DTC Now Equipped With GPS

Article taken from HT epaper
Travelling in an air-conditioned Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus now comes with the added comfort of not having to wait endlessly at a bus stop. Real time information, like the expected time of arrival of a bus at a stop near you, is just a click away.

Thanks to Global Positioning System (GPS) installed in the AC buses and web-based public information system (PIS), commuters can now track the real time position of any AC bus on a particular route. They can also find out the exact time when a bus is expected at a bus stop.

“At present, 25 AC buses of DTC have the system and soon, the non-AC low-floor buses, too, would have a similar system,” said a senior official of Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System. There are plans to install GPS in not only all DTC buses but in private buses too.

The GPS device fitted in the buses transmits information to a central server in real time. “Based on a pre-configured route and the current position of the bus, the time likely to be consumed by the bus in reaching subsequent bus stops is calculated,” the official said.

GPS system is also being used to provide information about the expected time of arrival of buses on display boards at bus stops on the BRT corridor.

Click on this link to track busses http://www.dimts.in/passengerinfo.html

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