by cheque.
    My login ID is 08092170000312435

  236. Thanx a ton, Ramandeep and Anurag! You people came thru to solve my dilemma.

  237. I have deposited my cheque with AXIS Bank. My ID is 08099050000352824. Please let me know as to how I will get the official receipt.

  238. Hi Ramandeep,

    Can you please check when i will get the receipt.I have deposited PTR on 09 June,2008 thru Credit Card.

    My login ID is 08096540000382444

    My fear is that last date i.e 30 June is approaching and if somehow my transaction has failed then I should repay. Money has been deducted from my Card – but dont how whether it has reached MCD. MCD (I mean software) should send a provisional receipt when its a successful transaction at the time of tranasaction itself so that we can be assured.


  239. Hi, Ramandeep

    Please help!

    I had made a blunder mistake in filing the property tax. I filled the covered area wrong. In stead of 64, I had filled 46 Now there is no provision for correction, as the print out of the challan was taken. Please suggest me shall I file again with new registraion as it is my first time online filing.

  240. The site mentions that you can modify and pay your taxes. But I am unable to modify. I had filled up the form before the announcement of rebate. Please get the needful done urgently so that we can pay the correct amount in time witout the harrassment of going to mcd office and standing in a long q
    Thanking you

  241. I have forgotten password for my registration ID 07083920000170116. My daughter has mailed Anurag for password. Can you tell me typically how many days does it take to process the request. I am concerned as someone told me last date is 30th June.

  242. kumud on June 18th, 2008 at 8:00 pm
    Hi, Ramandeep

    Please help! Please Help!

    I had made a blunder mistake in filing the property tax. I filled the covered area wrong. In stead of 64, I had filled 46 Now there is no provision for correction, as the print out of the challan was taken. Please suggest me shall I file again with new registraion as it is my first time online filing.

  243. Kumud, Pls file another return.

    narain, ur pwd is 450GFI.

    Ram, you can only modify ur return bfr u generate the challan, if u generate the challan the system presumes that u r ok wih everything. if u want to avail of the rebate and if u havent generated the challan then go to the modify link and submit again. the system will calculate ur new tax

    ALL… people who have filed prior to the chng in calc can avail of the new rules if they havent generated their challan and paid for the same. for tht u need to open ur return in modify mode and save again. for those who have paid do not worry we will refund automatically into ur ledger/

  244. Hi,
    I lost password for 07083180000078489
    I already mailed at both gmail id on 15th but still waiting for response Please look into matter.

  245. Hi Raman,
    Can you please check when i will get the receipt.I have deposited PTR on 13 May,2008 at Axis Bank by cheque.
    My login ID is 08092170000312435

  246. I live in a Group Housing society. I paid the property tax last year using the online system. However, it only gave me a rebate of 15% and not the additional 30% of being a part of a Group Housing Society. What could be the possible reason for this?

  247. Dear Ramandeep,

    I am not able to log-in to the system though i am entering the Registration No. & Password as provided by MCD i.e 07089280000215416 & 328TUR respectively.
    One more thing I would like to bring to your kind notice that last year I made the assessment online but payment was not made online, it was made to the bank.

    That could be the reason or what??

    Do I need to register as a new user??

    Please help.


  248. Sir,
    I had filed the Property Tax last year for 2007-08 online but I have lost the password. My registration number is as follows.
    Registration Number : 07084050000091728
    Can you please help with the password?

  249. Hi Ramandeep and the rest of all who are helping in making the Prop Tax filing easier. gr8 job guys. BTW was just reading the cribs and raed 1 where Ramandeer you’v said dont use IE 7.

    I haven’t filed for this year as yet so please tel me if I have to uninstall my IE.7. I do have Adobe 8 Reader though.

  250. hi Ramandeep,
    Pls help our login number is 07084870000046898 and the password given is 21NRJ. but problem is we are unable to login with this password….since time is running out pls do help and reply asap.

    thanks in advance




  252. Please people, do not mention you passwords here.

  253. Hi Prashant,
    Can you please check when i will get the receipt.I have deposited PTR on 13 May,2008 at Axis Bank by cheque.
    My login ID is 08092170000312435

  254. Mr. Chopra, i am not working with Ramandeep and therefore i will not be able to check the status of your receipt. All i know is that it takes time for the reciept to be generated as this involved manual processing of the checque and then then info being sent back to Ramandeeps office for posting the reciept.

  255. If the tenant in a property leaves in the m/o June and the property remains self occupied thereafter what should be the occupency factor for the year?

  256. Last year there was an option namely professional-self use factor valuing = 1. this year the option has vanished. what should we do?

  257. Last year my father got the property tax return filed by his cousin. There got some error and property address got wrongly registered. Could you some body help how to get the same rectified so that the credit of tax payment goes to the correct prperty.


  258. My Dad used the system to file his returns online last year n paid by cheque at the UTI bank. This time too, there were no glitches in filing the return, all rebates n info was in place but everytime i hit the link to generate the challan for cheque payment 9 or even cash payt-given that the tax to be paid ias within the limit) i get a little message saying that the file name does not start wiht %pdf n then nothing. Same problem for the past trwo days. now i dont want to use the manual alternative because i dont even know where the zonal office for vasant Kunj is. N i cant use the credit card option. please help!!

  259. Just to add..i have adobe acrobat reader fully functional on my pc

  260. Final i necessary for the mnual returns to be filed at your particular zonal office or can it be filed at any office nearest to your place? In my case, the RKPuram office?

  261. Everyone, i have listed MCD help line numbers here:

  262. Hi Ramandeep

    Our friends at MCD are continuing with their antics!

    There is an announcement in today’s papers about the system having been updated and more confusion with the CGHS rebate which the current version of the download form talks of 20% and the advert talks of both 20% and 10%.

    So having joyfully submitted manual returns based on the previous year with the additional rebate for CGHS for self and Mom on the assurance from MCD at their camp that it would supercede any online filing, I finally paid up on June 1 and thought the matter ended there.

    Went on the site today and noted that details had not been updated on the properties involved and the FAQ too has not been updated.

    Query – what now? Should I go running to MCD to reclarify or should I wait patiently for next year and have more headaches? Are manual returns submitted being updated on the system yet?

  263. Hi Ramandeep
    A residentional property is in the name of my father at east delhi. My father expired in 2007.He was a sr citizen and used to avail rebate as per eastablished low. My question is whether we can continue to avail the rebate? Is there any time limit to get transfer property in the name of leagelhairs?

  264. Hi Ramandeep,
    I have paid the property tax on behalf of my father using the online gateway for the registration no.070818200001630608 on 29th jun 2007.. The payment was successful but
    I forget my password this year.
    I have written 4 to 5 mails to, and to anurag also but there is no reply from their side of my single email. I think i have done a mistake by relying on the online payment gateway. Despite the fact you are charging us some 2% extra for using the online payment method, I have opted for thst option and have got nothing.
    It would be much better if i have deposite the checque instead of doing this. Please help me in this regard.hope to see you reply so
    Now, I have created another ID for paying tax this year- 08099630000452173. and paid my tax through new id . will there be problem in my tax from both the ids. Pls help me what shd I do as I m very worried. Pls pls help me awaiting for ur reply. My email is and send me password for last year id also. Thanks

  265. Dear Ramandeep

    Even I am facing similar problem of no response on published email id for password retrieval. It is almost 2 weeks from the time I requested one. Would really appreciate if these requests are responded to at the earliest. Thanks

  266. Most of us who forget password are facing same problem to get the password.

    I think They had made a silly/bad mistake by not giving forget password section.

    One suggestion to them is to quickly develop and implement forget section on site (there is still time to fix and it may not take 4-5 hour to develop simple forget password for site with JSP)

  267. Hi Ramandeep,

    Today I paid my mother’s property tax through credit card. I tried two times but both times it showed “CreditCard transaction was not successful. 4? and “CreditCard transaction was not successful. 5?. Now I am worried if the transaction was really not successful or my credit card would be debited two times. Please Help.

  268. vatsala.. thr is no confusion for CGHS. u get addnl rebate of 20%. the 10% is the flat factor which u get, so both are applicable. The system also gives you both.

    For pwd, all i cn say is send ur ID’s here and ur email also I will mail them to u. I dont want to disclose my email here else my mail box will be flooded. I hv othr work to do also.

    Gaurav, legally u r not supposed to tk rebate in yr fathers name. U shud legally file under ur name and paralely also file for change of ownership. dont ask me the rules for change of ownership, that you need to talk to mcd.

    Subbu send me ur id and email, i will mail the rcpt to u. tht is the best i cn do for u. I dont knw why this error is coming. we dont have the bandwidth to look into such issues rite now.

    Sachin. was ur colony corect or not. if ur colony is correct then pls go ahead and submit ur return, we will correct ur address later on. if ur colony was wrong then i need to ask whether u paid last yr or not.

    Sunil – professional option was wrongly entered. U need to show urself as business

    Ritesh, Credit card receipt comes instanty but coz ur failed we have to do manual reconciliation. Due to heavy load there has been some delay. Do not worry if the bank has taken ur money ur receipt is safe. TK my word, i m being honest here.

    Sunil, in the case of Change of nay factor like self occupied/tenanted u need to file a revised return. This module will be built soon online.

  269. Finally i Succeed in making payment.
    Thanks to Anurag for sending password on mail.

  270. Reetu, u hv chnaged ur pwd and forgotten it. send ur email id i will mail the same to you.

    Bharati, the system is not tested on IE 7 and this new version of IE has issues as the sites which worked on IE 6 dont work here well. Dont ask me y, ask BIll gates why he makes such things :). So pls i suggest if u dont have IE 6 on ur machine use some othr machine. Adobe any version we have no issues.

    Shobhit jain, charges r mentioned on the Credit card page when u go thr.

    Saumil send ur ID and email id so that i will mail ur pwd to u.

    Kishore, last yr thr was no provision for 30% rebate to CGHS properties. Only this yr they have introduced 20% additional rebate in excess of the 15% u get.

    Monika, ur property has been blocked because u have opted for exemption and all exmpted properties were blocked because on change of rules. We will be releasing them sometime this week.

    Ashish (reg id – 07083180000078489) send me ur mail id I willmail ur pwd.

    I hope i hv answered all questions. any one whose question hasnt been answered pls put ur comment bak

  271. Hi Ramandeep,
    Please solve my problem as well.Can you please check when i will get the receipt.I have deposited PTR on 13 May,2008 at Axis Bank by cheque.
    My login ID is 08092170000312435
    I am a 78 year old man, i am regularly going to mcd office to collect receipt but all in vain.I am helpless.Please tell when can i get my receipt.Please…..

  272. Ramandeep, bless your heart, honestly.

    Just one more question, when I log onto the site, I find the same details present in my return when I had first submitted the online filing (and started writing to you) and not the manual return that I later filed and paid both for my mother and my properties based on the roll backs. Will these returns be updated at a later date on the system with indication of payment or is there another area where I need to file again online?

    Really sorry about this, but just want some peace of mind

  273. Dear Ramandeep,

    I really appreciate the work being done by you by helping the citizens. I have also the same problem of forgetting password. My property id no. is 07084600000043344. I shall be very obliged, if you can help me in getting the password for the same. Thanks & regards,


  274. I remember changing it however the same also not working or I remember it wrong. Do email it across to me at A million thanks for the help.


  275. Dear Ramandeep,

    In the midst of so many requests, can I please again ask you to let me know if you have any info with regard to receipt generated for registration ID 08093250000341795? Payment was made through Axis Bank on May 22. Will be grateful if you could help me with the receipt.
    Thank you!

  276. Ashutosh, pls send me ur user id to mail ur pwd to.

    for the receipts we are sorry that you all are facing issues there have been technical issues due to which the problem. I would like to request you all that you do not worry, your receipts will clear in a few days time. Just bear with us. You do not need to run behind MCd officers for the same.

    Vatsala, we would have to look at this at a later stage. Currently there is no such provision.

  277. Dear Ramandeep

    Just missed something, I hope you and your team has taken almost 75% burden of the babus.

    To put such a system in place is not easy at all without 24*7*365.25 manhrs worth of effort.

    I am really pleased the way you have taken the lead.


  278. Madhu on June 17th, 2008 at 3:40 pm
    After the ‘rollback’ concerning the 100/200 mt for rebate, I was wondering if we- womem owners- can again avail of a proportionate rebate for the self occupied portion of a property where only a portion of the property is rented out.

  279. Dear Ramandeep,

    Thanks a lot for help. can I please again ask you to see if u can merge new id with the old one,(old Id is 07081820000163608 and the new one is 08099630000452173)i have paid 2007-08 tax through old id and the current year tax 2008-09 through new id. But how will i know that merge is done. Is there any problem if merge will not be done. pls reply as i m worried Thanks again
    Awaiting for ur reply.

  280. Sandeep Saxena on June 24th, 2008 at 9:28 am

    Dear Ramandeep,

    As, myself not filed the 2007-08 property tax till now. Is there is any provision on website of MCD to file property tax of 2007-08.

    Can I deposit my 2007-08 and 2008-09 property tax thru website together.

    Please help me.

    Sandeep Saxena

  281. Currently there is no provision for arrears, this will be introduced in July 2008.

    Madhu… What do u mean by again avail rebate, do u want to file another PTR.

  282. Dear Ramandeep,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. My email id is My reg id with mcd is 07084600000043344. Kindly help me by arranging to send the password for the same on above mail id. I would also like to know whether the rebate for CGHS is being given for the first time in recent years.


  283. Shalini on June 23rd, 2008 at 3:38 pm
    Hi Ramandeep,

    Today I paid my mother’s property tax through credit card. I tried two times but both times it showed “CreditCard transaction was not successful. 4? and “CreditCard transaction was not successful. 5?. Now I am worried if the transaction was really not successful or my credit card would be debited two times. Please Help.

  284. Dear Ramandeep

    1) There are 46 different – Vacant Land Uses – in the manual form while there are only 30 different options to fill in online system.

    2) There is no Vacant Land Use by the name of
    ‘Vacant Land – No use’ in the Online system while there is one provided in the manual forms. This Vacant Land Use provided in the manual forms has has Factor Id =46 and Use Factor = 1.

    Now when we are trying to fill online return for vacant land, we are forced to select atleast one Vacant Land Use out of 30 uses. We are not using this vacant land for any purpose so its use should be ‘Vacant Land – No Use’. So this option should be provided in the online system also.


  285. Hi Ramandeep,
    Can u plz chk when i will get the receipt.Payment is already debited from account 1 month back.
    My Login Id is 08092170000312435.
    Please Please do reply.

  286. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your reply and help.
    My email ID is :
    Registration number : 07084050000091728
    Please help with the password.


  287. Everyone: I am puting a stop to comments on this page as the page has grown too long and i am sure it takes a lot of time to open for some users. Please post your comments on

    Ramandeep: Please post a test comment on the above links so that you can start getting alerts from people posting their comments on the FAQ page.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.